Samsung Galaxy S8 Active review

18 November 2017
By now, we’ve come to expect an “Active” version of the latest Samsung SX device. Also by now, we’ve mostly come to terms with the fact that it still isn’t commercially available in other markets outside the US. That aside, the Galaxy S8 Active is a ruggedized version of the Samsung Galaxy S8. It also does not water down specs or skimp on features over the standard model.

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AnonD-493662, 19 Nov 2017yea i notice it too, but lot of people complain that s6 a... moreYeah, it's really ugly compared to S8 active.

[deleted post]You lack creativity................and common sense.............and that complex material you are talking about, you can find enough of it on amazon for less than 50 USD (probably cheaper on ebay). You just need to know how to use it.

  • AnonD-590546

Where are the physical buttons from the bottom of the display?
I was always think it was a big advantage against other models, for example i can easily pick up my phone even in glove. Yes i know you can turn on high sensytivity, but its not the same.

Be Nice To Others, 19 Nov 2017Favorite types of phone (for me) in no particular order: ... moreYou do realize that fingerprints are easier to hack. Acquiring someones fingerprint and casting a 3D model of it is no big deal at all.

Long and mixed character passwords are still the most secure option. Bio-metrics are just more convenient.

  • Anonymous

All our phones are active Samsung so make MILT STD 810 G as a standard along with IP 68.

AnonD-573665, 19 Nov 2017So much wasted money on dead phones from Nokia, Samsung, LG... moreDon't drop it in the river in the first place. That's just called common sense, which is apparently lacking in most people, these days.

  • AnonD-573665

So much wasted money on dead phones from Nokia, Samsung, LG.I will newer use any mobile if phones will keep to die on me and will continue overprice to half whit no protection.
I want feature when it drops in river it needs to turn on flash to easy find it.
How i can find job whit dead phone?
I wonder how much its collects, spies data about user.

  • Anonymous

Impressive battery life.

  • AnonD-493662

nothing-, 19 Nov 2017Wait, I just noticed that the S6 active with 3,500 mah batt... moreyea i notice it too,
but lot of people complain that s6 active is not beauty :)

AnonD-632062, 19 Nov 2017No, it's just that Exynos 7420 was super-efficient. Eve... moreThe S6 did really well on WiFi, but when the modem got used(LTE for example), the battery life plummeted. You can check the reviews from Anandtech or any real life usage review. The S6 had horrible battery life unless you use it on WiFi.

I owned that device and loved it to bits(best phone of 2015 by far), but the battery life wasn't it's strong suits.

Favorite types of phone (for me) in no particular order:

1 - Active (or anything that's rugged like this Galaxy Active series) / Compact (or anything that's small like Xperia Compact series)

2 - Camera-centric (something like the Lumia 1020 and Nokia 808 PureView)

3 - Audio-centric (both headphones and speakers, like the HTC One M series). OF COURSE WITH HEADPHONE JACK.

4 - Budget-friendly


nothing-, 19 Nov 2017But it was manufactured in an older manufacturing process r... moreYou have to keep in mind that this one has a larger screen than the S6 Active. Then again that difference gets ignored because of even more efficient build of Exynos 8895 than the already-efficient build of Exynos 7420

  • AnonD-514671

best phone from samsung

AnonD-632062, 19 Nov 2017No, it's just that Exynos 7420 was super-efficient. Eve... moreBut it was manufactured in an older manufacturing process right? Aside from the fact that grace ux is more optimize today compared before.

  • AnonD-632062

Finally, the review I have been waiting for. What a TANK! IMHO, the S Active is just as unique as the Note in the smartphone realm. And boy, do they impress us....

Next year they should do a worldwide simulatenous release of the S9 Active and the S9 Mini along with the vanilla S9 and S9+.

I love those thick corner bumpers and the screws which scream retro-cool! And the fact that it has much reduced bezels with no pronounced front buttons, probably boosts it's mass market appeal.

I think it's time we stop blaming Samsung for the position of the fingerprint scanner. More complaints, and they might feel complelled to remove it altogether, like the iPhone X.

Excellent screen as expected from Samsung, but where's the sunlight contrast ratio?

What a fantastic battery endurance! 111 hours! Beats that of the excellent S6 Active and I believe is the biggest for a smartphone with flagship specs. Superb! Imagine if a Note had 4000+ mAh.....

Super-customisable user interface, which adds all of Samsung's goodies on top of Android. Great! The Stocks icons look good.

Bixby is still meh,(as are all kinds of assistants....)
Activity Zone is much more useful!

Also, the camera is pretty great. I did a detailed comparison with the Pixel 2 and they both seem evenly matched. As for the pizza shot, the 2 camera's have slightly different focus point. That's why the lower half bread is clear on the Pixel 2, while the toppings near the upper half are clearer on the S8 Active. The front camera samples are among the best in class

Overall, a great phone and a great review, Ricky! The photos showing the S8+ are nicely done and so is the write-up itself.

  • AnonD-632062

nothing-, 19 Nov 2017Wait, I just noticed that the S6 active with 3,500 mah batt... moreNo, it's just that Exynos 7420 was super-efficient.

Even the normal S6's with QHD display and around 2600 mAh battery got around 74 hours of endurance.

Wait, I just noticed that the S6 active with 3,500 mah battery had a 109 endurance rating. Does this mean that the former soc was more battery efficient than the latest exynos chip? Or maybe Nougat is the culprit.

I really like this phone, unfortunately this will never be offered in my country. Hey Samsung, why not offer this phone internationally and let your consumers decide which phone they will get. I believe there are more people like me who dislike your curve screen phone.

  • Anonymous

after reading the review the only question is why Samsung have made it a region exclusive, I know a lot of people who would jump at a chance to get there hands on this phone. Hikers, Mountain bikers, skateboarders, and just general people who want something that looks a bit different from the normal glass rectangle that every manufacturer is releasing.

FYI: I contacted Verizon Wireless recently to find out whether the S8 Active could be activated on their network. The finding? I was told last week that the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active can be activated and used on the Verizon network.