Nokia 8 review: Connecting the dots

25 August 2017
This is it then. The long-awaited Finnish flagship that goes all in against the phones that rule today. The Finnish cameraphone returning to claim the prize that was once its birthright. Everybody bow and make way?

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  • Tarun

Not satsfied with nokia 8.0 nokia centre at panvhvati ahmedabad not responding.
Where to complain?
If company don't respond then can go for consumer redreesal forum

  • Romi

I am using Nokia 8 from last 2 year......repaired once cost rs. 6000 n now again same problem arise after one year......never go for nokia again..... freezes sounds n gets switching off when I opens camera....

  • NokiaLover

Have been using this phone for 2 years. One of the best phones for the price!!! Still no lags. Runs smoothly. Battery is really good. Nokia Camera software is ok but can be improved when it comes to photos. Video and sound is amazing. Speakers good. Really love using this 😊

Sad that Nokia can't make a phone as good as the Nokia 8 or 7 Plus anymore.

  • Armin

I have it for almost 3 years. I love this phone. Super fast with Super quality. I don't know why people buy Apple iPhone or Samsung when you can get a Nokia with lower price.never hanged up although the memory was full to the end.
I can't describe the feeling I have with this phone.
I wish others can feel it. It's so pure and unique.

  • Anonymous

The screen goes blank, no command functions including power. How do you restart?

  • Finus

The battery is very good to me, never I needed to took the charger outside of my home one to 2 days with not problems. I hope Nokia will work to bring Android 10 update to this device. I am very happy the best call quality I know in one smartphone.

  • QlangotZ

i've been using nokia 8 till now.... very good phone....its really fast and the battery is strong.... well satisfied except the camera... i installed gcam mod and it works well....

Absolutely love this phone it rocks. Better than the Samsung or iPhone. 64 GB without the £1200 price tag, with awesome features and user friendly as. Best graphics I've ever had on a device, I've had no issues till jan 26 Nokia decided an operating system full of bugs is an up grade! Yeah right!!! Couldn't contact Nokia or jbhifi for support had no phone for two weeks suck as man. Nokia is shameful they have no techs in nz to help with device issues,🤣🤣🤣🤣🤔🤔🤔🤔🤨🤨🤨🤨
I'm really pee'd that Nokia development would force such an ota software update on us. Really Hope they sort it VERY soon.

  • emaj30

Been using this awesome device since May and never faced any problem. Just waiting for the Pie update and I'll be a happy camper. Can't complain much aside from the camera performance in low light is not that good even the pro update. Google's camera app is a good replacement though. I'm a heavy user but this little guy can keep up with me with very less lag, though it can heat up too much especially 3d gaming and online ones which gives me up to 5 hours of SOT before it goes below 20%. With normal use, in my experience, it can last a day and a half.

Looking forward for further updates and improvement. I believe Nokia can catch up with the competition.

P.S. I'm a big fan of Symbian, I still have the 808 and N8, still a monster when it comes to imaging department, no one can easily overthrow them.

A quick review after using this phone for the last 11 months:

1. Excellent build and very sturdy, especially the copper version is an eye catching one.
2. Display has an excellent response time and resolution. It is very bright and also has a solid legibility in sunlight.
3. Dimensions are very user-friendly.
4. Vanilla Android is snappy and almost never glitches. Occasionally a soft reset is needed because of the wifi connection; not a hardware problem I think but it's a software problem because on Android 7 it never occurred to me.
5. Charging times are excellent.
6. Battery lasts until evening with moderate to heavy use (except 3d gaming!)
7. Dual sim management is excellent and I never had issues with it. Telephony is excellent and with true HD audio.
8. The hated camera is excellent in good light conditions and especially for the videos! In low light it's what it is but I think it's a software problem; hope HMD will find a solution soon.
9. Price is really ok!
10. Last but not the least is the very snappy response times even using multiple high requirement specs apps.

I've always been a Nokia fan and I sincerely accept it but I really don't understand people speaking and writing strange things about this phone!
It's a very nice bargain of price and what it really delivers; at least untill the end of 2019.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-503930, 25 Feb 2018a premium phone with ordinary looking...screen to body rati... moreGrow up with your stupid comment. This phone was released 2017 and not everyone wants tall 18:9 screens

  • Steve

Sravanya, 26 Jun 2018Never ever take this shit Nokia mobile.worst service whenev... moreok i normally don't reply to these types of comments but your comment just pissed me off

the camera has been updated time and again and the problems with it fixed yet you talk as if it's just horrible !

  • Sravanya

Never ever take this shit Nokia mobile.worst service whenever the update comes the camera issue comes up and the service people open the camera for the software issue. very stupid

  • freeman

bought a month ago, good phone!
use nokia from old times

  • Anonymous

my family using brand is NOKIA
no,defects are ever seen.
loving brand of nokia,fan from

I bought this phone one month ago, It received Oreo update once I turned it on.
It works great.

Worst phone ever experienced with the Nokia 8 , as the sim slot was not working reported to service center and no response from the service center till 20 days . worst service center in Secundrabad at S.p.Road .Although am Fan of nokia ,,,but now i hate this .Even the replacement is not beiing done through the escalation manager ....Worst of All the Phones .

  • Yes

This phone is not perfect, but first, look at the prices in europe: nokia 8 - 390 euros, samsung s8 - 600 euros, samsung s9+ - 960 euros, mate 10 pro 128gb - 700 euros, iphone x 64 gb - 1170 euros. So, you get almost top of the line hardware with less shiny features and not top camera, but you save shit ton of money. Nokia 8 is a high end phone with a very good value for its price, while all the other flagships are hugely overpriced and have very bad value for money, considering they also have all kinds of software/hardware bugs.

  • sramperu

Hi...People give reviews which help absolutely nobody. They give their comments just with their personal experiences wherein most of the time, the problem entountered by them are caused by their own ignorance about how to use the phone.

I have bought this Nokia 8 & have been using phone for quite sometime. This is no doubt one of the best phone under this price tag. I wouldnt be calling anyting as CONS on this phone.

Before buying the phone, I did my proper homework to know what the phone offers. This phone delivers what it promises in terms of Design, Performance, Storage, Pure-Android experience, Battery, Fast-Charging last but not the least Camera (Dual camera)...

The only two things (in-significant) which I may point out is the lack of Wireless charging & Full waterproof which can be discarded as "no-must" feature.

All in all this is one of the best phone that I would recommend to anyone.