Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra review

07 February 2018
The Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra upgrades the mainstream XA2 with a huge screen and a whole bunch of selfie-taking goodies such as a high-end dual-selfie rig, OIS, autofocus, and a front-facing flash.

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  • McKenzie
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  • 31 Aug 2021

Anonymous, 20 Oct 2020Have had this phone for about 2 years now. Battery life is ... moreI love it

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    • 24 Jan 2021

    Good phone I used this for 3 year i appriciate it, good job for this company and screen also good when i do replacement not fake.............

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      • 20 Oct 2020

      Have had this phone for about 2 years now. Battery life is still good except when I leave a game playing on, have been using it for 8 hour Zoom or Skype calls and it can survive on one charge. Photos are not as good when you zoom in though and when there isn't good lighting. Audio and video capabilities are fine. Using it for streaming and have no issues at all. Everything's great EXCEPT for one thing: every once in a while I will have issues with the screen. I think they call it "ghost touch". You have to lock and unlock for it to work again. It's a pain but I've gotten used to it. May buy a replacement soon but it still serves its purpose so not in a rush. Looking at Xperia 10 II. We shall see. 😂

        I have it. The selfies are focused well and when you take the picture is really blurred.. I want to see details of faces but its like some kind of effect. The gps sensor is weak asf even in city. Othertimes works ok. Ita big and clunky. Drooped it and has a black drop on it now. Not going sony again..

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          • HDB
          • 10 Feb 2020

          Best phone ever!

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            • Mohsen
            • dP$
            • 28 Aug 2018

            Akkediae, 23 May 2018My review of the phone is too long ( moreHW Means Hardware Performance ...

              My review of the phone is too long (­egzp/a_tough_decision_xa2_ultra_reviewed/) and I can't post in on GSMArena, but if you're worried about the display or performance: relax, nothing beats the XA2 Ultra for the money.

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                • Nani
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                • 17 May 2018

                Hw is performance for this mobile plz tell me

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                  • Ashish
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                  • 05 Mar 2018

                  The world in best smart phone

                    Shui8, 09 Feb 2018While XA2 ultra win for battery, Honor View 10 win all othe... moreIndeed both Honor 8 and XA2 ultra are the best in class. Honor has a very well balanced stock camera app, but using third parties for Sony camera module is the same or even better in quality. The fluency of overall speed in usage still slightly better for XA2 ultra. I've tested yesterday both. Depending on settings XA2 ultra does very good! I don't like its size but for sure everything is in place for a pleasant experience. XA2 ultra will sure have a good price cut in the weeks to come.

                      Robert, 15 Feb 2018If you still remember old screens used to have rounded corn... moreYour phone has screen on back? I was talking about back design

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                        • Robert
                        • ncq
                        • 15 Feb 2018

                        LG superfan, 09 Feb 2018But still cant tell sony's new back design is shit and look... moreIf you still remember old screens used to have rounded corners so which design looks old?

                          Ellio74, 08 Feb 2018Troll spotted! 2008 was still Sony Ericsson! BTW nev... morelol, if only i was :-/

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                            • 13 Feb 2018

                            AnonD-736301, 09 Feb 2018Thank you for such a great review. I xcl'd my preorder. If ... moreFake News. You didn't even do a pre-order don't you? You should be ashamed of yourselves for speading lies and hatred.

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                              • 13 Feb 2018

                              Tann Hauser, 09 Feb 2018XA2 Ultra is 450, A8 is 500, A8+ which is the direct 6inch ... moreHello Sir XA2 450 ok from which country

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                                • NiG
                                • 12 Feb 2018

                                Looks like a bulky lumia 920/930

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                                  • azii
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                                  • 11 Feb 2018

                                  When it will be launched in Saudi Arabia.
                                  Waiting from long time....

                                    AnonD-736719, 11 Feb 2018How much is the price at singapore right now?It will probably cost the same as the ones in Euro, their conversion is somewhat equivalent. For the GALAXY A8 2018, it costs about $800SGD, for the XPERIA XA2 ULTRA, I am still unsure, but in Europe the GALAXY A8 2018 costs €499, while the XPERIA XA2 ULTRA cost €449, and it is expected to cost the same in Singapore, hence XPERIA XA2 ULTRA is the cheaper one

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                                      • 11 Feb 2018

                                      xXENDER FREAKXx, 09 Feb 2018Based on the country. Over here in Singapore XPERIA XA2 ULT... moreHow much is the price at singapore right now?

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                                        • 11 Feb 2018

                                        Thus a beaSt of mid Ranger Sony cell!