Nokia 2 hands-on review

10 November 2017
It's been less than a year since Nokia made its big comeback with Android and the company has already launched six phones since then. The latest one to be announced is the Nokia 2, which made its global debut at an event in India yesterday.

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  • AnonD-393912

1gb as in 1 app running at a time
8 gb internal memory (3.5~3gb free) as in one social media supported at a phone.

"But external memory?" nope. apps and some apps data like whatsapp saved in internal memory and that 8gb will limit the phone capacity big time.
Per example, depend how "social" you are what's app internal backup can goes over 1gb easy and that's not counting video and picture downloaded.

  • Anonymous

Photos look like in Singapore.

Can't see this being a real success. There are so many phones that can wipe the floor with the N2 provided you shell out a bit more. The SD212 and 1GB of RAM really killed it.

  • Jim

Better buy Xiaomi. Much better value than Nokia that relies solely on brand

  • Anonymous

zodiacfml, 10 Nov 2017Battery is nice but a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is not far in the... moreIndia is not the whole world you know, a lot of people seem to forget that on this site.

Enough other phones that will crush this in EU, including Nokia 3 itself.

Should not have bothered really with this one. The 3 was fine for that area of sales perhaps.
On the other end of the scale, looking forward to the powerful punchy all screen 9.

Battery is nice but a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is not far in the price range and is popular in India.