Sony Xperia XZ Premium review: The showstopper

12 May 2017
The Sony Xperia XZ Premium has a gorgeous 4K display. Better yet, a 4K HDR display! The latest Snapdragon 835 chipset is pulling the strings and delivering lightning-fast LTE while the Adreno 540 is firing up millions of pixels in a heartbeat. With or without the mirror finish, this is one of the classiest designs around and waterproof, too.

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Sony release the beast already,my excitement for the device makes the days passing slowly...Even slower than your motion eye camera!

  • AnonD-668349

AnonD-77443, 13 May 2017Sorry Sony but that low light camera performance is just te... moreNormal people don't take too many low light pictures. If you want a good quality picture go get a dslr. Even s8 looks like shit in low light. What matters is good light and it trumps all other flagship

  • AnonD-77443

Sorry Sony but that low light camera performance is just terrible for a 2017 high end phone.
There is so much noise it actually looks out of focus compared with the S8+.

Sunlight performance isn't great. Why is XZ 3.8 and XZP is 2.9?

Battery performance isn't flash either which is standard for most Sony phones.
The S8+ lasts 2x as long on video and 1.25x longer on browsing. Standby performance is good but if you use the XZP plenty it isn't great.

  • AnonD-7455

AnonD-507364, 13 May 2017No one cares about Sony anymore. What a joke! No fingerpr... moreYou can either flash a US model to another region that supports the sensor or import one from overseas where the fingerprint sensor works. I'm getting mine from the UK as they've been doing preorders for at least two weeks.

  • AnonD-7455

Pre ordered a week ago and really looking forward to getting this phone. As solid as I've read and seen around the web. I know there was a lot of concern about battery life. Looks like the SD 835 took care of that. I bet the sound volume can be tweaked....
I went for the Chrome color, so tired of "black slabs:. Already recieved a terrific thin clear case and tempered glass screen protector so I'm not worried about smudges. Thank you for the great review GSM Arena!

  • AnonD-507364

No one cares about Sony anymore.
What a joke! No fingerprint scanner? Huge bezels with a screen ratio of just 68%?
Sony should just close its business

  • Anonymous

AnonD-72356, 13 May 2017So if you aren't watching 4k videos, your phone is just ful... moreYour making up conclusions just to hate, just wait for the retail product that is if your getting it or if there's a store near your area that may display this phone go check it up on hand.

I have Z5 Premium and theres an option to set the resolution so why wouldnt this have one? Eitherway FHD saves alot of battery than QHD specially UHD that uses alot of CPU/GPU power that throttles it up.

  • AnonD-251354

Im gonna get one wohooo and for the haters below we have a thing called software update Android 8.0 FYI.

  • AnonD-72356

So if you aren't watching 4k videos, your phone is just full HD all the time?? I mean really Sony? Not even 2k? How will you compete with flagship phones like S8, pixel, LG with a FHD display? There should atleast be a setting to change it to 2k and 4k.

  • Jim

That camera quality is simply amazing!

  • AnonD-667568

Definitely getting this beast!
Thanks for the review chaps.
I have the Z5 premium smarterphone and really don't know what to call my next one, perhaps smartest?

  • Alan

OMG Sony, with 1:1200 contrast ratio and you call yourself a HDR Panel how so? Even LG G6 requires 1:2000 contrast to be HDR while AMOLED contrast is close to infinite.

Come on Sony even your old Z1 managed 1:1500 contrast ratio so owners must have been using HDR screen since 2013?

  • Dodo

Great review, guys!

Really love how good thorough your camera reviews have become. You are my "go-to" site for camera reviews :)