Sony Xperia XZ Premium review: The showstopper

12 May 2017
The Sony Xperia XZ Premium has a gorgeous 4K display. Better yet, a 4K HDR display! The latest Snapdragon 835 chipset is pulling the strings and delivering lightning-fast LTE while the Adreno 540 is firing up millions of pixels in a heartbeat. With or without the mirror finish, this is one of the classiest designs around and waterproof, too.

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  • Vee Jay

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2020My phone(expira premium xz) was switch off and kept for abo... moreCharge it for a while

  • Anonymous

My phone(expira premium xz) was switch off and kept for about 6 month and refused to come up again even, not showing charging when charging it. What could be the problem? What should I do pls.

  • Anonymous

The Sony xz premium Is a very good phone the camera is so sweet the selfi camera is so clear the best part the phone 4k is super good Sony did a great job

  • Ismail

I having a Sony experia zx premium
Quite fine this device battery display
But having lot of error for audio, poor quality, no external speaker works with meeting and conference call, and phone calls, wondering that,, it extern audio work with medias, such like YouTube, whatsup video and audio, some time it not get audio, needed to restart the phone, any one how this problem, and solution

  • LesterG5000

Pas, 29 Jul 2019Any know any ways to improve battery life on this phone? W... moreYou can turn on STAMINA mode in the battery settings. This makes your scrolling not look as smooth and slick but you do get much improved battery life. Hope this helps

  • Anonymous

Makk4096, 10 Apr 2018Man what phone do you use now? I also owned Xperia L & ... moreHi dude. Sorry, i know this is a very late reply some time after 19 months later since it's only this time i was able to read your question.

I'm currently using a vivo v7 which is my main smartphone for almost two years now. And after almost five years, the xperia l is still with me because i still have some precious documents there.

I've been considering upgrading it into an xperia xz1 but i still have to find a solid one in the used market.

  • Pas

Any know any ways to improve battery life on this phone?
Would be appreciated.

  • Pas

Any know any ways to improve battery life on this phone?
Would be appreciated.

  • Jijs

Using for one month. Initially it took a bit to familiarise. Very nice look and feel. Really fast. Not able to assign calling from a SIM to specific numbers. Also feeding contact by taking business card photo. These functions are available in most of today's midrange phones.
I love the phone.. I am a first time user of Sony.

  • Sohail Raza

Is sony Experia XZ G8142 supporting 4x4 mimo and Band 8+Band 20 CA?

  • m2k

Got this phone for a week now for a now decent price. What can I say? It's a great phone. Bezels don't bother me much. This is true sony styling. Battery has surprised me the most with 7
-8 sot. Of course, people that own this phone knows it's the fastest phone of 2017!


Truthandblunt, 23 Jul 2018I have no idea why people even like this shitty brick of a ... moreOnly a blind follower wouldn't be able to comprehend why this phone was at the top when it came to SD 835 devices. The XZ Premium's software is by far one of, if not the most efficient, back that up with best processor at the time, and you get a phone that is unrivaled in speed and performance compared to those with the same specs. I have no idea what you're saying about the looks, this phone has one of the most appealing designs that I've seen.

  • Truthandblunt

I have no idea why people even like this shitty brick of a phone. No technology aspiration and aesthetics whatsoever. Just increasing the megapixel doesnt make a good camera, you have to work on the software part as well and dont even make me start on the looks of a phone, the only way those edges can be used is for making a good trouser/denim get a ripped look around pockets. God knows when technologically illiterate people will understand this. I still have no idea how can a device from sony be in the top voted smartphones by user.

  • Anonymous

Hello. I would like to know , if the phone really supports Mirror link. I have read here in the review that it does, but there are many users which say it does not, I want to connect it to my Kenwood car-radio, have anybody the mirror link tried ? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

I just bought it yesterday and I can't find my way around it ....the camara is always turning on with out me doing anything and the camara and the picture is turned upside down .I need help

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2018Wow, this is probably the most dramatic comment I have ever... moreMan what phone do you use now? I also owned Xperia L & currently running on a 2&half year old M4 Aqua. Average phones at best.
I would like to know what phone are you using right now.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-521587, 28 Feb 2018Weird how the xzp didn't sell well when the xzp has been re... moreReviewers often don't get what is needed on a phone.

This one looks positively ancient, gimmicky, with small battery life.

Critics should slam all those, but they often play favorites which is why they are so often wrong. It ddn't sell well because it is not that good of a phone.

There is a reason why the chinese are in vogue. They qctually try. Packed phonnes, modern designs. The Japanese and the Koreans are very conservative to matter anymore...

  • AnonD-521587

Weird how the xzp didn't sell well when the xzp has been regarded highly by all the critics.

  • Rizwan

Between iPhone 7+ vs Sony Xperia XZ Premium
I preferred in 2017 Sony Xperia XZ Premium very well device among iPhone 7+ and all other Android devices.

Now waiting next Sony Xperia XZ Premium 2018. Which would I prefer to buy between iPhone 8+ or Sony Xperia XZ Premium 2018?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-27765, 13 May 2017Sony Xperia phones are catered only towards die-hard fans a... moreWow, this is probably the most dramatic comment I have ever read in this article.

I used to be a sony fan/user and I can say that it's not worthy to buy an xperia these days because they just have only decent specs compared to other phones yet have overpriced price tags and those decent specs are found mostly on their new flagship phones like this one. I also have several complaints of these freaking phones (xperia l, m4 aqua) like being so slow, small internal storage capacity, deaf volume levels, hungs every while bc of the ram, etc.

Yeah, for me, I can say that's not good at all. At least I have a different phone now. But to say that you'd pick a google nexus for stock android or an s8 for advanced features? The hell, that sounds stupid. Nobody is asking what you should pick anyway.

Btw you're no different from the other sony and samsung fanboys. This behavior is the reason why a lot of immature people exist these days.