Sony Xperia XA1 review: Square one

06 May 2017
The Sony Xperia XA was our unlikely favorite of the last season's Xperia X-series. A year later, some things have changed. The XA1 comes with upgraded internals and the once flagship-only 23MP camera...

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  • Anonymous

Touch screen is so suck!!!

  • stone

Its the worst phone that i have seen please don't buy this product @ any cost. The sound display isn't working . & bass quality is not that good.

  • Sony "fan"

It's OK but it glitches all the time. The screen is Trash!

  • deserted traveller

Awful, awful piece of shi!t!!
Travelling now for 4 months with this quick fix failing device. YES believe the comments. You WILL lose screen sensitivity. But mine has evolved into a random shutdown creature when you most need it! WTF SONY!

  • dadado

Using XA1 G3121 since 1.5 years now and I'm quit happy with it. Some notes: shortly after I got it the touchscreen failed on me around the letter 'p'. I had not let the phon drop or what so ever, it just happened gradually. My provider than agreed to repair the screen. After that basically no problems at all. I enjoy the design. The battery could be more, I usually charge it the next morning again. Also it's the ONLY device in my life with a USB-C charger, rest is still micro USB so that is slightly annoying for me.
I will replace the phone now because I need a dual sim one, honestly was looking in to just getting the XA1 dual version because I'm so pleased with it.

Sesin, 01 Sep 2018dont buy touch problemwhat is your sony code? im g3116 so far okay

xa1 is best i am using sony xa1 G3116 so far okay .so why people having toich problem what code is your sony?

  • Sesin

dont buy touch problem

  • Girish

Sony xa1 is very wrosted mobile in this range 20000₹ Having problem is toch pad not working . In four months & big heving problem started new update virson oreo.8.0 display is totally failed.

  • Girish

Sony xa1 is very wrosted mobile in this range 20000₹ Having problem is toch pad not working . In four months & big heving problem started new update virson oreo.8.0 display is totally failed.

  • Yuvee

Hey guys don't buy this handset. I Purchased in last May and it is replaced three times in one year but still facing touch issues. All have same problem starts within three months.
Don't buy

  • Vijay Pratap

I purchased an Xperia XA1 handset in October 2017. I am facing various issues with it right from the beginning. In December 2017 I registered a complaint regarding buzzing sound while playing audio and video files. For which I was told this issue is common across all such handsets and Sony would come up with an update to resolve the same and till then I would have to wait. Reference number for the same was 1-35567617213.
Later in April 2018 I encountered serious hotspot connectivity issue. The reference number for the same is 1-36865808662. Now, I am facing issues with touch. Even after 3 serious issues the company is not willing to replace the set. They say our policy allows repairs but not replacement. That’s unacceptable for such a premium brand. It’s quite clear Sony has resorted to making substandard products for cost-cutting. Besides, they’ve reduced the number of their service centers in Delhi to just 5. I will not recommend Sony Xperia to anyone. It costs 30-40% higher than leading brands but now, both its products and services have gone low-quality.

  • Anonymous

Oustanding phone

  • limestone walker

I admit I think sony phones are the best.
Conned into buying this phone by a super salesman at virgin mobile (enjoy the commission!)
Don't like the narrow shape.
Smooth performance
Big disappointment is the camera most of pics,are dark and,constantly adjusting the camera settings
Previously had,a z2 which is better in every way.
Sorry sony but I never thought I would be so disappointed in one of your phones..

  • vikas

I also given this xa1 phone to service station for touch problem once and display shows yellow shade once

  • Anonymous

Xperia XA1 = Worst phone I've ever had.

Seven months and it's on it's third screen, not because of it getting broken, but because it ignores any touch input, and this one's getting to the point where it only works occasionally.

Battery life? What battery life? I have to charge it halfway through the day, and that's on a light usage day, I've had to start carrying a mobile charger pack with me at all times now.

23mp camera? So why are all photos taken so poor? That's assuming it bothers to save them... Most of the time it doesn't. I have photos taken on my old K810 and Galaxy Ace that are better quality than whatever these are, honestly, they remind me of an old 1.3mp camera I used to have.

Bluetooth randomly disconnects and almost instantly reconnects itself, and if you dare to turn bluetooth off for any reason... it forgets all paired devices (as it does when you restart the phone)

Some usless app called What's New... Constant notifications from it about apps I don't want or need, and no option to uninstall or disable the thing, notifications telling me my usual alarm is off, it's off because I have different alarms on different days... I know because I set it that way, stop telling me about it... Random call rejections, almost always silence when a new text comes in, apps I do want or need keep randomly being removed... The list goes on.

I can say with certainty that this is the last Sony product I will ever buy.

  • AnonD-548202

Sonyuser85, 05 Nov 2017The problems at this device are because of some kernel issues ma... moreI'm on 40.0.A.6.162 andddd the battery life is no so impressive..any solutions? When will oreo updates be rolled out?

  • AnonD-548202

AnonD-740569, 28 Feb 2018At now, no... Buy phone with dual camera and fingerprints with ... moreImo dual cameras are not a necessity..they're not that useful..better get a proper camera if you're into photography.. :)

  • AnonD-548202

Idk why but I can't help noticing that all the negative comments are from Anonymous you even own this phone? Mehhh.. 🙃

  • AnonD-740569

Vicky, 09 Sep 2017I am Planing to buy xperia xa1 but when i see its user review th... moreAt now, no...
Buy phone with dual camera and fingerprints with more than 2 ghz cpu