LG V30 hands-on review: First impressions

31 August 2017
LGs brief flirtation with OLED gave us the Flex phones, but now its a long-term commitment. Yet surprisingly its not the screen, which covers 82% of the front of the LG V30, that is the star attraction. Instead, the much-improved dual camera is the main focus of this generation.

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  • AnonD-669148

LG V30 is far more impressive than Note 8, and Nokia 8 is far worse than both, only iPhone 8 could possibly compete against LG V30!

  • AnonD-402029

"We think that LG did a good job of arranging the multiple elements - camera, flash, Laser AF, fingerprint reader - in an aesthetically pleasing way. We won't name names, but other makers have made an asymmetric mess."

yes and the other maker even released the 2nd flagship series with the same asymmetric mess!
what a shame other makerrr