Samsung Galaxy S8 review: Essence distilled

21 April 2017
When 5 inches is the de-facto standard for a compact Android handset, yet you want to prove that more is always better, what do you do? If you're Samsung, you make a 5.8-inch phone that's as compact as a 5-incher.

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So worst position of fingerprint scanner. One of the worst android skin. Weird and completely unneeded Bixby stuffs. Weird aspect ratio. Camera no better than Pixel's! And this is a good achievement from Samsung I am sure. Well done, kudos.

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    • AnonD-510098
    • 9xr
    • 21 Apr 2017

    Huawei Mate 9 is way better. It beats it in areas that matter and is also cheaper...

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      • AnonD-603795
      • vx2
      • 21 Apr 2017

      Got an Iphone 7, S7 and Honor 8 at this moment.
      Not much upgrade from my S7. Lame.
      Gonna pass on this.

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        • G4M3R
        • utK
        • 21 Apr 2017

        Finally the 808 is dethroned in sunlight legibility test. But it took almost five years...

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          • Anonymous
          • w9x
          • 21 Apr 2017

          Good phone - time to move to Android

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            • Duke1
            • wv$
            • 21 Apr 2017

            I think the S8 is closer to the S7 Edge than the S7 in terms of overall size.