HTC U Ultra review: All that glitters

20 March 2017
The One couldn’t reinstate HTC as the King of Android, can U? The HTC U Ultra sets off on a new path of design but stays on the familiar footing of high-caliber camera and audio. A Dual Display makes a surprise appearance as the stalwart headphone jack is left behind.

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  • Jetze

KKV, 11 Feb 2019Does HTC U Ultra still makes sense to buy now? If yes, Why?... moreIt is sooo cheap now. I boight it for 188€!!!

  • KKV

Does HTC U Ultra still makes sense to buy now? If yes, Why? If no, pls suggest some good phone under 25k. Preference priority is,
3. hardware & performance.
4, rest (3.5mm jack, flash charge, notch, etc.)

I am an avid hTC user since long. My first one was htc wildfire then i bought a htc evo 3D. Recently my wife had two htcs. One M8 and now she is using U Ultra. To me all are awesome phones. The M8 had very short battery life but other than that it was a very good phone. U Ultra is an awesome phone: excellent display, good battery life, great photos and smooth software. Audio is super with headphones. Within my experience i have always found hTC phones to be reliable.

What would you expect from a phone? Should it cook for you? Do your laundry?

anonymous, 08 Apr 2017The only HTC phone I ever owned was the desire HD some year... moreSo how did it go? Is the phone to your liking?

  • kapjap

htc phn is good

  • anonymous

The only HTC phone I ever owned was the desire HD some years ago. I remember that it stayed longest time with me as it was so good. I decided to give it a try again with the u Ultra coming from a mate 9. First of all the phone is big just as big as the Mate 9 which has a 5.9 Inch screen. But the design , especially the blue model, is soooo attractive. Mate 9 looks very boring next to it. As I like big phones I have no problem with the size. The included transparent back case gives you a perfect grip without ever getting slippery. The Screen, a super lcd 5, is simply georgious.
I tried the camera, front and back, and was very impressed by the Quality. It can compete with the highest Players like Pixel xl in the market. Audio is also very good although HTC could have included a usb c 3.5 Adapter. "Hey HTC, take note of this!" The phone is very smooth and I have to praise the smoothness and touch sensitivity of the Fingerprint Reader. You can also close any app by simply touching (not pressing) the button very lightly. It is Ultra smooth. The second display shows me the weather hourly which I like. But you can also choose something else to Display. The phone is close to stock Android. I can't say much yet about the battery, but so far it looks that it will comfortably last at least a day. Will give you a feedback in about 2 weeks. Out of the box the phone received more than one update. I hope this short review will be helpful in case you consider buying this phone.

  • Anonymous

Replicant Jason, 24 Mar 2017The endurance of the U Ultra is significantly better than t... moreyes more efficient

  • A Note 4 user

As it looks not very attractive and enormously overpriced, i thought it's not worth it even to comment on this device, but one thing actually makes me wonder:
Why the upload speed is just 50 mbit?
this makes it poorly suitable as a mobile modem for productivity scenarios...
On my Note 4 (also with 50 mbit), the maximum upload that i've seen is 40-44 mbit (in the real life), which results in 30 minutes waiting time to upload 8GB file. And Note 4 is a 2014 device.

  • Anonymous

Kill-ero, 22 Mar 2017Well said, If people haven't used HTC they don't have the r... moreI owned the One M8 for more than a year and so far my only phone (along with some Nokias) that I ended up regretting the purchase. Highly overpriced for what the camera offered, extremely bad screen-to-body -ratio and the speakers sounded as flat and dull as every phone speaker out there - so I stopped caring about the speakers when purchasing a new phone after this.

Only things I was happy about it were the flawless audio quality on headphones and software, which worked well. The phone was built decently too, even though they forgot about protecting rear camera lens and so it started to scratch ridiculously fast.

It was also my hardest phone ever to resell, took over a month to even get a offer to buy (about 250 euros was the price for 1 year old M8, I paid almost 800 euros). Never ever HTC again. Before the M8, I had another HTC and that was okay, but nothing special. For me, there are simply no reasons to consider their phones anymore, two different models were more than enough to convince me.

  • AnonD-569198

HTC has managed to beat Google when it comes to overpricing a phone.

Why don't you guys include the HTC 10 antutu score in the rankings?

The endurance of the U Ultra is significantly better than the 10 even though it's got a bigger display with a higher brightness output...The 821 is that much more efficient?

  • AnonD-655388

HTC phones are the best I love HTC and nothing will change my mind,the u ultra is the most fastest and smooth phone I have ever seen

  • Sarr

I have no idea what's going on with HTC management . They need new ideas new design with more battery time and mid range mobiles but with good hardware. Just like thier other competitors . Otherwise soon HTC will be history .

  • Anonymous

my htc u ultra have an unbelievable battery life and specially the stand by the battery did not drop any 1 % all the night woow

  • AnonD-326266

htc need to poach engineers from other companies. they always had problem with designing phone with good screen to body ratio. Even now when other flagships are coming up with phones with reduced bezels, htc comes with gigantic bezels. and worst thing is despite having big bezels it lacks specs compared to other flagships.

  • Anonymous

Of course, the die-hards will say it's an amazing phone. But seriously, It looks and feels like a toy, an overpriced one at that, and the secondary screen is just stupidly implemented in typical HTC fashion. It was not useful and properly supported in the V20 and HTC doesn't do any better... they've done worse even.

  • Kill-ero

sachi, 22 Mar 2017What sets HTC apart from other Android phones like LG, Sony... moreWell said, If people haven't used HTC they don't have the right to say anything about the brand.

  • AnonD-294833

.alpha, 22 Mar 2017Non-Chinese Android OEMs will drop dead one by one because ... moreBravo!!!!! I move with u, hope ASUS differ from them........iam not ASUS fanboy but feeling odd from others.........

  • AnonD-294833

Anonymous, 22 Mar 2017it's like honda accord trust me the phone is just amazing Hey bro, I havent used htc ultra till now so I dont have right to troll that phone, just shared my view what jre expressed, I will take your point too.....thankyou