OnePlus 5T review

20 November 2017
The OnePlus 5T is the mid-season substitute to the company's flagship (and, as of late, only) smartphone. The T doesn't bring radical changes - on the contrary; it's a minor update to help the 5 stay in fashion and, as a side effect, why not spark up buzz right in time for holiday shopping.

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  • AnonD-5981
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  • 20 Nov 2017

I don't think OnePlus understands the problem with their release cycle. People will be buying the OnePlus devices only when there is an absolute necessary to buy. For a casual buyers who want to upgrade their devices to latest and want the cheapest and greatest, they might skip these devices.

Reason being, I wont be buying 6 since i know that the better version is coming in the form of T version. I won't be buying the T version since i know that the chipset is going to be released in few months and the main version is going to change. The cycle might continue and even settle for a different company.

I think it'll be better for them to have two different series like the s series and note series of Galaxy. So far not a good strategy from my point of view.

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    • 20 Nov 2017

    Would have been better if Oneplus combined the information from the 2 RGB cameras. Having a second RGB camera is not bad, because you should get less noise and more color information in theory if they combined them. That's the concept of the Light L16