Asus Zenfone 5, 5z, 5 Lite hands-on review

28 February 2018
The annual MWC event in Barcelona is almost over, but we can't call it a day before we handle all new Zenfones Asus had in store for us. The event last night brought us a whole bunch of new devices, some of them to be available in different variants in a typical Asus fashion. The notorious notch made an appearance, too, and it's shaping to be the next trendy thing after the "full-view" screens.

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  • Sampoto
  • Nue
  • 27 Jun 2021

I love the spec ASUS_X00QD,best quality engineering.
Great support and fast

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    • soundmaster
    • spd
    • 31 Mar 2021

    very mediocre phone with very bad camera and sound, but good battery. looks like a pro, very nice manufacter but evrything else is poor. i'm very dissapointed. i buy a samsung s 51 and the diffrence si gorgeous.

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      • Anonymous
      • gmF
      • 01 Nov 2020

      it is what it is

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        • Neth
        • I@H
        • 07 Mar 2020

        It's a good phone and been using it for almost 2 yrs now... I bought this on May of 2018 and still has its gorgeous and classy looks...I love everything about it..i use it as my portable computer helpful for a teacher like me...

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          • Mj
          • kWI
          • 19 Feb 2020

          mintu23, 19 Jan 2019The worst phone you can ever imagine. I bought the phone in... moreYou're right! It doesn't work at all. My older phone works better. It sucks. It really only worked for a few months.. I wouldn't suggest anyone buy this phone unless you don't mind buying another in a few months. It's annoying.. I was hoping they'd fix the updates that initially screwed up the whole system. But instead they ignore their customers and leave us with dud phones..

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            • Mj
            • kWI
            • 19 Feb 2020

            It's a really crappy phone. It worked ok for a few months then they started sending updates to crash my phone. My settings changed to very basic, my volume, my camera doesn't work it won't focus anymore, my screen is glitchy and half yellow. Overall just junk. I have to go back to my 5yr old Samsung for now, as the newer Zenfone 5 isn't working anymore. Not impressed..

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              • john
              • 3NB
              • 04 Sep 2019

              doio77, 31 Dec 2018I tested it for 3 days, it was ok but the screen is 6inch w... moreyou lot are lying

                The worst phone you can ever imagine. I bought the phone in less than 4 months and it has been to service centre more than 2 times. Each time for more than a month. Last time they charged 3000 baht for the 10000 baht and this time 9800 baht for the second time. The phone is on warranty period and they gave no warranty. Asus is a fake and immature brand. I lost my 10000 baht and all the money I spend on traveling to its service centre. I couldn't even use the phone. I was one of the first person in bangkok to get the phone. I feel as if they handed over a dummy phone.

                If you don't believe like I didn't after learning about asus manufacturing defects then go ahead and make the same mistakes but post that you will not buy any phone or laptops for them. They are not customer centric. They build one time customer. Once the customer buys and suffers with their manufacturer defects. Technically... My experience with asus has taught atleast 100 of my colleagues not to buy an Asus, even though rog and 5z phone are promising. They declare their products two years in advance with specifications but unable to launch them and then they launch the dummy product.

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                  • auf
                  • 09 Jan 2019

                  As a user, i should mention that Asus zen phones are the worst cellphones that I've ever seen. For example my zenphone's touch broke down during some first months using and i forced to change its monitor because its touch and monitor are the same part. Despite of changing the Android and installing last update of several antiviruses for checking likely malewares, it's always very slow than other brand of mobiles and most of the time it crashes due to abnormal low space ram. I even installed different ram cleaner and memory booster apps but none of them are useful and i have to restart my cellphone 2 or 3 times daily to recover the ram space! God, this is awful!! This cellphone just goes on my nerves tolerating such stupid thing is impossible! The defecation in my analyzes when i decided to purchase it, was about the asus fame, i thought its cellphone would be great cos of making computer devices but it made mistake. This cellphone is too worse than you can imagine! And now I'm too regret to buy this useless device. I advise to all people who read this to not buy nevere ever never any model of asus cellphones and don't waste your time and money on them... it's necessary to tell you that i checked its barcode to sure that my cellphone is original not a fake one!

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                    • doio77
                    • LaF
                    • 31 Dec 2018

                    I tested it for 3 days, it was ok but the screen is 6inch with noch or 5.8 inch with noch disabled. Asus lied about real display. Camera is mediocre, my nexus 6 take far better pictures. Now I ordered Honor 8x, waiting for.

                      vin c., 24 Sep 2018The audio is superb. It's loud and clear both from the spea... moreThank you so much for the reply. I'll decide soon on this...

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                        • vin c.
                        • K5g
                        • 24 Sep 2018

                        Samath N8 808 owner, 12 Aug 2018Finally, one mature opinion. I don't like the notch as such... moreThe audio is superb. It's loud and clear both from the speaker and 3.5mm jack. You can also adjust the quality of the sound, make it more better because of the feature with DTS Headphone X.

                        The ZenUI 5 has less bloatware compared to ZenUI 3.5 and below. You also have the option to disable those apps from the application settings. So no need to root the phone. It almost has no bloatware. There are only Asus backup, selfie master, my files, gallery, theme and other Google apps. I think that's it. You can play with the Zenimoji on the selfie mast app. But I was able to use the Zenimoji also In what's app during video calls.

                        My phone is almost one month and I don't have any problems with it. Smooth gameplay. No lags nor delays (Arena of Valor in HD Display). My data connection is 4G+. There are no issues in connectivity even on wifi. I just experienced a slow receiving transfer via share it. But when I update my phones software, It has gotten faster. So no problems all in all. :)

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                          • Anonymous
                          • uQ5
                          • 30 Aug 2018

                          TheDudeAbides, 26 Jul 2018I have had my ZF5 for just over a month. I absolutely LOVE ... moreHi . May I know do u experience any wifi problems ? Like the wifi keeps disconnecting or unable to access the internet despite wifi is connected .

                            Samath N8 808 owner, 12 Aug 2018Finally, one mature opinion. I don't like the notch as such... moreMy wife just turn the notch off on her 5z in the option (y)

                              TheDudeAbides, 26 Jul 2018I have had my ZF5 for just over a month. I absolutely LOVE ... moreFinally, one mature opinion. I don't like the notch as such, but that doesn't mean I hate it, or can't live with it.

                              Could you tell me about the audio quality from the 3.5mm jack, in headphones/ earphones?
                              Right now, I own a Redmi 2 Prime, which despite being a low ender, matches the iphone and flagships in audio quality and loudness both... I'm considering this Asus phone now.

                              Also, does it have a lot of bloatware bundled? Can system apps be removed without rooting?

                              Thanks in advance.

                              @GSMARENA Staff... Kindly review this phone extensively... Please.

                                I have had my ZF5 for just over a month. I absolutely LOVE IT! It looks great and performs even better. I honestly have no complaints, nothing I would change. If you want an almost flagship at a midrange price it is the way to go. The only thing missing is water and dust proofing. I'll take that and keep the extra money.

                                I don't get why some people are so intensely emotional about the notch. If you don't like it there is an option to hide it, or just buy another phone. I personally like it as the notification area is wasted real estate anyway. I also don't get the complaints on the size. They managed to fit a 6.2" screen into a frame only slightly larger than my old 5" ZF2. Finally, yes it looks a lot like an iphone x and I have had many people mistake it for one. So what? I mean seriously there are only so many design options available for a smart phone.

                                In the end haters gonna hate, but if you want a really nice phone and a really good price and you are not a notch nazi then I recommend the ZF 5.

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                                  • AKS
                                  • utn
                                  • 25 Jul 2018

                                  Dear GSM Pls review ZenFone 5Z ZS621 Which is being sold by FLIPKART.

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                                    • Hkv
                                    • 22 Jul 2018

                                    Dear GSM Arena, can you please update that when will you publish the Complete Review of Asus Zenfone 5Z..?

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                                      • chrsjns
                                      • tx0
                                      • 14 Jul 2018

                                      Guys, please stop arguing about who's copying who about the notch, the notch is there because I phone still have not mastered the enginering aspect of a totally bezeless screen and so other manufactures. Next year, all phones will come with really bezeless phones as they mastered the manufacturing process of a totally bezeless phones.... Meanwhile, I am happy that Asus has given us another alternative of flagship phone with half the price....

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                                        • AnonD-766086
                                        • D01
                                        • 25 Jun 2018

                                        yTin, 16 Apr 2018Release date in India? Pls. Ans.1st week of July, as of now!!!