Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro review

14 November 2017
2017 for some, Pro for others - seemingly identical Galaxies come in a number of different, market-specific flavors this year, and we now have the Galaxy J7 Pro for review. An offshoot of the ever-growing J7 family, the Pro is meant for India, South East Asia and Brazil, each of these getting a (very slightly) further localized version.

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It must be pointed out that in India, at this time, the Samsung A5 and A7 straddle the price point of the J7 Pro, with recent price cuts to the A-series phones (I think its stock clearing before the Jan launch of the 2018 A-series phones).

Samsung India's online shop lists the A5 (2017) for INR 18,000; the J7 Pro for INR 20,000; and the A7 (2017) for INR 21,000.

The A-series phones offers a higher-clocked CPU, 3 GPU cores (vs. 1 in the J7), type-C ports, IP68 protection, Gorilla Glass 4, etc.

ALPHABOY17, 15 Nov 2017Not to mention that 1080p 50fps/60fps youtube playback is d... morelol yep it is trash, the gpu is completely trash at this price point. if the game keeps stuttering then how the heck is the smartphone able to play youtube videos smoothly? am i right?

xXENDER FREAKXx, 15 Nov 2017Before buying, better think twice. I would say that this GA... moreNot to mention that 1080p 50fps/60fps youtube playback is disabled. Because gpu is TRASH!

xXENDER FREAKXx, 15 Nov 2017Before buying, better think twice. I would say that this GA... moreIt also has something to do with optimizations.
My Asus Zenfone Max surprisingly holds up to all tasks that I throw at it despite the 2015 super budget SD410 SoC inside. One of my friends have the J7 Pro and surprisingly, despite the twice benchmark scores (at least in AnTuTu), the phone felt just as average as my Zenfone Max. Sure it does some things a little bit smoother and less laggy, but man, that performance sure isn't really good. Same score it may be, SD801 is still much better.
But it really has to do with Samsung. Others managed to work out a cheap low end processor.

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2017microusb is actually a pro IMO, not a con. Most of accessor... moreIn the future, there will be adapters that transform microUSB into USB C like what Samsung provides with their latest USB C-packed smartphones. After all, it will be a norm in the near future because it is a better technology overall, and it also offers way better audio quality, even better than smartphone headphone jacks could, so it's also good for those that no longer have headphone jack.

Before buying, better think twice. I would say that this GALAXY J7 PRO ain't worth it in my opinion. Why? Mainly the processor. I have seen before the performance of this EXYNOS 7870 from my friend's GALAXY J7 PRIME. I gotta say, it sure is a very efficient chipset, but the performance is crap to be honest. Comparing with my XPERIA XZ, wait, the performance difference is too big, why not compare it with my 4 year old XPERIA SP, with a SNAPDRAGON S4 PRO with Adreno 320? I did compare my XPERIA SP with my friend's GALAXY J7 PRIME, before I got a new XPERIA XZ as my new daily driver about a year ago. In a game of Clash Royale, it is a game that isn't that intensive I gotta say, but when I compare my XPERIA SP with my friend's GALAXY J7 PRIME, I was expecting his one to have better performance at the game, but it is the opposite result. His have some weird shuttering even though he just used it a week after his purchase. My XPERIA SP doesn't stutter at all, it will only lag a bit sometimes. I do admit the EXYNOS can play more games because it is newer, but for a game like this to stutter is absolutely disgusting, even when scrolling through the game it stutters too. I have been wondering when will SAMSUNG have a newer chipset for their low-end to mid-end smartphones, might as well op for the EXYNOS 7880 inside the GALAXY A5 2017 and A7 2017 smartphones, I have heard better performance from other friends of mine. If u look at the benchmarks, look at which is leading, u might as well think about those smartphones if the price difference is cheaper or the same. Whenever I hear a new SAMSUNG smartphone with a EXYNOS 7870, I wonder why SAMSUNG makes a new and refined mid-end smartphone but with that one and only EXYNOS 7870 when there are better options to choose from for their chipsets

  • Anonymous

AnonD-715874, 15 Nov 2017 moreThanks, you make me think twice to buy this phone

  • Anonymous

Or go for galaxy a5 2017, cheaper than j7 pro but solid exynos 7880 processer with ip68 water and dust proof same as galaxy s8 ,also fast charging support and premium look.

  • AnonD-708115

Better to go for Redmi note 4 less priced or Xperia xa1 plus

  • Murali

does it have gorilla glass?

  • AnonD-715874

Once again 1 GPU Core.Beware of this phone.

  • SUSHIL Hote

Good morning. Vivo V7 plus Front Flashlight in night support video call pass. But how is Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Front Flashlight night support TalkTime and data video call ? Can Software update download install Android to setting Front Flashlight in night support video call .

  • Anonymous

Why does the "telephony" section never actually test telephony...?
I've heared multiple complains regarding call quality and GSMarena failed to mention i.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2017Why is it that Samsung can fit dual SIM and microSD slots i... moreMid Range phone like this is targeting Poor@Developing country, while Flagship os targeting Rich@Developed country.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-632062, 14 Nov 2017Great screen. Awesome battery endurance endurance. Supe... moreBut the price!

  • Anonymous

microusb is actually a pro IMO, not a con. Most of accessories come with this interface. And almost everyone has already chargers, data cables, host adapters at home and at work with microusb. They come very handy. Why they had to change a standard and almost universal port is a mistery

  • Anonymous

Why is it that Samsung can fit dual SIM and microSD slots in these cheap phones while flagships (of any brand) have those silly hybrid slots???

  • LLL

Lenovo P2 is much better IMO, except the front cam.

  • AnonD-573665

That Q6 is another LG failure in terms of durability and water protection there will be loots of unhappy people like me.

  • AnonD-276592

J7 is always the best selling midrange.