Nokia 8 review: Connecting the dots

25 August 2017
This is it then. The long-awaited Finnish flagship that goes all in against the phones that rule today. The Finnish cameraphone returning to claim the prize that was once its birthright. Everybody bow and make way?

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-503930, 25 Feb 2018a premium phone with ordinary looking...screen to body rati... moreNot everyone likes tall long 18:9 screens. Grow up

  • Kalex

AnonD-521587, 10 Nov 2017anybody here know what company supplies Nokia with its display?I believe it's Epson

  • AnonD-503930

a premium phone with ordinary looking...screen to body ratio sucks.. this is 2018 HMD..

  • AnonD-541574

Great phone but camera is slow and its nothing special, volume and lock button are fragile.

  • Anonymous

How can DXOmark get such different findings than GSMarena?

  • Anonymous

OSasmatteroffact, 18 Dec 2017Lmao LG has never been on top not even in top 5 of world to... moreLg G3 was the best smart phone in 2014. It was the first Quad HD display and the first smart phone recording in 4k.

  • Nokiafanbabe

OSasmatteroffact, 18 Dec 2017Lmao LG has never been on top not even in top 5 of world to... moreWell' I couldn't agree more about LG. For iPhones, on the other hand, yes you're right about their tenured years (close enough with Nokia) but I guess, they just become popular since 2010's due to blackberry phone's ruled by then when their first apple phone released. We are talking about popularity hon, and on the other way around, talking about their downfall, I'm waiting dear, am not in a hurry. The higher you go, the harder you fall as they say. Let's see what come's next.

  • AnonD-708917

Nokia Lumia 1020 has still the best camera compared to this flagship, I guess.. :/

  • Anonymous

An Update of the Test with Android 8 would be interesting...also regarding the Camera focus issues...

  • OSasmatteroffact

Nokiafanbabe, 25 Nov 2017Nokia ruled almost 1 decade and a half in 90's to 2000's, w... moreLmao LG has never been on top not even in top 5 of world top smartphone manufacturer. But samsung has been on for like 3 years, on the other hand Apple has did a very splendid way to be on top for 10 years (close to what Nokia has achieved) now yet there's no sign of their downfall will come any soon.

  • AnonD-720822

Very scrathy display glass. I had mine for about a month and it's lots of tiny scratches. My previous, redmi 3 had a brand new display glass for almost half a year.
GPS takes up to 20 minutes in a new zone to find the location.
Sometimes laggy; I had faster experience on CM13@Redmi3.
I still miss notifications led and wonder why Nokia hasn't implemented BLN (hardware keys backlight as a notification).
Everything else is perfect for the price asked. And separate 2ns SIM AND SDCARD slots is a killer.

  • AnonD-720822

Anonymous, 03 Dec 2017What is the Nokia 8 slow motion fps? and other options in ... moreCamera settings say 1/2 speed @720p and 1/3 speed @480p

  • Anonymous

What is the Nokia 8 slow motion fps? and other options in video recording?

  • Nokiafanbabe

ZloiYuri, 26 Aug 2017The best words to describe this phone, as said on first pag... moreThen you better know what Nokia was. Before smartphones that your hailing came to age, they were the one who ruled for a decade in history. Smartphone's today are nothing without Nokia's ruling ages. Just accept the fact that they're back again to take the crown. Just wait for the moment and by then, you're free to grieve.

  • Nokiafanbabe

Nokia ruled almost 1 decade and a half in 90's to 2000's, we all knew the fact that they are the legend of innovative cellphones. Until that one mistake of Microsoft corporation that they failed. Samsung, Apple, LG, etc. just ruled like 5 years up to now. I would like to see how they will fail and how they will get back on the game like Nokia is doing right now. Everyone Failed. No one will stay on top forever. Failure is one step to success/greatness I guess. Now since Nokia is back on the game again, I'm excited and wonder on what's in store with them on these upcoming years. I know, they have something big and will just wait the right time to explode it.


  • Ricky

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2017Give it an IR blaster, FM, removable battery . and it 'd b... moreNow all r using nfc & cast screen tat is old, & u can download fm on play store, removal battery reduces battery backup coz of removing so many times..

  • RJD

Great mobile , great cameras, powerful prossecer
In low price Nokia 8 is better mobile agienst one plus 5 .
Same future samung given 60000 rs bulshit

  • Bhupendra Singh

Great Mobile...

  • AnonD-714863

nokia 8!!!! is one of the best phone ruling todays market .if u all r comparing nokia with brand like redmi ,oppo ,moto and oneplus then also compare quality then u will come to know that cell phone king is back!!!!!!

  • AnonD-628117

First android phone I have used where I haven't immediately rushed to change something about it.