Huawei Mate 10 Lite review

15 December 2017
Probably every Huawei flagship – be it P-series or a Mate – has had a trusted companion, a Lite version to complement – and… well, compliment it. The flagship shines even brighter next to a less gifted stablemate. The Lite model in turn doesn’t mind sharing some of the reflected light. It always works both ways and manufacturers are trying to get the best of it.

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  • Anonymous

I have a question? Plz tell me huawei mate 10 lit can have front camera flash light ? If have which I use it ? If the user is on vedio call how he use the front flash light ?

  • Anonymous

Does it support mhl?

  • Arsalan

Huawei mate 10 lite signal strength is very weak, do anyone else have the same issue?

  • Mike

How can I set password on my Huawei mate 10 lite.?

  • Anonymous

Nabeed, 26 Apr 2020Can anyone tell about the emui 9 update for mate 10 lite?? Custom rom bro

  • Nabeed

Can anyone tell about the emui 9 update for mate 10 lite??

  • Mohammad Aly

One of the excellent mobile phones I had ever purchased. Working now for more than 2 years with no single trouble detected. Excellent battery with reasonable charging time and great standby time, Strong body material, No memory crashes, Average cameras ... Highly recommended.

  • Ishwor

BenjaminLogan, 21 May 2019I love all huawei phones but Mate 10 lite https://www.gsmar... moreYes same same never faced

  • .....

BenjaminLogan, 21 May 2019I love all huawei phones but Mate 10 lite https://www.gsmar... moreEither this phone huwaie mate 10 lite have call blocker or not

I love all huawei phones but Mate 10 lite is an amazing mid-rage phone. I've been using Huawei mate 10 lite from last 13 months and never face any issue.

  • Palmu

My touch screen is like possesed by demon or something. It has is own mind sometimes it just do stuff without me touching the screen.

Is Huawei mate 10 lite support carrier Aggregation, as no settings available while in specs it mentions that it supports CA, can you share guide how to enable

  • Nabeel

My front camera is not working i purchase d this mobil 6th month ago

I have had this phone for six months now. Best one I have ever owned. Feature packed and zero problems since day one.

Battery life is great. It goes for two long days with a lot of use. I love it!

is HUAWEI MATE 10 LITE can play 4k 2160p videos

  • Anonymous

My Mate 20 Lite with Android 8.0 scored 87690 in Antutu 7 :)

  • Kinglolo

Very bad phone. battery so bad after 4 months only bad lose charger a lot of technical problems realy the most bad smart phone i bought in my life

  • Nova 2i User

Guys I already have this phone. It is very good and very smooth but why is that my battery is draining too fast? It will only take 6 hours to consume my 100 battery percentage. I need help.. What should I do? Please helps. I'm a teenager girl and admit that I use the phone heavy for internet browsing but is this really it? 100% for 6hrs only? T_T :(

  • Anonymous

DoraO, 24 Jun 2018One of the worst phines I've had in my life! I've had it f... morelols

Huawei is really dumb for not using gorilla glass on this phone. It's a phone with a huge screen and that gives more surface area exposed to crack, scratch and damage