HTC U Ultra review: All that glitters

20 March 2017
The One couldn’t reinstate HTC as the King of Android, can U? The HTC U Ultra sets off on a new path of design but stays on the familiar footing of high-caliber camera and audio. A Dual Display makes a surprise appearance as the stalwart headphone jack is left behind.

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  • AnonD-294833

.alpha, 22 Mar 2017Non-Chinese Android OEMs will drop dead one by one because ... moreBravo!!!!! I move with u, hope ASUS differ from them........iam not ASUS fanboy but feeling odd from others.........

  • AnonD-294833

Anonymous, 22 Mar 2017it's like honda accord trust me the phone is just amazing Hey bro, I havent used htc ultra till now so I dont have right to troll that phone, just shared my view what jre expressed, I will take your point too.....thankyou

  • Anonymous

AnonD-624653, 22 Mar 2017I have the same problems you have with the battery life on ... moreAs was stated...the U Ultra with normal operation (Ticker screen ON) receives a rating of 66h

it got the 81h with the ticker screen off, not under normal conditions.

  • AnonD-624653

Vic, 21 Mar 2017Galaxy Note5: 3G TALK TIME 28:34h, WEB BROWSING 10:43h, VID... moreI have the same problems you have with the battery life on the Ultra test, they are unbelievable and in my case when I compare the Ultra and the the Moto Z Play like when you do withe the S.Note 5 I just can´t belive the results, something is wrong with the test with some "strange" results. In this case is like the Ultra is some kind of miracle phone with a superlative endurance while in standby mode, the one they are not showing us and the one they do not talk about, is some kind of "eleven hour" test with the results "someone" want. Compare the Moto Z PLay, more battery, less resolution, less screen size and the difference is only 20h, come on!
Galaxy Note5: 3G TALK TIME 28:34h +5:37, WEB BROWSING 10:43h +2:04, VIDEO PLAYBACK 13:51h +6:07
and 85h ENDURANCE RATING. +4h this is a joke.

Moto Z Play: 3G TALK TIME 30:26h +7:29, WEB BROWSING 15:39h +7:00, VIDEO PLAYBACK 18:26h +10:42
and 100h ENDURANCE RATING. +19h with smaller screen size 5.5vs5.7 and resolution FHDvsQHD. And Amoled vs IPS

This phone has the best endurance in standby the world has seen, period!!

  • Kareem....

For me this phone rocks. I think lots of people have got themselves infected with bias virus towards HTC or they're paid to spoil HTC name as marketing strategy.

These days it isn't about the big numbers of camera, or big battery....There are phones with 20mg yet a 12mg shoots better pics than it...why? Technology!!! So HTC u ultra falls in this categories it may not have big battery but trust me the technology behind it can make the battery last longer than those with 3300mAh..afterall the Review shows that!!

For me I'm all for HTC, in my last post I xpplained I had to drop my Note 5 for an m8? You just need to have an HTC phone especially their flagship and do the comparing yourself.

For me I keep loving, you can keep hating it's your choice.

  • AnonD-98399

its seem like the sport car equip with the 30L petrol tank. you wouldn't enjoy with keep looking for your charger.

  • .alpha

Non-Chinese Android OEMs will drop dead one by one because Google won't let them differentiate their product.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-294833, 22 Mar 2017Just now watched jerryrigeverything, priced as lamborgini b... moreit's like honda accord trust me the phone is just amazing

  • Leeds uk

I've just upgraded to u ultra over week ago, It is amazing!! The htc companion pre installed, it learn from ur day to day life. Phone screen is awesome not to big the messages keyboard can split to two making easier plus it draw type which is fabulous and easier! The htc clever booster learn from your day to day apps and stuff and cleans unnecessary junk! The u ultra is clever! The camera automatically focuses and scans thing if u put something in front of the original pic the ultra auto scan n tune in to closer objects. I overall love this phone!!! All the haters on here unless you've actually had or got 1 I suggest that you get your fact! From Leeds uk 🇬🇧

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Mar 2017What a question! Pure genius! Why they bring 4K then? Still... more4k is good if you have a pro camera to record it or some eagle eye to detect it on a phone. Or a 50 inch TV to view on. They just bought 4k as marketing buzz to lure customer because according to them apparently no one needs bigger batteries these days. Also the bandwidth. A single 4k movie crosses 12 GB file size. So 4k on mobile recording does not make sense unless you view it on VR or 50 inch 4k TV with proper refresh rate

  • Anonymous

Almost same spacs,LG V20 is much cheaper

  • Anonymous

This phone is too bigger.u can't hold it from one hand.

  • Blunder

sachi, 22 Mar 2017What sets HTC apart from other Android phones like LG, Sony... moreVery well said.

  • Anonymous

This phone barely screams anything Ultra from it; rather a chipmunk squeak out of it

  • ET

HTC always think it's Apple in the Android camp and wants to charge top dollars for its good looking smartphone. But it only has the look. Its battery is always smaller than competition, always no waterproof, size always bigger, always more expensive.

It looks like HTC is killing itself intentionally.

  • Anonymous

good phone i like it

  • AnonD-294833

Oops itz honda civic!!!!!

  • AnonD-294833

Just now watched jerryrigeverything, priced as lamborgini but worth only for honda city......

  • pralea

Pretty good and flagship specs, but way too overpriced. Nothing out of the ordinary from htc

  • sachi

What sets HTC apart from other Android phones like LG, Sony, oppo, xiaomi, lenavo etc are
1. Reliable screen (good brightness n contrast), check the v20 n U ultra comparison. G6 vs U ultra in terms of brightness n contrast.
2. Reliable audio quality (loudness n clarity via headphone). The v20 seems to be louder based on what is connected it seems and G6 is a goner.
3. Stable reliable software which doesn't need reboots. The software is also uniform and aesthetically good looking. Talking about Sense.

Now whatever do we do with smartphone, we look at it screen, we hear it and we are dependent on its functionality (software). Basic things and fundamental things. So first, these three should be good in a smartphone.

Now Samsung is catching up on these(audio) and it has catches up in screen quality. But the ones with qualcomm processor are uselessly quiet. One with Exynos are having loudness "above average"(Ex s7 edge) but we don't know if it's the same with s8 Exynos version.

Lg, after reading boot loops in g3/4 and v10, because the soc is not soldered properly to motherboard !!! I do not consider it as a smartphone manufacturer.

Sony's camera, audio and screen are dangerously hit or miss even if you buy their flagship.

So, yeah, HTC is still relevant and I have would buy it rather than others.