Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro review

14 November 2017
2017 for some, Pro for others - seemingly identical Galaxies come in a number of different, market-specific flavors this year, and we now have the Galaxy J7 Pro for review. An offshoot of the ever-growing J7 family, the Pro is meant for India, South East Asia and Brazil, each of these getting a (very slightly) further localized version.

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  • kacho

Worst phone ever. dropped it once and the purple ink was all over the phone screen .
Would not advise anyone to worst money it. Samsumg you have failed us on the j7pro. useless phone

  • jiboi

it doesnt support 5.1 channel speakers

  • aamira

I bought my J7pro last 2017. It was working fine. I loved it especially the front camera flash light in which not every phone has. I had no issues for the past years but a couple of months ago, I noticed a spot on my phone screen. It's a purple spot. I don't know how It turned out that way, day by day the spot gets bigger. Now I have to go to Service Center and have it repaired which will cost me 480 AED I guess. I've been reading reviews and it seems like this purple spot thing is an illness of J7pro.

Other than that issue, my phone still works fast. Though battery charging is taking longer than before. No heating tho.

  • Zafeer

Jerry, 11 Aug 20192yrs old phone and still working okay, great display and battery.I concur with you
great phone in this range

  • Jerry

2yrs old phone and still working okay, great display and battery.

  • Pj

Samsung galaxy J7 PRO is my favorite phone , broke mine bought a j8 but i miss my j7 pro and hate the j8 , can anyone recomend a website that i can buy one ? I bought mine from amazon but now looks like its not available anymore is it discontinued or something ?

  • Bruce

Agree 2yrs and never had a problem

  • sly303

lysa, 05 Jul 2019I loved my J7 Pro so much, until the LCD got destroyed just... moreHow can you take care of it and drop it at the same time? I am lost!!

Jessy, 20 Feb 2019Have this J7 Pro and the screen just turned black. It was ... moreSAME. I took care of it a lot and I now regret ever buying a J7 Pro. But I think Samsung in general provides high quality phones, just not this one. I'm considering buying an A20 which so far doesn't have many complaints, and it's way cheaper than the J7 Pro.

I loved my J7 Pro so much, until the LCD got destroyed just recently. It hasn't even been two years yet, and I took care of my phone a lot... but I dropped it. The screen became purple, then black, and to repair it, it costs P6500. When I went to service stations for help, they all said the same thing: that a lot of people already have complaints about the J7 Pro. The fact that ALL of them had the same impression upon seeing my J7 Pro means that it really is a low quality phone, not worth its price. :/

  • Zafeer

Rog, 15 Apr 2019Best phone I have ever had. Now 2 years oldand me too
best phone

  • Ariel

Rog, 15 Apr 2019Best phone I have ever had. Now 2 years old100%. Me too.

  • Manoj

Can you update face lock in Samsung Galaxy J7 pro

  • Rog

Best phone I have ever had. Now 2 years old

My j7 showed strength signal icon with question mark at left sided. Wats it that?

  • Jessy

Have this J7 Pro and the screen just turned black.
It was working ok, didn't got hitten, wet, nothing at all.
But I read that a Lot of phones J7Pro have that same problem.

This is the last Samsung I will buy.

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2018worst handset i have ever used, & pathetic service cent... morewhat about battery life? what about finger unlock speed?

  • Anonymous

GORU, 12 Oct 2018when it will get oreo update?its already in there. update your phone manually and you'll get the oreo update. I got it.

  • Venkat sai prasad N

hello every1 im giving best advise dont missunderatand me
dont buy samsung smart phones
im a samsung j7pro user the worst device i have ever used 64gb rom & 3gb ram the ram not sufficient for the 64gb rom and yester i went to samsung service centre they gave their worst serivice they are hurry to go home they are not caring about customers they are intreated im some what other things in extra activites which is going on their home and some people dont know difderence between ram rom in that service centre gr8!!
and the phone should get update atleast 1 update for 1 month need an best update for samsung phones 🙂

  • Venkat

SsSs, 03 Jul 2018Hi Every one, My J7 Pro got screen off when i receive a ca... moreHello!! Bro please off the promity sensor