Motorola Moto X4 hands-on review: First impressions

31 August 2017
The Moto X had a reputation of being one of the best Androids you can buy. This beloved line has been resurrected - not as a flagship, but as a premium mid-ranger. Its claim to fame is a dual camera (with a wide-angle lens) and highly advanced audio features. Sound familiar?

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  • AnonD-625430
  • gNR
  • 24 Nov 2017

I can't help but notice similarity in Moto X4 and Galaxy S7 front design. Looks pretty similar to my S7 from the front. The initial impressions look good. The design is beautiful, as is the case with glass builds. Although I prefer AMOLED displays for infinite contrast, deep blacks and vivid colours, I'm perfectly happy with the IPS display as long as there's a saturated mode available under display settings. IPS screens aren't affected by burn-ins compared to AMOLED displays in the long run. The on-screen navigation keys plays the spoiler, not only they do take sizeable screen real estate but also, affect overall user experience. Considering, there's enough room on the bottom bezels, wonder why Moto didn't place the navigation keys on the bottom bezel instead of providing on screen navigation keys. I never had a good experience with on screen keys, always preferred navigation keys on the bottom bezel. At the end, it's all about user preferences. The camera hardware especially with 1.4um Pixels Size, looks to have potential but then it's paired with an f/2.0 aperture and also considering its mid range nature, I wouldn't expect flagship level camera performance from this phone. The initial samples under artificial lighting looks pretty good for a phone of its price category, the blurring looks smooth and a job well done but there's quite some noise when zooming around the subject in the sample images.
The camera samples look decent and above average. I'll reserve my judgment on the camera performance after the full review. Decent choice of processor by Moto for the X4. Snapdragon 630 is the successor to the popular Snapdragon 625, a balanced processor in terms of power efficiency and performance Rest everything looks decent for price. Waterproofing is an icing on the cake. Depending on the camera performance, might get one.

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    • .K.s.Venkatesh
    • uwq
    • 28 Oct 2017

    I am already been a long moto brand user but everyone like moto for its produced quality and I am proudly using its first brand whoever I ask for purchase they say go for moto but after with lenovas linked production of moto there are lot of complaints about the quality so my beloved moto company please start ur monopoly manufacturing do this for the sake of lakhs of moto lovers firmly like by k.s.Venkatesh

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      • IbF
      • 24 Oct 2017

      zodiacfml, 01 Sep 2017i guess people are still buying their stuff due to the bran... moreOne of the greatest advantages of the Moto devices is their battery life. Galaxy S7 lasted me 8 hours, at best - returned it after 7 days. Moto G5 Plus - battery lasted 1-2 days. Moto Z Play (my current device) - battery lasts 2-3 days! Heck, even my 2015 Moto G (3) battery lasted at least twice as long as Samsung S7. Plus, the user experience is much cleaner on Moto (my opinion, of course). So, maybe S7 takes better pictures. But no good if battery is dead.

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        • AnonD-274586
        • 7k7
        • 17 Oct 2017

        lenovo has killed the original Moto brand by making crap phones. Lenovo better learn lession from moto x of 2013 year and they will understand what was moto brand. Lenovo should re-make of moto x in same body material and exact look. upgradedsony imx camera, and screen size of 5.2 inch and screen to body ratio of 75% and on back side on Moto bat dimple place fingerprint sensor......... and then see what miracle happen.

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          • sye
          • 29 Sep 2017

          when is it launching in japan?

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            • k7G
            • 22 Sep 2017

            EASports, 01 Sep 2017Alexa kills the deal. Thought X was for the pure Android ex... moreIf you get it on project Fi, pure android experience and no Alexa

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              • X{h
              • 21 Sep 2017

              ritvik , 03 Sep 2017this mobile set is awesome i was use this mobile very very ... morewhere is the speaker ???

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                • AnonD-687488
                • pVN
                • 04 Sep 2017

                I think it will be a new era of the X series.
                For me it value the money, maybe a -50 € would be better.
                Personally i am a moto user and until now i haven' t any problems with moto.
                The phones are stabile, the stock software runs in harmony in compare with the specs, the design is also pretty good.
                A Moto X with Sd 660, 5,5 amoled, 4 gb ram and 3800 battery would be better..
                The new moto of Moto phones is to be released in simple and plus versions..
                From my point of view a lot of good specs will have the new Moto X4 Plus that probably will arrive..and i hope to cost the same price of 400€.
                As for the software updates, maybe are a little in late, but i think is better to be well made, more calibrated with the specs and to be released with delay.

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                  • AnonD-697358
                  • xYp
                  • 04 Sep 2017

                  Have always use Motorola(since StarTac) solely because of the voice quality but I suspect the rest have well caught up. Using the X Style presently and is naturally croaking in the seam already. Subconsciously, and admittedly, I was brand loyal and when Lenovo took over, I realized I could break the brand shackle was about to try other brands as I didn't care much for the Z series(in short, too expensive). While the G series is good, you cannot really not notice the vast market out there with tons of better price/performance balance. With the X4, I think they have done enough to separate from the G series. Personally it would be perfect if they had OIS for my coffee induced handshake blur. Anyway, Snapdragon 630, Adreno 508 and Tempow partnership look good(on paper at least). Whatever little brand loyalty that was left in me has just managed to tip me over to get excited. You can add me to the X Style users whom will upgrade to X4.

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                    • iba
                    • 03 Sep 2017

                    Motorola, if you really like the circle for round up the dual camera, please design the circle extra big and over the side frame, this will looking better.

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                      • AnonD-368020
                      • XQh
                      • 03 Sep 2017

                      AnonD-80459, 01 Sep 2017Trash? You get pure Android and prompt updates, dual camera... morePrompt updates... No, not any more my friend. Rest of your points may be valid. S7 edge is way Superior than it. No point of comparison. If you are looking for value for money then Moto is not for you. Slowly and steadily Moto has moved in premium category. A simple marketing funda : can't increase sale then launch a new model.

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                        • ritvik
                        • t5}
                        • 03 Sep 2017

                        this mobile set is awesome i was use this mobile very very intresting

                          Anonymous, 01 Sep 2017Hand a stranger a phone in say London and you will never se... moreBest response. XD

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                            • AnonD-632062
                            • 3Ye
                            • 01 Sep 2017

                            Hmm, it's definitely the best-looking Moto out there today.

                            These specs are a step down from the initial Snapdragon 660 and 3800 mAh that would have really differentiated it from the G5 & G5S duo, but it's still pretty good. IP68 and Dual-Pixel camera is another bonus.

                            I also like how the rear camera setup has an "X" design under certain lighting scenarios.

                              For the price, I would rather get Honor 9. Better cameras and double the CPU performance.

                                I'm still in love with my Moto X Style.... 😍.

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                                  • I9H
                                  • 01 Sep 2017

                                  SpiritWolf, 01 Sep 2017Where is mankind going? 'Selfie' cameras having higher reso... moreHand a stranger a phone in say London and you will never see it again.

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                                    • d%u
                                    • 01 Sep 2017

                                    zodiacfml, 01 Sep 2017i guess people are still buying their stuff due to the bran... moreHow is this trash? Stop saying about old phones that will lose support very soon

                                    It's a very good phone and uses all of the updated hardware

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                                      • AnonD-12840
                                      • 0ZI
                                      • 01 Sep 2017

                                      motorola didnt support so far some camera 2 api functions.... and no exposures above 1 sec... i.e. would not buy it if you like to load capable photo apps or check camera api capabilities and compatibility first... yeh this android fragmentation sux

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                                        • AnonD-80459
                                        • n0K
                                        • 01 Sep 2017

                                        zodiacfml, 01 Sep 2017i guess people are still buying their stuff due to the bran... moreTrash? You get pure Android and prompt updates, dual camera setup and other useful Motorola features. That alone trashes Samshit S7 and the Samsung Lagxperience.