Nokia 8 review: Connecting the dots

25 August 2017
This is it then. The long-awaited Finnish flagship that goes all in against the phones that rule today. The Finnish cameraphone returning to claim the prize that was once its birthright. Everybody bow and make way?

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  • AnonD-145316

Envision, 25 Aug 2017A lot of praise, but the test scene looks awful compared to... moreYou still doubtful with the guys that have actually handled the the real phone?! Accept that Nokia 8 is the real deal and move on!

  • AnonD-145316

Welcome back the Legend!!! Simplicity, quality, great imaging, realibility and great performance! We had missed you NOKIA!!

  • AnonD-34062

Terrific review! Bring on the comparison tests.

  • AnonD-660652

Still wayting for the Lumias comeback. Just imagine 1/1.6 sensor sitting behid f/2.0 lens and useing some good algorithmes like Google, LG or Samsung cameras do. It would bring really brilliant photo quality

  • AnonD-660652

Awful camera. Just check ouy how it stands against even midrange Nokia 6 and you'll be able to conclude what I've concluded. Why didn't take the monochrome shot and then in post-processing paint in in colours delivered by the colour sensor? The monochrome photos are way more sharper that the colour ones. Just can't understand their approach

  • Dvlvsnvn

Well GSM arena , it's been really great with all the honest review you did. Feeling delighted that It is an unbiased review(I know like me the reviewer is also a big Nokia fan from past, hehehehe)..To be honest other websites ( specially p...nearena) should learn from you guys . I'm too much emotional for Nokia for such a wonderful comeback. . Keeping fingers crossed for its India release.. Long live Nokia... .

  • Envision

A lot of praise, but the test scene looks awful compared to G6 - good and low light, definately not outstanding in camera department - and I like the brand ! (1020 once owner, would by same camera modul in newer phone anytime !

  • AnonD-70078

wow. I wasn't expecting such a good review. loud speaker seems amazing

  • AnonD-670091

I dislike the 1440p display, 1080p could have been so much better at gaming performance, thats the secret behind Iphone 7 Plus and Oneplus 5, only 1080p fast and lag free exp

Nostalgic but happy to see the icon back in business. Wish they drive innovation again but the 8 seems like a good beginning!

It's a good phone for the brand's comeback, I'm glad they're back. After all, a healthy competition is needed nowadays.

  • Anonymous

Where is the MOTO Z2? why you guys keep on excluding that monster phone? are you afraid how moto outperforms this nonsense phone???

  • Van

Sounds like an amazing phone..