LG KU990 Viewty review: Eyes wide open

25 September 2007
The LG KU990 Viewty is a true powerhouse packing a mass of high-tech goodies under its hood: the impressive 3" touchscreen display with 240 x 400 pixels resolution, the HSDPA 3.6 Mbps capability, the stereo Bluetooth and the highly intriguing...

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  • 08 Dec 2009

XxXalyXxX, 19 Nov 2008Hey you guys! I was thinking of getting the LG KU990 Viewt... moreSeriously, some of these people have no idea what they're talking about... not to mention the massive amount of user error. I say it's really not an expensive phone (about $150 on ebay). It can only go but so bad.

It's not possible for the camera to suck and the video to be great...they use the same lens.

Battery life is subjective based on how you care for your phone.

Of course it's thicker than the iphone! The iphone doesn't have a 5mp camera.

Use your common sense and intuition in deciding if it's the right phone for you.

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    • 08 Dec 2009

    K, 28 Nov 2008I totally agree with you. The battery is TERRIBLE. I wa... moreNo matter what if you keep a phone plugged in all the time it will go bad on you. This is not just cell phones either. Same thing goes for home cordless phones, power drills, cameras anything with a lithium battery. The way the battery works the little atoms have to move to stay "fit". They can't do this if they are being bypassed by the fact that thee's an external power source.

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      • Anonymous
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      • 05 Oct 2009

      This is seriously the worst phone on the planet. I've reached the end of my patience with this piece of crap.

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        • Trish
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        • 15 Sep 2009

        Did anyone have problems with making phone calls. One minute it would work the next it would not make a call, the symbol would come up as to make a call but nothing. Sometimes it would just end the call. Sim card was not at fault as had new one to replace. Had good coverage and could make and receive text messages. I have sent it back, got fed up.

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          • Andrei
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          • 13 Sep 2009

          how about wireless or something that can help you to connect on the internet without paying extra money.you got this ? :D

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            • teluxks
            • uCm
            • 26 Aug 2009

            can anybody tell me regarding my ku990, LG.

            i like the shape everything just that i xknw hw to import image from ku to pc, can anybody tell me about this?

            for me it just like others entertainment phone for me, the image i took frm the phone are very blur xknw is the setting or wat?

            pls tell me hw to set it up............

            warmest regards & thx uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

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              • tidus19892004@gmail.
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              • 24 Jul 2009

              why is camera 5.1mp? ku990 has camera 5.0mp ???

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                • Leks
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                • 11 Jul 2009

                K, 28 Nov 2008I totally agree with you. The battery is TERRIBLE. I wa... more
                This is not just something that is caused bu LG. Maybe it is a bad batterytime, but when you say that you have it in the USB the whole days and then at charge at home I understand what the problem is. A phone can be destroyed if you charges it to much. If it never has to go on the battery the battery will get terrible.

                I have an old phone that had a pretty good batterytime, but after I bought a new one i have only used it to wake me up in the mornings. Fot that it is on charge 24/7 and now it gets empty just after a few hours.

                So this is not only LGs fault.

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                  • EVAN
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                  • 26 Jun 2009

                  some time the tuch not work....

                  n its vary slow....

                  softwar is not so good....

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                    • gino
                    • fqy
                    • 07 Jun 2009

                    can we put wilan and tv out on this phone

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                      • troy watson
                      • nxE
                      • 04 Mar 2009

                      my Viewty keeps saying insert USIM even though it's just 2 months old they suck

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                        • kosa
                        • iEH
                        • 15 Feb 2009

                        i need instal hebrew in my phon

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                          • mazafi
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                          • 14 Feb 2009

                          Juan , 22 Sep 2008Hi there, I'm interested on buy LG viewty, but I have some ... morecan wright on taken image

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                            • 14 Feb 2009

                            Jim , 25 Jan 2009How Do U Get The Light On It Wen Ur Takein A Video 3" is value in other country accept australia

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                              • 25 Jan 2009

                              matt j uk, 02 Nov 2007i've had this phone for a week now pretty impressed with it... moreHow Do U Get The Light On It Wen Ur Takein A Video

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                                • CJB
                                • UYm
                                • 13 Dec 2008

                                i have a question. you see in some countries and through some companies (three australia) lg viewty is being promoted as having a 3.2 inch screen. while websites and other companies say 3.0, would anyone be able to tell me as to what is the exact number ?

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                                  • kaizoku30
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                                  • 11 Dec 2008

                                  overall spec & features are brilliant, but the phone is too thick compare to the iphone. Its shape is also not good as samsung omnia. Anywhere i like this phone.

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                                    • Turugsoy
                                    • vxs
                                    • 29 Nov 2008

                                    this LG Phone Model really sucks.... i never buy LG product anymore co'z i dont have money.... ehehehehehe... i have a suggestion why dont you try to develop a product that usefull in everydays life, how about LG mobile phone with you can easely tranfort to other place when you call like a time machine... comment pls

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                                      • 3Hr
                                      • 28 Nov 2008

                                      LG USER and foe for , 29 Jun 2008LG VIEWTY REVIEW, BY A USER I've been using this phone f... moreI totally agree with you.
                                      The battery is TERRIBLE.

                                      I was okay with charging it everyday.
                                      I work as IT support so I have it plugged via USB during office hours
                                      and then charge it when I am home.

                                      But now...
                                      it doesn't even last my journey TO work... which is only like 1 hour?

                                      And what happens if something bad happens, what do I do in an emergency.

                                      I am never going to buy another LG phone, no matter how great the reviews are.

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                                        • bam
                                        • TIE
                                        • 20 Nov 2008

                                        the camera quality sucks.. however it;s video quality is really really good.