Moto Z2 Play preview: Sharp and ready

16 June 2017
The Moto Z2 Play is the successor to last year's Moto Z Play, the phone that won praises from critics and was quite possibly the highlight of Motorola's lineup last year. Like the last phone, the new one focuses on providing good performance and great battery life without blowing a hole in your wallet.

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  • T M

Lenovo is a joke. They somehow made the phone worse (smaller battery even though it was a huge feature in the last one) and they have the audacity to ask for a higher price.

  • Arjun

Pricey as compared to what you get with OnePlus 3T, Either make Z2 cheap or its mods cheap that will be the success story of Moto Z2 Play.
Modular Concept make pricey but Moto should make Mods affordable.

  • foo

[deleted post]LOL they praise Oneplus phones too...... those are Chinese

Over priced, over bezelled, under chipped, significantly lesser battery only to make people purchase a much thicker, heavier battery mod add on to accomplish the same thing as last year's model. No way, Motonovo.

  • AnonD-642976

I had the Moto G and the Moto G3 Turbo.

The Moto G had the best price-performance ratio I have ever seen on a phone. Android support, multi user, dual SIM. I was sad that the 4G version had no dual SIM. Otherwise I would still use the phone. No doubt.

The Moto G3 Turbo was the complete opposite. No Android update on Nougat even with the same hardware as the Moto X and no multi user. They kicked the phone from the Android 7 list 72 hours after I bought it. I hated the phone so much that I used it for less than a week and went back to the Moto G. Later I went with the Sony XA dual SIM. Not the best choise, but still better than anything Lenovo does.

Since Lenovo bought Motorola, their products just suck. Zero support, design sucks, useless Android roms with less features and the worst of all - their update policy.

I saw the Moto Z in action. The phone was not worth a penny. Moto mods are useless. And this right here won`t be different. You better go with the one year old Sony Xperia Z or a Samsung S7. You will still get updates for your phone. I would not bet on a Android O update for the Moto Z2.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Good for you and your opinion,they are not biased,this phone is boring and no improvement from the last model.I like Lenovo a lot but this is embarrassing...

  • joy

how this sh'''t priced 28k in india? when oneplus 3t available so close? should be 16k or burn this dump at your backyard lenova..

  • Anonymous

No audio review?
No stabilization for fhd60 nor 4k.

Bad phone...

  • Zero

[deleted post]No little troll. This year's Moto Z is a big stepback compared to the previous year.

And now there is the Moto G5 Plus which has similar specs, rendering this device a total scam.

So kiddo, go to cry with your mom if you feel that this is a dissapointment from them.

  • AnonD-368020

1. They could not change the design of the phone due to mods but they could have certainly put a 5.8" screen in that large body. That would have justified the premium price of this phone. Otherwise in my opinions it's a good but overpriced phone.

  • MKL

The genius Lenovo. Truely the best smartphone at this price point (I'm not gonna buy it but hey, this phone is good joke though).

Krishna, 16 Jun 2017Last year's Z Play gets around 10-12 hours of SOT (Screen On Tim... moreLenovo actually

AnonD-656673, 16 Jun 2017Why does this device even shares the same flagship "Z" series br... moreIt is their current series

  • AnonD-656673

Why does this device even shares the same flagship "Z" series branding?! Just see this difference in both the devices

  • Xdrive

After reading the shortcomings, I am increasingly not interested in this brand

  • bug

I feel "mods" is being used deceptively by Moto/Lenovo. A mod is a cheap device (that costs 5-10% of the original product's price) and adds a little functionality. Moto's "mods" add a little functionality, but cost potentially more than the phone itself (since mods aren't typically subsidized).

  • Anonymous

True GSMArena, its hard to recommend this phone at competition.

  • Krishna

Last year's Z Play gets around 10-12 hours of SOT (Screen On Time), and this one gets around half of it. And yet priced at $500. Genius move by Motorola.