Xiaomi Mi A1 review

12 October 2017
With the Xiaomi Mi 5X confined to the domestic Chinese market soon after launch, its double, the Mi A1, is called upon to boost the brand's global presence. Steered by Google, Android One is full of potential and Xiaomi's looking keen on getting its message across a wider audience and, of course, making some profit in the process with the Mi A1.

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  • Azizi


its not updating from 9 Version of Android to 10?
could any one please help.

  • Louisa.Donahue

Those who have not failed may not have succeeded

  • Ammu

That phone switch off Fastboot

  • deejaayz69

just got back my redminote5x that was stolen from delivery three years ago, and trying to get it running, but is in half English after tapping English in input and Chinese in various windows and keyboard. can I get any info pertaining to my issue that may correct it to 100% English version or do I have a choice?

  • Thanks

Vhr, 09 Mar 2020How do you know this? Have read something about that?Thanks

  • Vhr

Siamack, 20 Dec 2019coming soon!How do you know this? Have read something about that?

Mustaq Ahmed, 25 Aug 2019Does Mi A1 gonna have an update of Android 10?coming soon!

  • Shafig

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2019After update to android 9, my phone have a lot problem R... moreSame

  • habibinter

gps is not working

  • Anonymous

After update to android 9, my phone have a lot problem

Right now i can't use my phone, this phone always restart. After flash in xiaomi servis center this problem only solve for 4 days.

May be it will become my first and last phone from xiaomi

  • Prajin

Manab, 27 Aug 2019I'm using Andr8.1.0 Nov18, REFUSED Andr9 till date (Aug19 u... moreWho use headset in mi a1
Every headset useing But not using p
What is problem

  • Manab

I'm using Andr8.1.0 Nov18, REFUSED Andr9 till date (Aug19 upd). The latter has AWFUL UI

Using the supplied 20W Charger of Xiaomi, the Charging current is 1950 mA till Battery at 4.375V, ~82%.
GSMArena review (old) is WRONG. I get 71% charged (Actually) in 1 hour, not 30% as reviewed.

Does Mi A1 gonna have an update of Android 10?

Finally got stable pie in Pakistan. FM radio light control and volume control from side. Looking great!

  • John

Please enable camera 2 apk

  • Jumping

surjeet, 22 Dec 2018whats date for pie update 9Available, check, festive present from xiaomi for the mi a1

  • surjeet

whats date for pie update 9

Horler, 02 Aug 2018I don't understand the screen of the phone, I found small i... moreI'll assume that you noticed yellowish tint close to the top left edge of the screen (it should spread along left edge, around 7mm from edge). If that's the case than what you see is glue. Xiaomi is using low quality glue (adhesive) for their screens and sometimes if your phone gets warm (and it will in summer when playing games) heat will affect glue. I don't know if that permanently damages display but according to people from the Internet easiest solution is to replace display. Unfortunately I had that issue on my 2 Xiaomi phones: Redmi 2 Prime/Pro and Mi A1.

  • Shan

Any body help me. Hiw to use radio with Mi A1. It does not have an app.

I have known that Mi A1 has the top high radiation of 1.75 w/kg and i have bought this phone upon your reviews specially Gsmarena team who supposed to address this problem in the review