Samsung Galaxy S9 review

09 March 2018
It's true what they say - you don't fix what's not broken. And that's what Samsung did for the Galaxy S9 - it didn't change what was already great, it just tweaked specs wherever possible. And it has worked out just fine for them.

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  • Geo

I love that yas manged the impossible which is make the speaker's reproduce recordings 100% exactly as originally recorded as not even has manged to do it i was a Apple person was given a s9 and love it best phone ever

Great model.

  • Cahyana


  • Anonymous

Namelesss, 07 Nov 2018S9 or Note 8, please help me choose. S9

  • Anonymous

Paki, 25 Dec 2018Should i buy Pocophone F1 or Samsung S9? What are your tho... moreGalaxy e9

  • Anonymous

Edit: buy the galaxy s20 few with flagship specs at a low price

  • Anonymous

Jade8568, 30 Jan 2020My S8 screen are cracked. Not sure how much longer it will ... moreBuy the galaxy s2 few instead. It's a definitely buy one with flagship specs.

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone last 2019 a month before s10 was released. At first it was great but after few months there comes a problem saying moisture detected when i put it on charge. I checked if it really has moisture but it was dry. Until it sbut off. Luckily it was able to charge again after how many days 😪 then from then on it was like that everytime i charge my phone. Great struggle. I search for a solution from the internet. Placing it in front of a fan. Clean the usb port and lastly hard reset my phone. Still the same pr0blem. I've read from other users that they have the same problem. Some had ways to this issue but there was no exact solution. Now I'm starting to doubt if I had made the right choice spending how many dollars for this phone just to have this problem. ☹☹☹

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2018Amazing phone. I will buy it in 2020 :)Right on ^_^ .

  • Jade8568

My S8 screen are cracked. Not sure how much longer it will hold up. I was thinking about getting the S9, but after reading these comments, I'm not sure I really need the S9. Should I just save $$ and get another S8?? I dont play any games. Just do shopping, banking, internet stuff pretty much. Is there anything about the s9 that is so much better that I'm not aware of?

  • Tede6977

Well, I have a serious problem with the S9. I am on my fourth phone and now I am having the same problems again and Samsung and my carrier seem to want to ignore the issues. My phone after three months starts overheating followed by videos start lagging. Next it starts dropping calls. Then it starts shifting fro LTE to 4G Then to 3G and then to roaming to no service. This would be understandable if I was moving but I was sitting on my couch in my home for over 2 hours watching this happen. This is the same problem that keeps happening with my S9's. They keep replacing them and these problems continue without fail. Does this happen to.everyone or is it just I keep getting duds?

  • Mike

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it" as I know the saying!
Problem is, Android Pie has screwed it up! Now, it IS broke and it DOES need fixing!
I cannot believe what a hatch-it job they've done on the video camera! No such thing as Video Pro Mode anymore. IT HAS BEEN REMOVED.
This needs to be broadcast around the world. I'm only 5% into my contract and neither my provider nor Samsung will do anything about it!

  • Susan

I experience a prolem wrt the sound of notifications, sometimes there is sound and sometimes there is no sound.

  • Jazz

I am commenting on Samsung S9 Software updates, I don't like this version because the S9 phone changes some features & outlook. I don't recommend downloading software updates!! I don't like it!!

  • Paki

Should i buy Pocophone F1 or Samsung S9?
What are your thoughts on this.

  • jack ludlow

wish i got this phone instead, but my credit is too low to get it :(

  • Gary

It was mentioned in the article that Windows supports H.265 natively. Well guess what, Windows removed H.265 codec at it's spring 2018 update. Though now you can buy it back with 1 Eur from their website. So no more native support for H.265. Weird behavior from Microsoft.

S9 or Note 8, please help me choose.

  • ragib

sou, 02 Oct 2018want to buy this now..not an upgrade.. first flagship.. any... moream a nexus 6p user. am too planning to buy this. as like you,am also concerned about software update and battery life.

want to buy this now..not an upgrade.. first flagship.. anything should i be concerned about without the late software update and battery ?