Nokia E90 review: Heavyweight champion

11 September 2007
The Nokia E90 Communicator is the latest addition to the set of contemporary high-performance devices for executives. We had to wait three years since the last Nokia 9500 Communicator appeared. Our patience was duly rewarded at the...

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  • Konjengbam DAINa div

I like this mobile

  • jermain78

I like this phone,it looks so nice! But I was wondering, will this phone works? I mean, it's not a new phone,and the specs are soo outdated! And where can I buy this phone?

  • AnonD-297297

Nokia E90 means the king... m using Nokia E90 frm 2007 I love this unique brand Cell frm 2007 even I took it again in 2008 the latest in black colour with slim Keypad inside the flap... this phone is just not only a normal phone of nokia it's just an Bussines gadget utilized. .. V can handle our whole official n non official work in it... i love this phone alot. Still M using this phone coz this is the only phone which is made all in 1.. still 2 airing for Some same featured n same style phone of nokia... nokia e90 is the best n best phone

  • mkent

Wow its one of the grand gadgets. A champion in communication.
The problem is its now a long time and nokia should be thinking abt releasing an update of this phone with better camera , internal memory,visible/surface music keys for music lovers and an updated version of the symbian os.
The rest is still perfect.
Mine was stolen a year ago and i havent yet been able to replace it .ive had galaxy s2 and the experia arc but mone of them comes close to the heavy weight champion thanks to nokia.

  • Ritesh k.

I v been using E90 4rm 2 years..and i mst say its d BAADSHAH of all phones..its weight mite b a prob. 4 some foolish guys bt its weight actualy gives d royal and grand feeling..Communicator is strong,exclusive,"2nd look guaranty" phone. indeed its d KING..THE COMMUNICATOR.

  • suraj

e 90 is best phone for all types of angle .

  • bhuri

once more nokia E90

  • hal

hi , i 'm hal from bangkok and i'm looking for the nokia E 90 . most unhappily it is not available in bangkok and i'm wondering if anybody can help me find an outlet selling this article ... hal

  • Gboyluv

Plz can any body tel me more abt dis fone e90.b'cos i will like to purchase.i real luv d comment abt d phone.

  • Suri Menon

It is THE Phone to own and gives a great satisfaction with the function and Looks.
I always used a communicator N9300i and N90 was the best Buy.
Nokia may come out with the next generation The Touch......I have HTC Touch Screen but N90 Gives the satisfaction and Pride holding the Heavy Weight.
I would recommend any Professional To own one, If one is keen on owning N90, even Second Hand good condition hand set...Contact Mr Mohan From TECH Zone Raghu Leela Mall Kandivali (W) next to Boishar Bus Depot...Very Knowledgeable and Gives Good value for Handset and asssure's off any technical problems and as a good Technical Team back up.Tel No: 2806 7727. Cell No: 9820341724.
Well Done NOKIA......Nothing like N90.
Thank God i could own one with HIS Mercy..................Suri Menon.

  • Anonymous

Does anyone knows then we get the next generation of Communicator? I have now the third generation and would like to contnue, as I love my keyboard, my internal memory seems to be not sufficient, but otherwise I love it, but 2 1/2 year is time for the next one!!...Erich

  • e90 addict

excellent phone i have always been a fan of the communicator series eversince i had the 9110! Waiting for the next communicator thanks nokia.

  • devesh jain

i am wanted nokia e90 mobile

  • Michael Corleone

I had been using E 90 for last two and half years. I think this is the finest hand set ever produced in cell phone industry. In single sentence I would say simply awesome. It's a symbol of status and Aristocracy. Waiting Nokia's next communicator.

  • Andi Akram Ali

I've been using my E90 for one year.and i just want to tell you that E90 is powerfull...
I'm use it for browsing whole day,my email inbox always updated,chatting.etc on mobile phone...
Thanks nokia...

  • kxp

yes having a 24h lifespan of the battery is normal when using 3G and WiFi connectivity - depending ofcourse how much you use it. I suggest checking that WiFi check is shut down on the desktop - that wastes a lot of battery. Also look out for those sneaky apps that try to get you from the behind (apps working in background).

My phone will reach 2 years this august and the battery last from 1 to 3 days - depending on usage ofcourse. If it includes watching HD movies, surfing the web etc then definately not more than 1 day, might be even less.

  • Maklad

Guys, My battery only stays for about 24 hours and then I have to recharge it again, of course 3G and Wifi or onternet is active by then but not all day long, and I havent activated email yet.

Is that normal or is something wrong with device or battery?

  • aanchal

the nokia is no. one in whole world and the e-90 is the complite business mobile...its great !!


"east or west nokia e-90 is the best"

  • anion123

My husband has the 9300i Nokia and is looking into the E90. I heard it is a bit flimsy when it falls? My husband's 9300i has fallen so many times and was submerged in a puddle of water and still works 100%!!! Ive never seen anything like it. No cracked screen and the phone worked fine after we dried it off. no problems!