Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro review

14 November 2017
2017 for some, Pro for others - seemingly identical Galaxies come in a number of different, market-specific flavors this year, and we now have the Galaxy J7 Pro for review. An offshoot of the ever-growing J7 family, the Pro is meant for India, South East Asia and Brazil, each of these getting a (very slightly) further localized version.

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  • Mabdu4130

Yeng, 27 May 2018I sure hope that on the specs should also include wireless ... moreThe best apps

Y samsung j7 pro can't use jio sim

Anonymous, 04 Jun 2020I agree with what you’ve said. I super love using j7pro unt... moreso your dropping the damn phone, breaking the screens and blaming samsung.

buy a leather cover for the phone and protect it

or continue being completely stupid


  • Anonymous

I am j730gmds, but it is not india variant, it is taiwan variant

  • ReyhanVistaNT10

ldk my phone is samsung galaxy j7 pro, but, the protector screen is black even though it's bronze, ram is 32 GB, bcos my j7 pro os is android 9

  • Zafeer

Anonymous, 20 Oct 2020how is good it’s camera quality??? Nice
not the great one
but it is v.decent within that range

  • Anonymous

how is good it’s camera quality???

  • Anonymous

lysa, 05 Jul 2019I loved my J7 Pro so much, until the LCD got destroyed just... moreI agree with what you’ve said. I super love using j7pro until my son accidentally dropped it and it turned purple until the whole screen turned black. It’s my first time using Samsung since i’ve Been using Sony (xperia) for a long period of time and I’d never encounter any problem about the screen. I have it (samsung j7pro) brought to the repair shop to replace LCD once, been using it again for about 6-7months and boom, here we are again, my son dropped it again. I really am so tired bringing the phone to the repair shop since it cost me 3500 pesos for the LCD replacement that’s why I decided to switch to another brand. I’ve watched review of different person about Xiaomi smartphones and purchases immediately. So far, I’m waiting for the delivery and so excited to use it. I must admit i’ll Be missing my Samsung j7pro because in some aspect, it’s quite good, just the screen problem.

Above seen you tube same screen effect was affected to my J 7 pro after 1 1/2 years of use.

Need to replace screen will cost $45 Amoled Display

  • Salsabil Smaali

I love the phone

  • John Street

After I updated my phone to Android 8.0 the fingerprint stopped working after sometime. I don't know if it's the update or hardware issue


Anonymous, 26 Jan 2020does j7 pro has multi windowSure

  • Anonymous

does j7 pro has multi window

  • Zafeer

aamira, 14 Sep 2019I bought my J7pro last 2017. It was working fine. I loved i... moreChange the Cable with new good one
you will find charging time less than before
Believe me

  • Zafeer

Lyric, 30 Dec 2019I bought this phone for its camera and the price. I had it ... more1- the phone dropped on the ground --> most cased the screen will be damaged-
2- the No. of charging Cycles is indicators for the battery Life time
is About 400 Cycles more or less
if you charge the Battery many times t match your Usage of the mobile after 2 years
So,Change the Battery with new one that's all -- the phone still OK

the phone is pretty Good -- you complain not because of the phone

  • Lyric

I bought this phone for its camera and the price. I had it 3 days and dropped it (my first phone drop as well) so I bought another one and passed the broken one down to my son. 2 years later and we're both experiencing the frustration of a battery that indicates it's low (20-30%) and it shutting down completely without warning. It's definitely time to find something much more reliable. This phone, with its other quirks like immensely slow input, is the perfect example of unreliable.

  • Elle

My J7 pro is 2 years old now. I put tempered glass and phone case to be safe. I can't count how many times I dropped it lol
Never had a problem with it tho. Still working perfectly.