Samsung Galaxy S8 Active review

18 November 2017
By now, we’ve come to expect an “Active” version of the latest Samsung SX device. Also by now, we’ve mostly come to terms with the fact that it still isn’t commercially available in other markets outside the US. That aside, the Galaxy S8 Active is a ruggedized version of the Samsung Galaxy S8. It also does not water down specs or skimp on features over the standard model.

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Anonymous, 06 Aug 2023I just found out about this new phone line up. Might get on... moreNot working camera,front & main camera,,i chek this but camera done,,,but not working

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    • Anonymous
    • kph
    • 06 Aug 2023

    YUKI93, 09 Jun 2021I do think that Samsung stopped making Galaxy Active phones... moreI just found out about this new phone line up. Might get one as my new phone. Thank for the info.

      • P
      • Prashant
      • Dk6
      • 19 Jun 2022

      Does it support Indian network operators?

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        • Anonymous
        • jBL
        • 30 May 2022

        I've had my galaxy s8 active for 7 years already and still going. Dropped in a pool 3x for not sure how long and still works.. They stopped making it though. They dont make money if it doesn't break right?

          E, 29 Dec 2020I love this phone. I would be looking to upgrade, but they ... moreI do think that Samsung stopped making Galaxy Active phones because of the XCover lineup.

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            • E
            • 0ay
            • 29 Dec 2020

            I love this phone. I would be looking to upgrade, but they stopped making the active. It's the best phone they've ever made. I've dropped it down stairs and into rivers and it is still running strong. I will keep it until I can find a comparable phone. I hate cases. Really hope Samsung goes back to ruggedizing their flagships.

              • B
              • Brad
              • kZE
              • 05 Aug 2020

              Love this phone, had it 3 years work in construction and stands up to its reputation, its worth every penny thanks s8 Active

                • a
                • ahmed alnagar
                • fmd
                • 30 Oct 2019

                is android pie available now

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                  • Anonymous
                  • rRU
                  • 05 May 2019

                  After just 1 year, my S8-Active is coming apart. Im very dissatisfied

                    • A
                    • Alex
                    • 0@h
                    • 02 Dec 2017

                    Why is the sound in the headphones worse than in the usual S8?

                      Anonymous, 22 Nov 2017S8 + cover, cheaper and much betterNope, pass. I know 3 people who have had S7s and a S8 in the last year ALL three were busted within the first 4 months and all were in cases, including an Otterbox Commuter.

                      Two of them went to Moto Z Force units, and one went to a iPhone 7. All swore they would never buy anothe Samsung phone as long as glass was used on the phone bodies.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • I8m
                        • 26 Nov 2017

                        Anonymous, 23 Nov 2017A phone for clumsy people. Sorry. They don't make one anti damage enough for you

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                          • Anonymous
                          • 7Ac
                          • 23 Nov 2017

                          A phone for clumsy people.

                            AnonD-493662, 19 Nov 2017yea i notice it too, but lot of people complain that s6 a... moreYeah, it's really ugly compared to S8 active.

                              • D
                              • AnonD-441601
                              • SH3
                              • 23 Nov 2017

                              As long as its not available worldvide its just a stupid phone froms tupid company which shouldnt be released.

                                • M
                                • Makay
                                • Nue
                                • 23 Nov 2017

                                Will we ever get a Samsung active with dual sim?

                                  • O
                                  • OmNom
                                  • Q5T
                                  • 22 Nov 2017

                                  Hey guys FYI this is launched on tMobile as well, it's NOT an AT&T Exclusive any more!

                                    Ghostwolf, 22 Nov 2017If Verizon would get this model, it MIGHT convince me to go... more Hi. Verizon personally told that they will activate the S8 Active. Is it just me, or does it look better in the titanium gold color?

                                      AnonD-573665, 19 Nov 2017So much wasted money on dead phones from Nokia, Samsung, LG... more It depends on which nation you're from. Phone spying is all the rage these days from many governments point of view: they are spying.

                                        Anonymous, 22 Nov 2017S8 + cover, cheaper and much better S8 plus with 6gb ram and a cover is a good idea to get. Why doesn't the Active model have a 6gb ram variation yet? Next year maybe.