Samsung Galaxy Note8 long-term review

22 February 2018
While some phones are inspired by the ‘less is more’ mantra, Samsung’s Galaxy Note family has always proudly claimed that ‘more is more’. More features, more options, more settings, more ways to interact with your handset, more choice made possible by the use of the best components adding up to the biggest and baddest spec list. To paraphrase a well known...

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  • Anonymous

second option, 04 Feb 2021how would be its performance now in 2021? Concerning to the... moreIt's definitely worth it Still

  • Regardt

second option, 04 Feb 2021how would be its performance now in 2021? Concerning to the... moreI enjoy my Note 8 still very much in 2021. The battery life is shorter now but the phone works hard. The camera is also very good. Some times I look to upgrade but can not find something else that is worth the money.

  • second option

how would be its performance now in 2021? Concerning to the camera, seeing these photos, its even better than many phones nowadays

my mobile are not working with GPS properly anymore. GPS can locate me and it is updating the location, but it can't navigate. Waze, Google Maps and others can locate me, but they never are changing the cursor (circle) to navigate (triangle). I did a hardreset, but nothing are working. I headed to my local customer service center Smouha Centre in Egypt; I reported the problem to them. The service center installed new fresh most recent operation system, but nothing solved the problem. I requested to meet the head of maintenance center Mr. Markus and he told me that he has the same device note 8 and we started to test car navigation on his device, we both surprised that the problem is in his device too. we agreed that Samsung local in my country will report this problem to Samsung home office. this is a very annoying problem and Samsung should act seriously for this problem asap. It is now clear that note 8 and note 9 has a serious GPS issue, and I expect note 10 will have the same problem. I will never buy a Samsung phone again.

  • Danush

I'm a Note fan, Note 8 is my third one . I have been using it for one year and it works fine sofar and battery life also note bad as I'm a heavy user of mobile.

  • Odenkey

My 1st Note 8 became hot & went off on it's own only after 4 months of use. I was told it's the motherboard. I insisted on a new 1, after a long battle it was replaced. About a year of use of the new one, the screen goes off on it's own. What a mess up phone. I would not recommend anyone buying it. The Note 5 is better.

my Samsung note 8' motherboard is burnt. there was the sound of a little blast from my phone and my fone was turned off. I smelled something is burnt. samsung don't want to replace it just want to repair it. I saw two phone same model on repair center burnt completely. i was lucky my fone was not blasted like that otherwise, it could harm me as well.
this is my 7th day i am calling to Samsung they transferred to one dept to other and pushing me to repair it instead of replacing when i bought this phone only two months ago.they don't understand it is a safety issue. i recommend plz plz plz don't buy this model as Samsung knows very well this issue of the model but they pushing their customer to repair defective phoneAs instead replace it putting their lives on risk until it blast and completely burnt.

  • Skrapi

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2018Since it's an Android device, after 16-18 months it will st... moreEvery google service is collecting information about you...and honestly its all about advertisment so who care...and if its more i stil dont care beacuse most of us just cheaking bank account, facebook, learning , gaming etc...sooooo its not big deal

  • Tarique

Bunny., 02 Apr 2018Note 8 has 64gb memory not 32..n if it is so try to reset t... moreHi brother may be you bought fack phone because genuine not 8 has 64 gb and and it is more than enough for app. So just check your phone.

  • Sandyfe3t

The curved glass in an OTTERBOX is not up to standards. Cracked the Zagg Screen Protection, in three weeks! Curved glass exposed to every accidental drop with new cracks. Ordered a replacement. Need a recommendation on a water & sand resistant cell phone case.

  • Mikey

Imperator Neubaticus, 04 Mar 2018They are listening. And the fact of the matter is, more peo... moreYou're wrong. Take a look at the new poll conducted in phonearena regarding flat vs. curved screens

  • Bunny.

Major, 17 Mar 2018Why is it that Samsung note 8 has 32GB but it's not functio... moreNote 8 has 64gb memory not 32..n if it is so try to reset the phone once

  • lsa0579

Those who use the note 8 inside the jacket pocket have a problem to ear it ring. There is a basic engeneering error with the position of the mic at Note 8. Even with the volume at maximum level it's almost impossible to ear it when inside the pocket and with the mic faing done and touching the cloth. :):):):):):):):)):

  • Major

Why is it that Samsung note 8 has 32GB but it's not functioning properly and if you try to put some app or anything it says no space but it shows 32GB please help me

  • Anonymous

Phone is so narrow to be called as NOTE. Even header picture shows it gsmarena webpage so narrow...

AnonD-447541, 03 Mar 2018dear gsm/samsung I have had samsung galaxy notes for a whi... moreThey are listening. And the fact of the matter is, more people are asking for the curved screen than the non-curved one. So don't be a selfish nobody because samsung doesn't serve the minority.

imRGZ, 03 Mar 2018Take the internals for instance. OnePlus used same screen f... moreMan 1000 was posted by GSM when first info has been add about S9 and S9 plus. Now they fixed it to 840 and 990.
But anyway S8 starting price was 790 which is 50 eur difference and S8 plus started at 890 which is 100 eur ifference from this year models. Anyway phone is costlier but for nothing.
I dont believe that Snapdragon 845 from previous model 835 cost 100 extra bucks.

And this chart explains everything.

CptPower, 02 Mar 2018False again. Samsung Added 200 eur to price between brand... moreTake the internals for instance. OnePlus used same screen for OnePlus 3T and 5. And used same design and materials till 5T. What's changed from 5 and 5T? Screen and somewhat inferior second camera. There's nothing that they have completely redesigned between 5 and 5T. Hence, just a 50 euro jump. There's no 200 euro difference between launch prices of S8 and S9. Don't cook up things. In fact in some areas S9 is little cheaper than S8 at launch.
So according to android authority, S9 is priced 50(not 200) extra over S8's launch prices in EU. And according to cnet, S9 is cheaper than S8's USA launch price!
It seems you just make false stories to prove your point "Samsung is Greedy". Just put up proofs for your claims. Until then whatever u make are just cooked up and fake.
And check this:
No where near 200USD u proclaimed. It seems u r so fond of number '200'!

  • AnonD-447541

dear gsm/samsung
I have had samsung galaxy notes for a while now
galaxy note 2 now on the galaxy note 4
which is a great device
for,being otg compatible etc
how ever my contract finishes shortly and will be going
sim only contact
as I do not like the curved screen at all
my two daughters have the s7,s8
have had a play and not liking the curved screen
so I will not be upgrading for the present
unless samsung produce a standard flat screen
hope your listening samsung
the note 8 is a great device and if there was a flat screen option I would have upgraded
regards steve

How is it compared to iphone Notch X