HTC U Ultra review: All that glitters

20 March 2017
The One couldn’t reinstate HTC as the King of Android, can U? The HTC U Ultra sets off on a new path of design but stays on the familiar footing of high-caliber camera and audio. A Dual Display makes a surprise appearance as the stalwart headphone jack is left behind.

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  • Anonymous

The best on the market.
This is my phone :)

  • Vic

Probably the worst device HTC ever made. If you like HTC - get HTC 10 . But this Ultra... Need to be recalled from market not to harm HTC reputation.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-523334, 21 Mar 2017Much better than what I had hoped. actually my biggest conc... more8h of web browsing and video playback is impressive in 2017 ?
Come one, guy. Almost all of the chinese 'flagships' do better than this

  • Anonymous

Mate 9 is the best flagship today!
HTC will probably not exist next year, because they can no longer compete in any level, budget or flagship or...? HTC U Ultra is far too expensive!

  • AnonD-523334

[deleted post]The standby time is also taken account of. And standby time has a great impact on overall average. Anyway, a single value won't indicate you individual test ratings That's why individual scores for different use are also shown.

  • AnonD-523334

Much better than what I had hoped. actually my biggest concern was battery life because htc 10 with much smaller display and without secondary display had less than ideal battery life, so I was expecting it to be no more than 60h in endurance but 81h is certainly impressive, even if you neglect the smaller battery.

  • NIKVJn

HTC pulled it off nicely this time, battery was a real bummer but it turned out just fine if not great! But there's something about this phone which really puts me off, maybe the editor also felt it, you can feel how uninterested he was while writing the review :/

  • Force Majeure

Nice blue colour but it fails with a black front. It should have been blue on both sides.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Mar 2017What happens to your battery test results? HTC one max: 22... moreFirst you read how the battery test was done.. If you are not satisfied then you can head to the battery test page and adjust the usage pattern based on your needs and it will give you the approximate usage hours until the next charge.. If you can't comprehend this simple instruction then I can only pray for the best for you since you are hopeless and apparently no one in this great big world could help you

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Mar 2017What happens to your battery test results? HTC one max: 22... moreYou understand that Endurance rating is affected mostly by standby energy drain? And standby energy drain is affected by optimization.
HTC nailed it for the first time with the battery.

  • Anonymous

I think that HTC U Ultra should be cut the price.

  • Anonymous

Dasman, 21 Mar 2017This phone is all of HTCs dissapointmemtyeah even the LG G6: 22:30h - 8:31h - 10:27h > 72h

  • Anonymous

Schröder, 20 Mar 2017Maybe HTC 11 will be more interesting as this one. Looking ... moreI was looking since 2014!
Well there it goes... what's goes up eventually will fall down

  • AnonD-3124

HTC's losing its mind. Like really. They're so desperate that they even released a phone just to suffice something in the market but they could not, and would not actually

  • Jy

Anonymous, 21 Mar 2017What happens to your battery test results? HTC one max: 22... moreEndurance hour also takes standby into consideration. Plus the fact that the 2 phones use different chipsets, hence the difference

  • Anonymous

Just got my Ultra, love it and yes the battery is very good. Audio is bang on and the camera better than I expected, it's really good both front and back.

Sense companion, early days but I love how it told me to charge my phone because I was going out latter.

  • Dasman

This phone is all of HTCs dissapointmemt

  • Anonymous

What happens to your battery test results?
HTC one max: 22:13h, 11:20h, 13:11h > 81h
HTC u ultra: 22: 57h, 8:39h, 7:44h > 81h???
How could we trust the test?

All that a gold digger.

(BIG) IF the price is below $500, maybe, some people will buy, Mate 9 has more offer for less than $800.
another fail HTC