Xiaomi Mi A1 review

12 October 2017
With the Xiaomi Mi 5X confined to the domestic Chinese market soon after launch, its double, the Mi A1, is called upon to boost the brand's global presence. Steered by Google, Android One is full of potential and Xiaomi's looking keen on getting its message across a wider audience and, of course, making some profit in the process with the Mi A1.

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  • AnonD-290673

If this phone had OIS or EIS it would be the best budget smartphone ever!

Looks very nice, i hope Xiaomi follow that trend and maybe could release the Mi 6 or the Mi Mix 2 with stock android... personally i don't like MIUI tried it for 2 weeks, in fact that's the main reason i never bought a Xiaomi phone and don't have time to tinker and install other rom.

  • Shifa

Not bad..