Sony Xperia XZ1 review: XZibit one

11 September 2017
Sony was never a company to blindly follow trends, having its own approach to the mobile market. A fact perfectly illustrated by the company's latest flagship duo - the XZ1 and XZ1 Compact, which you only need to look at once to recognize the Xperia pedigree. The 2017 Sony flagships proper combine the best elements across the lineup to try and cut themselves a solid piece of the holiday sales pie.

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  • Small Phone Guy
  • jeR
  • 06 Oct 2023

Love this phone, I wish there was a slightly updated model so I could buy it again in 2023. The corners could stand to be a touch more rounded but otherwise it's pretty amazing! Why won't anyone make small Android phones with decent specs anymore?

I'm still using my 5 year old model but the back has started to crack which defeats one of the reason I bought this thing - it's waterproof.

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    • Sup
    • B0@
    • 19 Apr 2022

    Anonymous, 28 Sep 2017they will modify their design next year. finally those beze... moreAnd that is why today in 2022 you have the same basic, boring design with no headphone jacks. Guess who still has no notches, has Led notification and a headphone jack? That's right.

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      • TK
      • teu
      • 14 Sep 2021

      Camara body disign & Sanpdragon chip This is unbelievable!!! I’m also Apple user but expiria it is a different experience I love it (from Sri Lanka)🇱🇰

        I think there is misconception here, the xz1 restart if you change the sim card not the sd card. Since it have separated slot.

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          • Aamir
          • uQ{
          • 14 Jan 2021

          I have Xperia XZ1 701SO and i want to use dual sim functionality of this phone. Can any one guide me on how can I use it.

            Please guys , what can i do with my Xperia XZ1 ,I bought it 4 months ago and the phone fell off from a table one meter high but it just blacked off .
            Have tried all the mechanics but they do not see the problem with the phone.
            When u power it on it just displays the sony log then after it blacks off, please what can i do with my phone.

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              • Ban
              • 63V
              • 13 May 2020

              Anchau , 16 Apr 2020What do you do if Xperia XZ1 freeze Restart with a long press on (power button+volume up)

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                • Mike
                • 7Xp
                • 18 Apr 2020

                1234567890123, 06 May 2019It's camera can beat huawei p30 pro,believe meMay I know why or how ?
                Coz I'm planning to buy XZ1.
                XZ2 Fp sensor is too low and near the camera.
                Thank you.

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                  • Anchau
                  • CAe
                  • 16 Apr 2020

                  What do you do if Xperia XZ1 freeze

                    It's camera can beat huawei p30 pro,believe me

                      ribasanchez, 31 Jan 2019omg, me too. z2 and xz1. yeah we have the same experiences... moreSo true, 20 devices for now. All work flawlessly. Too few exceptions in software department for older devices. Sony is a true friend!

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                        • Mughal
                        • XMu
                        • 22 Mar 2019

                        Sir does xz1 docomo variant have some problems in other countries usage ? Please
                        You make really good informative videos

                          AnonD-742887, 30 Mar 2018It's your choice bro, previously I had Xperia Z2 which I've... moreomg, me too. z2 and xz1.
                          yeah we have the same experiences.
                          love the battery life of this two. it lasts 2 days with 6-7 sot. yet xz1 only has a 2700 mah capacity battery compare to z2. my z2 still kicking alive. sony phones are for keeps. they survive so long. my Sony ericcson P1i still working, battery is just the issue.
                          im a solid fan of sony phones. best of luck to sony.

                            Sony Xperia Z includes a 5-inch 1080p (1920 x 1080) show alongside 2GB of RAM which ought to be bounty enough for your performing various tasks needs and 16GB of in-assembled capacity (expandable by means of MicroSD card up to 64GB). This handset is controlled by youmobile Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-center processor timed at 1.5GHz which accompanies an Adreno 320 GPU for illustrations rendering. 13.1-megapixel camera is situated at the back of this gadget while there's a 2.2-megapixel shooter accessible in advance. The gadget ships with a non-removable 2330mAh battery and Android 4.1.2 JellyBean with Sony's UI over it. 139 x 71 x 7.9mm are the estimations of the Xperia Z and the gadget weighs 146 grams.

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                              • AnonD-742887
                              • X$W
                              • 30 Mar 2018

                              AnonD-737918, 16 Feb 2018Hi guys I want to buy this phone Xpedia xz1 can u please he... moreIt's your choice bro, previously I had Xperia Z2 which I've used for 4.5yrs and now I'm using XZ1 from past 2 months. Z2 was a great device and still working(gave it to my dad) and I am very much happy with the how XZ1 performs.

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                                • AnonD-737918
                                • D0H
                                • 16 Feb 2018

                                Hi guys I want to buy this phone Xpedia xz1 can u please help me out some of friends are suggesting me to take take s8plus or note 8 please help me out I'm in the big confusion now

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                                  • Joey
                                  • PSv
                                  • 26 Nov 2017

                                  Nymphbeta, 08 Nov 2017The reason why i always like Sony Phones even though people... moreYou are absolutely right I have xa1... I'm obsessed with this peace of beast the bezels are just right those bezzel less looks cheap and Sony is right the Xperia xa xa xz xa1 are amazing phone the looks and touch are just perfect

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                                    • Joey
                                    • PSv
                                    • 26 Nov 2017

                                    AnonD-714661, 10 Nov 2017Guys i need to buy to this phone. I was using sony xperia Z... moreWorth buying...
                                    This phone is a beast
                                    Fantastic design and looks amazing love to hold it...

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                                      • AnonD-192114
                                      • vL$
                                      • 21 Nov 2017

                                      AnonD-392500, 23 Oct 2017"We want more of the same because we want something that wo... moreTypical hater. I always using slowmo when we play snooker or carrom even cricket.
                                      And 4k and hd has a difference in smoothness it is visible to naked eye. Because people looking at screen not at a single pixel. And 3d scanner is very useful. I scanned newly born baby of my brother and it will be more than an image some day! Why so much hate?

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                                        • AnonD-714661
                                        • 7tW
                                        • 10 Nov 2017

                                        Guys i need to buy to this phone. I was using sony xperia Z for four and half years still it is very good phone and good performance for me. Please guys tell me about this phone i really want to buy this so please how was this performance,camera,battery and everything. Please guys tell me i am waiting for your opinions. I love sony mobile and i am waiting for the latest one. So please update me guys and i am waiting for your response