Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro review

14 November 2017
2017 for some, Pro for others - seemingly identical Galaxies come in a number of different, market-specific flavors this year, and we now have the Galaxy J7 Pro for review. An offshoot of the ever-growing J7 family, the Pro is meant for India, South East Asia and Brazil, each of these getting a (very slightly) further localized version.

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  • GORU

when it will get oreo update?

bing, 28 Sep 2018i hate this phone, why you advice to update and after the p... moreIt happens to me too. My screen is injunction after upgrade to 8.01. Suck

  • bing

i hate this phone, why you advice to update and after the phone is useless it happen only 2 days ago..i am very disappointed. communication is very important especially in my business now you give me headache.

  • COIS

SAME problem here. Phuket Thailand. unresponsive screen after I made the update
SAMSUNG thailand just replied sorry can not fix it

  • Anonymous

worst handset i have ever used, & pathetic service centers of Samsung. Facing touch issues since day 1 whenever putting tempered glass over it. Samsung Care saying not to use tempered glass with this handset. But why ? How long one can use his handset worth 20k without tempered. Won't recommend this handset to anyone.

  • Anonymous

I already brought 3 j7 pro at the service center the same fell once then immediately shutdown..the repair cost 8000.i wanted to inform directly the maker of this phone because it was just purchase this year ..the first one was month og March then May and the last one august..I wondered why this happened because i am a j7 pro user but the pioneering units but this years units that i purchased were not good one.

  • Anonymous

Hanjin Olita, 15 Aug 2018The UI is really bad with wiz. Its not user friendly like m... morenot recommended.. d screen breaks easily and very expensive for repair


Lolo, 21 Jun 2018My friend says that he needs to write slow on keyboard to h... moreno at all.

  • Hanjin Olita

The UI is really bad with wiz. Its not user friendly like my old asus phone. I broke my screen and it didnt work so good after that anymore. lasted only a year. not recommend

  • Arghya

Really awesome phone, I have been using it from almost a year and I have used 41 gb storage of 54 gb available to use but still it is as fast in multitasking as it was in the first day of use, no lagging and one thing I must have to say that the" hang" problem for which Samsung is known for and I have faced it many times in my previous set which was on5 pro, but this set is totally different and I m happy with it. Good job Samsung but still I miss something at this price range (20900/-) which is turbo charging...

When this phone was launched i wanted to buy this phone. But unfortunately i couldn't buy. And later i bought MI A1.

  • lyrad

my samsung j7 pro is perfect.. just what I need... I love it..!

  • krushnakant

product is wirte but henging problam and bettery is very fast discharge
good is

  • Zafeer

Aimer, 12 Jul 2018Not everyone has money to buy $1000 phones, and that's why ... moreKindly if you refer to my comment
this comment" about buying flagship phone" was sent to an -over negative -evaluator to J7 pro
as he hope for many features from a midrange phone

  • Venkat

This phone not connected calls with Jio sim. (You should activate internet)

  • Aimer

ZAFEER, 26 Apr 2018you shoild buy flagship phone also recomnd every body to b... moreNot everyone has money to buy $1000 phones, and that's why products like this exist.

  • Kapz

It's the worst phone I have ever used,it closes apps on its on,some apps refuse to install,plus it freezes a lot

  • SsSs

Hi Every one, My J7 Pro got screen off when i receive a call even its on my hands not on my ear. please guide me how to fix this issue. Regards

I've used two S7 edge before getting this J7 pro. Both times screen shattered when dropped even with screen protector. The S7 edge curve screen is so ex to replaced, I decided to buy this. I'll still send the S7 edge for repair though.

For normal surfing, whatsapp or messaging this phone should be ok. Too bad Samsung now makes curve screen only for their top-tier phones. I feel the curve edge has little to no function, just look nice.

Bought this J7 pro to temporarily replace my S7 edge which screen shatter and need replacement which in Singapore cost at least USD$220 to replace, not including labour cost.

If this J7 pro serve my basic needs, might put the S7 edge as spare. I prefer flat screen because I feel it provides better grip.

  • mr.bean

Hi my j7 pro just shut down out of nowhere. im just using video and then it just shut down and never open again. what happen ???
does this phone still work!!