Samsung Galaxy S8 review: Essence distilled

21 April 2017
When 5 inches is the de-facto standard for a compact Android handset, yet you want to prove that more is always better, what do you do? If you're Samsung, you make a 5.8-inch phone that's as compact as a 5-incher.

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  • Anonymous

Fanso, 08 Sep 2019Samsung s8 egde does it have portrait yes

  • DADO

How to resolve AMOLED burn?

  • Anonymous

When I turn mi s8 on,it doesn't turn on there is only a clock on the display.Please tell what to do.

  • Fanso

Samsung s8 egde does it have portrait

  • Gratian Perera

My s8 not responsive to any . It has completely stop Worcking. Screen shows 03 .00 battery 65% and the date as friday september 06. All the buttons not responsive. Even the home.

  • Anil

Samsung s8 glass is so delicate it just slipped from my lap to the floor and the glass is broken and the distance is only one hand span, 49 rs tampered glass is much better than this Gorilla Tampered glass..

  • JT

Many S8 phones have developed GPS faults! Could be due to the last update in June 19. GPS software is missing from latest updates which prevents satnav use with Google Maps and Waze etc

  • Ajit

We had taken video thru S8 at USA. What a great picture quality! Never seen in any of the mobiles.

  • Telephone sales guy.

If Samsung supports S8 s8 plus for linux, it will continue to gain brand loyalty and keep buyers from defecting to Huawei. It will hereby confirm its future support for better software optimization, efficiency and utilisation compared to Huawei. Not all of us want to upgrade where happy with our s8 android 9 powerhouse.

  • Dani

Nice very beautiful and seccessful

  • Owen

Great phone...even better updated to android pie.... But poor battery life spoils everything.....

Hey there is a mistake s8 review the radio yes for usa

  • Ann

I'm thinking about buying a Samsung s8 or Honor 10, I have a question which one actually has a better front camera for selfie?

  • Muru

Can the S8 glass be replace

  • Bamsky alexandria

Best handphone

  • Vika

Dev, 22 Jun 2018GoodGood

  • Dev


  • Anonymous

Best phone I have ever used...better than htc u11

  • Rick

I'm real happy with this phone! I've only had it a few days, but the camera is nice! The battery seems enough for the day and if not charges 15 minutes. I'm only using headphones, so I'm really not using the speakers, but if I needed to, there pretty good. This phone is loaded with features! Great security and very easy prompts to understand. The screen is perfect, for me, because I'm getting older now and like the bold print and bigger screen. The features you get with this phone, will take about two weeks to learn all of them, there's a lot! I can really customize this phone to me. I love this phone!

  • Domegutierrezc

I’m still wondering which phone is the best either the S8 or the A8+. Tbh I like the S8 picture quality however I don’t like the fact that the battery is gone so quickly. On the other hand, the A8+ is okay with the price and has more megapixels , 2 front cameras but as I just saw at a video, is true that the quality of the pictures tend to be warm and about the battery, it lasts longer. In both cases, I really don’t know which one to buy