Samsung Galaxy S8 Active review

18 November 2017
By now, we’ve come to expect an “Active” version of the latest Samsung SX device. Also by now, we’ve mostly come to terms with the fact that it still isn’t commercially available in other markets outside the US. That aside, the Galaxy S8 Active is a ruggedized version of the Samsung Galaxy S8. It also does not water down specs or skimp on features over the standard model.

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  • AnonD-493662

Now this is a flagship with a BATTERY
d4mn worth buying

Please samsung release it world wide ASAP

  • AnonD-598916

I'm not a big fan of Samsung devices, but if I could get my hands on one of these, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. This is what a proper phone should be like - fast, rugged and long lasting, and I'm getting sick of those glass toys you have to charged twice a day. I wish more companies would follow suit and start making their takes on this idea. It would be so interesting to see Pixel active, Xperia Active, Xioami Active, OnePlus Active!

  • AnonD-708115

Ok now i am become a hater of rounded corners

  • AnonD-3124

Now this is the perfect phone to demolish competition!
super beautiful screen
Super sturdy and rugged design( with no edge)
Super fast phone (this is a no-brainer)
Super good camera
Super expandable memory
Super super super battery life
Release this phone worldwide!

  • Anonymous

Sami all our phones are active so make sure this becomes a standard feature and not some exotic variant.

Dual Sim is a must as an activity person will travel.

Battery access must be made easy without compromise the milt std

Now THIS is a flagship! Never was a real fan of the s series but damn this s8 active is the real hot stuff!

opt, 19 Nov 2017is it Samsung's decision for galaxy s active device to be e... moreIt's just a contract between manufacturer and carrier. Samsung had to get a nice chunk of money if they're willing to ignore the rest of the world. In my opinion that's stupid, cause many people won't choose the regular S8, or even Note 8, but would go with the Active (I know a few myself and they are scratching their heads when I mention the US exclusivity). So in the end Samsung is not getting the additional money they could get if there was worldwide availability.

I'm just here to post another "Samsung, release this phone worldwide!!!" comment.

  • AnonD-580901

My last Samsung was a galaxy star with no android 8 years ago. I would rejoin Samsung for s8 active. Too bad its locked to USA and T mobile.. Wtf

  • opt

Pabliell, 18 Nov 2017There's no other thing that makes me more mad than exclusiv... moreis it Samsung's decision for galaxy s active device to be exclusive under AT&T or the other way around?

There's no other thing that makes me more mad than exclusives. I can understand carrier exclusives, but one country only exclusive? Pure stupidity. Seriously, this phone ticks every box on my expectations list: no glass back; durable, but still nice looking design; ingress protection; great performance and battery life. But you won't get it outside US, and if you even think you can import one, you'll have to deal with no warranty and tons of problems repairing it if anything goes wrong. I don't understand, why so many manufacturers ignore Europe and the rest of the world...

  • opt

Pabliell, 18 Nov 2017And say goodbye to your warranty. It's unavailable outside ... moreyeah :'(

A-llex, 18 Nov 2017Buy it unlocked.And say goodbye to your warranty. It's unavailable outside US, so your warranty outside US is not valid.

  • A-llex

opt, 18 Nov 2017if only this phone is available outside US, Sigh..Buy it unlocked.

  • opt

if only this phone is available outside US,

  • Anonymous

battery life is amazing