Samsung Galaxy J7 Max preview: A closer look

3 August 2017
The J7 Max is one of Samsung's continued attempts to compete in the mid-range market against the onslaught of Chinese devices. While previous attempts weren't particularly impressive, perhaps this time the company has managed to get the price to performance ratio right. We're about to see.

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  • Anonymous

it is volte

  • Saud

How I can order J7 Max

  • Rizal

How tp order LCD screen

  • Sahil

Duel 4G sapport

  • Anonymous

Shourya1, 09 Feb 2019The review is highly biased. Seems like the author hates Sa... moreI have this phone for 3 4 months and its perfect

  • Sam

Shourya1, 09 Feb 2019The review is highly biased. Seems like the author hates Sa... moreChinese products are Not Cheap! As a Matter of Fact, Most of the so called Branded Electronics Components are Made in China only

  • Camera settings sof

Aji Elavila, 10 Dec 2017J7 max Selfi camera poor Camera

The review is highly biased. Seems like the author hates Samsung. If someone wants an easy to hold phone, they will buy a smaller screen. If someone wants a VFM phone, they will surely buy a cheap Chinese brand. I hope this reviewer doesn't review Apple phones, he will get a lot of hate mails.

I have been using this phone for over a year now and I only have good things to say.

(1) No lags whatsoever
(2) Never hangs
(3) Never heats (I'm not a gamer but a lot of video watching and web surfing)
(4) Excellent photos and videos (better than most other mid-range Chinese phones)
(5) Excellent display with near perfectly natural colors (reviewer was cribbing about it and I was like what)
(6) Great sound quality (neutral sound unlike unnatural boosted frequencies on many mid-rangers)
(7) Excellent touch
(8) Fast scrolling, responsive experience
(9) Bloatware easy to get rid of
(10) Good bluetooth performance
(11) Excellent wifi-reciever (receives my home hotspot from 200 meters away)
(12) Built-in app locking/masking
(13) One-handed mode works like charm
(14) Split screen support (depending on app)
(15) UDS mode is a pure joy
(16) Built-in VPN is a blessing to have in this age
(17) Bundled music player by Samsung is the most neutral/pure sounding music player on Play Store
(18) Built-in casting/mirroring.
(19) No holes/opening on the top (makes it possible to use the phone in light rain if protected by a cover)
(20) Decent loudness of ringtone/voice call
(21) AI camera (Samsung doesn't market this as many others in the market are doing)
(22) DSLR mode (again no marketing of this)
(23) Dedicated second sim slot
(24) Good finger scanner performance
(25) Good home screen customization options
(26) 3.5 mm Headphone jack present (My expensive headphones are usable)

Cons? I really have to think hard.

(1) Side firing speaker
(2) No Backlit soft keys
(3) Headphone jack location (i prefer at top)
(4) Photos with flash not as appealing
(5) Finger print scanner location (I like them at the back)

  • tech

its super fast and the camera is awesome.

  • Smart

j7 max is the best selfie camera, looking awesome,

  • vinoth

j7 max the camera its working colour its difrent howing example yellow colour showing orange coloure it bad camera

  • shd

Aji Elavila, 10 Dec 2017J7 max Selfi camera poor It has a good front camera. Much better than Huawei and oppo.

  • Tamaș

Gobinda Gorain, 29 Dec 2017I think,it is the best product than any other products by t... moreIs It so good? I want to buy,but i don't know If this phone deserve

  • Gobinda Gorain

I think,it is the best product than any other products by the features and the price.

  • Aji Elavila

J7 max Selfi camera poor

  • AnonD-708847

This is the worse phone i have ever had. When texting the screen freezes numerous times. When sending texts the texts fail to send. I hate the touch screen, it often repeats keys that i push. Poor product

  • AnonD-696358

wi-fi problem with Galaxy j 7 Max . Every time Disconnecting once in 5 minutes

  • Anonymous

Bloatware isn't Samsung's fault.

MIcrosoft uses it's patents and Google uses it's Android Trademark and force Samsung and other OEM's to include their crappy products ...

  • AnonD-693176

um using j7max this is osm phone..wd good battery life...n good looking .....n more fast ...i think this is best in every aspect..

  • AnonD-691904

I juz wanna ask, when this phone will release in Indonesia?

Thank you