Oppo F5 review

22 November 2017
"Trendy" tends to get thrown around on today's mobile scene quite a lot. It is just one of those loose-fitting adjectives that, through overuse, has practically lost all meaning. Still, looking at the Oppo F5, we can't really think of any better way to describe the company's new "flagship expert".

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  • Masood khan

Farhan israk, 07 Jan 2020Hi Plz help me My oppo f5 can not updating how to uploadBcs no update has launched by the company.. Thats why your device isn't updating.

  • Farhan israk

yawar, 13 Jun 2019no notice on top notice panel only show when i drag down ... why... moreHi
Plz help me
My oppo f5 can not updating how to upload

  • Service

ColorOS 3.2

  • CPHEX111

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2017Is Type C USB expensive? I can't brain why Oppo failed to dish o... moreColourOS

  • yawar

no notice on top notice panel only show when i drag down ... why they not showing any icon on top

  • Anonymous

Aqib ali2019, 11 Feb 2019I'm going to buy f5 please advice me friends Dont buy it, no updates, hangs a lot, the only good thibg is the camera.....the performance is average not for heavy users

  • Ella

I just got an update on my oppo f5 this feb 2019. I'm so disappointed in the since that everyday i almost throw my phone because it's always hang. How could i fix this problem oppo????

I'm going to buy f5 please advice me friends

  • Imran Hossain

Battery is bad life

  • Vishal

Can u please increase the rom from 32gb to 64gb please
Now a days all phones are coming with 64 GB

  • Anonymous

i had been encountered many problems since i got the phone, udate upgrade terms, whatever..what hurts me well is i paid this in a good amount and when i got a problem and call attention of customer service from moa service center was very arrogant and unable to handle customer concerns well.

  • Sandeep

F5 update

  • Piyush

Require new update android 8.1 give update time

  • Yogi

My oppo f5 is still running on nogut which is too much old all other low budget smart phones recieving updates now its 2018 still not getting the oreo update when will u give oreo update???😠😠😠­😠

  • Anonymous

Please battery setting

  • kigol

no option to move apps to sd card

  • Monish

Sherif, 30 Mar 2018Please can any one tell me how to control pixel in camera settings ? Yes

  • Mohib

Time of each text is not indicated in the inbox and out box
Can some one guide or comment

  • Anonymous

i have a broblem with my oppo f5 its show that it has 32GB BT when I install an app its says insufficiencies space can any help me plizz

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2018How to change the arrangement of the gallery? The recet pictures... moreHow to reset the view of the cam when you take picture it's automatically side view