Sony Ericsson K850 review: 5 megapixel Phone-and-Shoot

14 September 2007
We called Sony Ericsson K810 the rebirth of the Cyber-shot. We're now looking at a great leap forward in developing the company's cameraphone lineup in the face of the glamorous Sony Ericsson K850. It brings a bunch of novelties in design...

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  • shoukat

I like

  • andre

im just wondering where i can still buy ds phone here in the phillipines. i want ds phone so bad.

  • ghazanfar

i just bought yesterday but a problem comes that my 6233 videos r not playing by k850

  • Pink

I love this phone. Takes perfect pictures, the xenon flash is great for short to medium distances in any conditions. The photo light is very powerful. I've been using it for over a year and I really like the menus and the camera.

  • shankar

sorry Sony i use this time already but i and my all friends not satisfy to this phone.this is reject.

  • Bessy

I love it! its my old mobile phone

  • Rusiru

plz someone help me to choose.Nokiya 6220 or K850?....
what about k850 sound quality? any opinions?

  • omosh

whateve haterz say, an buying this phone

  • Anonymous

Im an Sony Ericsson fan but this phone is the worst phone i ever had. I had D750,K800,K810, then K850,after that I have to switch to N82 which is an outstanding phone and i have w960 at the same time.Now im planning to buy w995. Based on my experience this phone is the worst of them all.My K800 performs better in camera and my N82 is very far better than my K850.I don't recommend anyone to buy this though it has a unique design. Have to bring to service center 4 times.

  • Anonymous

Taking photos with flash is over exposed and low quality comapred to N82, and i have to bring it 4 times to service center because it had some malfunctions. Only the keypad and the ring around the camera lens lights up

  • MRTS

This phone is good one. somebody says it is worse than other 5mp phones like n95 and samsung and lg. But they too have their own defects. for n95 if you fill your memory then you can take a bath after you open the will take time to open and it is irritating. SE K850's body is not good it easily get scratches and every time you should clean your cam glass but it takes awesome pics much better than any other 5mp cams. you can use photofix to enhance the detail.So every phone is not perfect but you need to learn to use it to maximum extent. dont criticize any brand. all are meant for their own purpose and we are the one to choose a phone which best suits us.

  • Ivan

Girish Pai, 05 Nov 2008Am using K850i since last 6 months and there is a major display ... moreI totally agree. The after sales service is shocking. I had the phone with an authorised dealer for ONE MONTH before it was fixed. They returned it to me initially after two weeks and as soon as I walked out of the store it turned out that it was not fixed properly at all. Appearently they had to wait for the parts from Singapore or something for over two weeks.

I do not recommed this phone to anyone. The problems that come with it are not worth it.

  • debi

Anonymous, 09 Nov 2008no, don't get this phone, it's the worst and most problematic k ... moredude we have the same problem where the light just turns off after pressing particular keys. i had this fixed once, i really purchased a new lcd after using it for like 4 months. and now its at it again after like 5 months. it sucks. i'll probably sell this at a really cheaper price since i wont have it fixed again cuz its expensive. though the k850 is like this, i still love its camera, resolution, and look. too bad its not that durable

  • Yazad

AY, 28 Dec 2008hey, I was the user of SE K850i and have found it to be a lovely... moreDear AY,
I use the K850i and will soon be upgrading to the new W995 ( when it comes out). Another option is the C901, C905, C903, C510 or the W902 ( W9902 may be 5 mp but will be easily beaten by C510, which is a 3,2mp camera, because the W902 is a walkman and has issues with noise and purple fringing in pictures. however it is the best at music here ). The choice is your.

Hope this helped.

  • Yazad

darrick, 01 Apr 2009hello there.anybody plz help me.well,i thought of buying this fo... moreHi, I'm currently using the K850i. It is great. No problems whatsoever. The shopkeeper has issues. It is a really nice phone. It has good quality speakers, good games, good applications, good call reception, good design ( Get the Velvet Blue colour ), you can get amazing pictures from it, especially with the amazing 5 megapixel camera with a really, really powerful xenon flash ( pronounced zenon ). The touch sensitive keys are great, definitely not laggy. Good positioning of the navigation keys, the camera has good shortcut keys, front and right sides. Beautiful blue backlighting for the camera and wite for the normal phone functions. Great accelerometer. Good user interface, easy to get used to ( I got used to mine in about 15 mnutes, and that is not a lie ). Over all it is a great phone and if u wnat to try it out for free go to> K850i> Try the phone

  • jeny

what?im just reading some post here and ite realy irritating
some say they can't shoot a good photo, why my 6 years old daughter can,
your just making stories to destroy this beautiful phone

if i were you just buy this phone
stylish,good speakers and i downloaded games for it
and its fast using 2gb mcard

try the velvet blue its much cooler
ihave the green one my husband using the blue one
the blue is much cooler

  • darrick

hello there.anybody plz help me.well,i thought of buying this fone k850i wen then shopkeeper told bout this fone.his comment:the fone is lousy n bad,the touch pads r bad,the fone often hangs etc.but i really love the fone but the shopkeepers word r still in my mind.afterall,he is a x-k850i user.anybody can help me plz?yr help will b appreciated.thnx!

  • Kumar

Daniel, 04 Apr 2008Just got this phone last night and am really pleased with it. I... moreThat's nice comment.However, w902 series do have all the features plus it's also belong to elite walkman series. So am n a great dilema to chose K850i or W902????!!!!***&&&

  • sundar

i am using K850i for last 5 months. it's good but it's not suitable for rough my mobile outer panel is totally can be replaced by new panel?wheather new panels r available? how much it cost?

  • Yon

One of the best phones I had used in years.

Its camera, and media player is very good. Somehow being capable of threatening the Walkman series