LG KU990 Viewty review: Eyes wide open

25 September 2007
The LG KU990 Viewty is a true powerhouse packing a mass of high-tech goodies under its hood: the impressive 3" touchscreen display with 240 x 400 pixels resolution, the HSDPA 3.6 Mbps capability, the stereo Bluetooth and the highly intriguing...

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  • Miley
  • Sn@
  • 19 Nov 2008

hey yal,
i av just bought this fone and its awesome!!! it is so brill! luvin it. hope to see yal at my next concert!!

Smiley :) Miley

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    • XxXalyXxX
    • Sn@
    • 19 Nov 2008

    Hey you guys!
    I was thinking of getting the LG KU990 Viewty, but now that I read all of your comments it makes me wonder!!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I NEED HELP YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thanks soooo much

      • G
      • Graham
      • nyS
      • 02 Nov 2008

      Juan , 22 Sep 2008Hi there, I'm interested on buy LG viewty, but I have some ... moreYou can easily find a LG-to-9mm jack converter on ebay, which in turn will let you use an fm transmittter.

        • k
        • kallie
        • NaD
        • 26 Oct 2008

        My battery keeps me one day i need some help

          • k
          • kathy
          • 0in
          • 18 Oct 2008

          Anonymous, 04 Feb 2008i love this phone, it works great but i have a problem with... morehi, i have the same problem where the contacts list does not display the alphabetical tabs on the left.. i ordered by phone on ebay and it shipped from hong kong, but my language setting is set to english, any one have this problem and know how to bring up the alphabetical tabs? i dont have any icons (ie magnifying glass) to bring up any other view

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            • LG Viewty TV Out
            • tVe
            • 14 Oct 2008

            Has anyone got the TV-Out working.. If so was there any trick to this

            Regards Rod

              • m
              • mury
              • PAS
              • 27 Sep 2008

              sure..there's a image editor in this phone, so u can put text or use the stylus to write on the picture

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                • gc
                • E}j
                • 22 Sep 2008

                Does anyone know if there is a device that llows me to play the music from my KU990 through my car stereo, I have looked at fm transmitors but can't find one that's compatible.

                  • J
                  • Juan
                  • Pb}
                  • 22 Sep 2008

                  Hi there, I'm interested on buy LG viewty, but I have some questions about it, I hope someone could help me...Can you handwrite over the pictures taken by the camera??? Is there and application where you can handwrite any note or create a picture with this??? How the bluetooth headphones works with this phone, thanks for your help...


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                    • JuAn
                    • Pb}
                    • 22 Sep 2008

                    digital_singh, 01 Nov 2007Hello People Ive had the phone for 2 days now after I re... moreHi matt j uk,

                    I'm planning of buying LG Viewty, but I have some questions and I hope you can help me...Can you handwrite with the stylus over pictures taken by the camera???..there is an application in order to create pics or notes with the stylus??? and the lastone, can use It with some bluetooth headphones??? Thanks for your help, I'm very interested on this one...thanks...


                      • A
                      • Aussie
                      • 2CI
                      • 30 Aug 2008

                      When will Lg bring out thats in style???, i have this phone and not good with the screen it makes finger print which is annoying when will Lg make a cool funky flip phone with 5 mega pixel camera??? un hello they are stuipd

                        • k
                        • kurama
                        • PGS
                        • 30 Aug 2008

                        Uh... why this thing only capable to store 500 numbers on the phonebook? Even it has 100 MB internal memory & card slot up to 2 GB...

                          • w
                          • wantsumthingOOTW
                          • 01C
                          • 25 Aug 2008

                          why another touchscreen?! we dont need no stinkin TS! we need something like that awesome device on dark knight! and that has a slide out 12 inch screen. now THAT would be worth a few sheckles!

                            • s
                            • someone
                            • Py%
                            • 22 Aug 2008

                            i read many silly comment about viewty pic quality, the pic is great when u transfer to ur computer(if u have), not visually on the phone screen..so stop complaining about the camera quality, schneider kreuznach knows how to produce a nice pic like carl zeiss..

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • P@1
                              • 21 Aug 2008

                              ku990r has a lens cover and shutter sound options consisting: shutter 1, shutter 2, shutter 3 and no sound options. Great phone!

                                • s
                                • someone
                                • Py%
                                • 17 Aug 2008

                                now KU990R Viewty comes with camera lens cover and no camera sound option while snapping pictures..great!

                                  • M
                                  • Mury
                                  • uED
                                  • 12 Aug 2008

                                  G means u r in GPRS coverage, n H means u r in HSDPA coverage (3,5G)

                                    • s
                                    • steven
                                    • ibh
                                    • 06 Aug 2008

                                    i wan to know what is means when the "G" and "H" appear beside the line recieve icon!!!

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                                      • TJ
                                      • TIE
                                      • 30 Jul 2008

                                      HI ppl ..

                                      I was planning to get this LG viewly .But after i read through all u guys comments , it makes me undecidable.

                                      I am a student so normal texting + calls would b fine for me.
                                      and a little bit of photoshootin with friends :D

                                      I need a real fast reply cos the road show is going to over soon ..thx

                                        • A
                                        • Alex - Portugal
                                        • psm
                                        • 23 Jul 2008

                                        LG USER and foe for , 29 Jun 2008LG VIEWTY REVIEW, BY A USER I've been using this phone f... moreThanks!