Huawei Mate 10 review

28 October 2017
The fall may as well be the season of phablets. Apple, LG and Samsung are the usual suspects but Huawei wants in too – as a front-runner, mind you, not an also-ran. Like its illustrious rivals, Huawei is also yielding to the pressure and the new Mate 10 is trying hard to please the fickle crowd.

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  • AnonD-677381

AnonD-392500, 28 Oct 2017The new back design is ugly. I like old back more.that's your oppinion, to me its looks okay.

  • AnonD-392500

The new back design is ugly. I like old back more.

I think they could have done better with the battery life tbh. The s8+ has a smaller battery, has a bigger screen, and the cpu was made on a higher manufacturing process and got 88 hours.

  • Musafer

Another great device....wish price were little bit cheaper

  • tontolou

Thanks GSMArena for a nice review. It answered my question regarding portrait mode at 2x zoom, and i guess it will work in low light too(unlike iPhone)? Mate 9 can do the same trick(portrait mode at 2x zoom)?

Camera and gpu upgrade are nice,well screen too but they are not really tempting. And while all glass body look beautiful, i'm not fan of it.

Acceptable battery life, but below expected of a 4000mah battery. This only further solidifies the fact that battery size is not conclusive of battery life. It's amazing then that the note8's 3200mah battery is more efficient than this mate 10's 4000mah. Stay salty, plebs.

  • crx87

Look's nice but I'm not a Huawei fan, Mate it's just one of those "ohh look another one" to me.