Sony Xperia XZ Premium review: The showstopper

12 May 2017
The Sony Xperia XZ Premium has a gorgeous 4K display. Better yet, a 4K HDR display! The latest Snapdragon 835 chipset is pulling the strings and delivering lightning-fast LTE while the Adreno 540 is firing up millions of pixels in a heartbeat. With or without the mirror finish, this is one of the classiest designs around and waterproof, too.

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  • Rizwan

Between iPhone 7+ vs Sony Xperia XZ Premium
I preferred in 2017 Sony Xperia XZ Premium very well device among iPhone 7+ and all other Android devices.

Now waiting next Sony Xperia XZ Premium 2018. Which would I prefer to buy between iPhone 8+ or Sony Xperia XZ Premium 2018?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-27765, 13 May 2017Sony Xperia phones are catered only towards die-hard fans a... moreWow, this is probably the most dramatic comment I have ever read in this article.

I used to be a sony fan/user and I can say that it's not worthy to buy an xperia these days because they just have only decent specs compared to other phones yet have overpriced price tags and those decent specs are found mostly on their new flagship phones like this one. I also have several complaints of these freaking phones (xperia l, m4 aqua) like being so slow, small internal storage capacity, deaf volume levels, hungs every while bc of the ram, etc.

Yeah, for me, I can say that's not good at all. At least I have a different phone now. But to say that you'd pick a google nexus for stock android or an s8 for advanced features? The hell, that sounds stupid. Nobody is asking what you should pick anyway.

Btw you're no different from the other sony and samsung fanboys. This behavior is the reason why a lot of immature people exist these days.

  • AnonD-716625

Hi Guys
Did any of you guys come across issues/problems in the wifi, fingerprint and bluetooth.

  • Anonymous

Anyone else loves this phone as much as I do? This is the phone of the year, for me.

  • AnonD-717191

God, i laughed my arse off from the sony fanboys' comments. Even in my country these guys are the same - answering to the criticism of their favorite brand with nothing but hating of samsung

The best "gimmick" ever....
960 fps slo mo FTW:

  • Anonymous

Piphacker, 27 Sep 2017Yes I have read from their site a couple of week ago , But... moreYou can't compare Qnovo to Dash Charge. They do two completely different things. One saves the battery while the other torches it

  • new firmware

Has anybody tested the new Android 8.0 firmware for camera (which was having too much MPEG & JPG artifacts previously), 3D modelling etc.?

  • akw

This is 1205th Comment of most popular review of GSMarena don't know why this phone is cheap/er than galaxy s8 ... i like it too much does it have any specific issue?

  • AnonD-392500

Piphacker, 30 Aug 2017Hi All , It's My 2nd Honest Review of this phone after 20-D... moreGo to settings, battery care and then turn it off. You'll get faster charging times

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2017Shame, DxO scored it 83 pointsYou trust a site that says XZ Prem doesnt even have bokeh effect and gives it 20 points for it?

Then what is this?
XZ Prem

Dxo became a scam site since a month ago.

AnonD-145316, 26 Sep 2017Battery charging is made to be that way from 80-100% due to... moreYes I have read from their site a couple of week ago , But still i feel OP5 DASH Charging technology is better then sony's QNovo Technology , as it tookjust 1 hour and 15 to 20 minutes to charge from 0% to 100% & Give better back up time even then Note 8 ... ( Reviews on Youtube)

  • AnonD-145316

Piphacker, 30 Aug 2017Hi All , It's My 2nd Honest Review of this phone after 20-D... moreBattery charging is made to be that way from 80-100% due to Qnovo technogy in order to extend the battery's charging cycle. By that in a year your phones battery will still feel as new. Haven't you read about about qnovo technology??

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2017Shame, DxO scored it 83 pointsI second that notion.

  • Anonymous

Shame, DxO scored it 83 points

Hi All , It's My 2nd Honest Review of this phone after 20-Day's of use almost
Only Problem which i have with this phone is !

1) Poor volume of Speaker for ringing or you tube video's which is very annoying

2) Slow Battery Charging from 80% to 100 % which took one hour even with Anker's Q.C. Three
However it charge from 0% to 80% in just 60-Minutes but from 80% to 100% it's charging speed becomes disaster & it's very annoying when you need you phone with 100% Charging

------ Otherwise this is the best phone i have ever bought ... Camera is better then S8 in Daylight , But in low light it's OK ... Battery Performance is very powerful with gaming , Browsing on Google or FB, Insta , Etc etc but it drains battery fast with 4K or even with 1080p video's on you tube with 50% or 100% brightness ...
Playing games on it is a very pleasant experience with no heating issue at all like we have seen in previous Sony phone's and Snap Dragon 835 Chip set made it super fast For internet & gaming ... Overall i,ll Give it 8/10 ... Good Phone ... Good Luck All

  • Anonymous

Spectacular Sony tech!

  • Anonymous

Thus a Sony beaSt of flagship cell!!

  • Florin

I have a Sony XZP and i get picture distortion. Is there anyone who has this phone and does not have a distortion when taking pictures? Can anyone provide a example? Does GSM Arena can make a test of this phone? I am thinking i am going to return the phone for another unit. The phone in itself is wonderful, it works blazing fast, the screen is awesome and it is a pleasure to look upon. I hope Sony takes steps to remedy this issue.

  • Joey

Excellent design Iove it. But I didn't like sim tray looks falling into pcs..