Motorola Moto X4 review

29 November 2017
Once Motorola's flagship phone, the X went through an episode of multiple personality disorder in 2015 (remember the Style, Play and Force?) only to be replaced at the top by the Moto Z last year. Feeling at home in the midrange, the X-series is now in its fourth generation. Meet the Moto X4.

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  • curpas

The white on the screen is tot bluish, but redish (pink)!

Only average overall IMnsHO. Batt life does not perform as stated. Touchscreen is so sensitive it constantly doing things I did not intend like dialing a number I did not select or actually changing settings somehow (yeah, sounds Orwellian but I can only state what I have seen).
Buttons on side are REALLY hard to press (but that COULD be due to the case). Finding docs is next to impossible as filing system is not intuitive in any way and displays mostly empty folders which are irrelevant.
Tutorials are largely not very helpful as they gloss over specifics as if one is supposed to know how to operate the device already which if so, why would I need the tutorial???
Like I said, meh. Looking to replace it after one year.

  • Easymac

I've bought two of these phones brand new, warrantied the, am using the return. The second crapped out within a week and I'm planning to send it in for warranty.
The specs are top-notch, best one could possibly ask for in this price class. Hardware is aweful though. The first unit would freeze and restart under multiple scenarios and got so bad it wouldn't even boot before failing. The second to be returned cannot get a GPS lock, even in an open field. It takes upwards of a minute and the GPS unit drops out entirely as soon as the unit gets warm.
The third unit I'm using has a compass that is off by almost exactly 180 degrees. doing the "figure-eight" calibration narrows the beam on Maps, but it's still the exact opposite of which direction I'm facing, IE I'm facing North, it shows South. Facing East, it shows West.
There is some strange power management on this model which causes the "recent apps" pane to not update as frequently as it should. Sometimes apps will just show a blank screen until you return to the home screen and cycle the lock.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-150159, 24 Jan 2018yes it has... also phone is better than g5s plus in a numbe... moreI like it Motorola company

  • Man

X4 very good btery backup quite nice in looks

  • We

  • Anonymous

Ranjith rak, 31 Mar 2018Can any one suggested me... Which mob I went to buy... My c... moreXiaomi note 5 pro

  • Somebody

alice, 26 Jul 2018how can i purchase it At Project Fi: Android One - means timely software update.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jun 2018Motorola have ruined the Android platform. Way worse than S... morei know u are a competitor fan
so stop grounding others

how can i purchase it

  • Anonymous

Motorola have ruined the Android platform. Way worse than Samsung Android phones. Texting app repeatably crashes, Sim card hard to remove, lousy microphone and badly trained tech support help.

  • Anonymous

is good

  • Anonymous

Ranjith rak, 31 Mar 2018Can any one suggested me... Which mob I went to buy... My c... moremoto x4

ari, 13 May 2018Hi which one you bought ?Note 5 pro...

  • ari

Ranjith rak, 31 Mar 2018Can any one suggested me... Which mob I went to buy... My c... moreHi which one you bought ?

  • AnonD-82756

I am using the X4 but its no where near as good as my old Motorola Moto X (2nd Gen)

Can any one suggested me... Which mob I went to buy... My choice moto x4 or xiaomi note 5pro 6gb Ram modal.. And my Budject 25k... Battery and Performance is Important....

  • ram

I have bought motox4 on 27 Feb 2018,but after using one week it suddenly switch-off for 5 minutes, don't know why.Also this hand set is not satisfy me as of price segment. After updating orio some times touch issue happen.

  • Salamat Ansari

I have purchased the Moto x4 in Dec-17 but now I am facing charging issue since last 2 Weeks, I have visited to customer care center and it has been advised that there is an issue with phone they have did some software update but still no progress now again I have given phone to customer care center.
I am totally unsatisfied with the phone and quality.

can we expect a updated Review of Moto X4 with 6Gb/64Gb version ?????? pls post it soon ....