Nokia 6, 5 and 3 hands-on: A closer look

02 March 2017
We keep hearing “these aren’t real Nokias!” in reference to the Android-running trio. To that we’d like to say: that’s not entirely true and it doesn’t entirely matter either. Yes, technically, these are HMD phones wearing the Nokia brand.

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  • anon

I was disappointed with the music playback time of the nokia 6 which is only 22 hours.

  • exnokian

Anonymous, 03 Mar 2017Nokias phones were made in Finland! These HMD phones have n... moreNokia had 11 manufacturing sites globally, Finland, Hungary, Romania, England, Germany, Brazil, China (2), South Korea, India and Mexico. All those factory's where Nokia "owned" and they made genuine Nokia phones. Now Nokia 3 is made in India, in old Nokia owned factory by Foxcon.

  • Sham Prasath

mir, 15 Mar 2017The Nokia 5 is the most balanced of the three in terms of s... moreYou Are Right.Nokia 5 Is The Best Of All.Heavy Game Players Did Not Love This Phone.But One Who Use Smartphone As Smartphone, They Will Really Love It.It's Durability Just Amazing.Salute Nokiaaaa....

  • finophile

They aren't real Nokias because 1) they aren't a groundbreaking OS, they're just another hardware wrapper of Android 2) there is none of the Finnish companies design in the apps nor the OS 3) they don't "think outside of the box", just conform ... it goes on and on. Your crying defense that they have a solid feel is pathetic. Nokia wasn't just about tough it was about a different take on smartphones and an integrated approach to hardware and software. My E72 is still able to navigate for 7 hours on its battery and on its native maps.
Are these a real Nokia? Only a kiddie who never used a real Nokia would think so

  • AnonD-668260


  • Anonymous

will these nokia phone release in Canada and when?

  • Sham

I Like Nokia.This Nokia 5 Is Durable And Brighter Than Nokia 6.500 Nits Vs 450 Nits.So I Love You Nokia....

  • Lightning McQueen

Yo I love it, but should have put in sale globally by end of April. Iam waiting for you babe!!!!!!!!!

  • krishna

It's very nicely with i have been waiting for the Nokia mobile will have to sold...

The Nokia 5 is the most balanced of the three in terms of specs and pricing. And (in my opinion) the best looking one.

  • OKAY

To those who doubting this isn't real Nokia, not durable not this not that ..
Watch Jerryrigeverything

spottiest, 10 Mar 2017May be nokia omit that branding and pureview also to minimi... morehey spottiest, yes think you are right, definitely a cost issue methinx, lets see though when the reviews start coming... :)

  • AnonD-651576

my favourite android phone

  • Karah

That's not just logic. That's really seilsbne.

Jostian007, 08 Mar 2017mmm, maybe you should read my comment again... I was simply... moreMay be nokia omit that branding and pureview also to minimize the cost but they have the tech. For how many year of living with that maybe they have all the resources maybe copied the patten.. hahah

  • Gabriel Lumia 930

And what about the Nokia 8? Eager to see it in depth.

  • Gabriel

Jostian007, 08 Mar 2017mmm, maybe you should read my comment again... I was simply... moreHey, friend. Honestly, the Carl Zeiss optics brand, in my humble opinion, is something we can live without. My current phone is lumia 930 and the camera is just average. In fact, sometimes I feel that it is weaker than my wife's iphone 5S camera (in both quality and specially in speed). Of course, in low light situation, the tables turn, but in normal light, the carl zeiss optics don't make THAT much of a difference. I owned a Lumia 920 before the 930 and the camera quality was even better. Cheers.

mir, 03 Mar 2017You do know that Carl Zeiss lenses and top notch Image qual... moremmm, maybe you should read my comment again... I was simply wondering if the NEW 'Nokia's' 5, 6 etc. have the same quality optics (Zeiss) and camera technology, as the 930, 1520,1020, 950 etc. (as examples not a complete list) if not, then the IQ will likely be poorer than the older Nokia's, which will be sad, that is all I was saying.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2017And now a Nokia 2 with 4.5" and metal unibody.Thats one I would buy. 4.5"-4.7". There is a huge hole for phones that size with stock android and nice build

  • AnonD-34062

Cyborg17, 04 Mar 2017Like to see a reboot of the Nokia Lumia 800 I liked the sty... moreI loved the design of the 800 well, but the Lumia 800 just is the body of the Nokia N9, and they moved the flash to the side of the camera. The N9 is the original design.

Waiting patiently for the 6 to become available. Yeah, I'll probably get the flagship too. Damn I miss Nokia!