Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact review

17 March 2018
It's once again peak smartphone season and Sony is next to join the annual spring race. But while others do regular and plus-size models, Sony, as usual, is going towards the other end of the spectrum with the new Xperia XZ2 Compact.

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  • Jega


FLORIN BV, 15 Dec 2018No 3.5 mm = no buy!. That is one of the reasons not to get a note 10.

  • SparkleT

Notch is life, 20 Mar 2018It's pretty simple, no headphone jack, no buy. That should ... moreBluetooth speakers and earphones/pods don't need a jack access.

  • Pas

So what is the battery life really like?

  • GilBipp

I bought it, and it's a good phone. It's nicely build compared to others flagships, and it looks good. It feels exceptionally good in hand, and even if the screen is small-ish and it is LCD and not LED it is a really, really good screen. And together with the battery, what else do you really need? You sit all day with the phone in hand and look upon the screen... These are the basically needed qualities in a phone, and this one surely has them!

I am a bit confused by this part of the review:

> No matter how much we tried, whites and grays always retained a certain level of blue tint.

I was able to make it go away without any difficulty, just by setting the display to my desired whitepoint of D65 ( ), which I confirmed with a colorimeter:


No 3.5 mm = no buy!.

  • jedics

The only full spec smaller screen phone on the market and they go and make it bigger and much MUCH uglier....All that was needed was a louder speaker and better optics, like much better.....Sigh!

  • Gandalfdenvite

No 3.5 mm = no buy!

  • Eduardo

During rhe review (chapter competition) a comparison with the Google Pixel 2 would be make more sense than comparing with Iphone 8.

  • Ditya

I'm Samsung Galaxy Note 8 user, I love that phone so much. But, every time I use the phone, I always miss something, the phone didn't compact. Yes, it is so subjective, but hey ... not everyone like big screen phone isn't it?

In the market that full of > 5.5 inch display, Sony (xz2 compact) and Apple (iPhone 8) offering you a compact phone with high specs. Sony is the only android phone that offering you that category. So ... accept that fact.

  • Phn34

It's really hard to understand why peoples fighting each other. If you like latest smartphone of Sony just go buy you'll never lose something. Anyways... It's hard for people to appreciate a product. Just get the phone which you liked guys

  • AnonD-749108

I have been a big fan of the Sony Compacts.
But this weight gain is ridiculous - 20% in just 7 months! Come on Sony, surely you can do better than this.
So I am now left with an older XZ1 or a Pixel2.

  • Anonymous

nobita, 01 Apr 2018well.. i hope sony won't follow htc's way again by selling ... moreLight flow vs Liquid flow.

  • nobita

AnonD-246723, 25 Mar 2018The same htc that sell their mobile hardware division?well.. i hope sony won't follow htc's way again by selling their mobile division.
y know.. sony have already copied htc's liquid design

  • sailor moon

3D Memorys, 30 Mar 2018Sony making the best improvements for XZ2 compact and it is... moreboth positive and negative opinions are allowed here, dear mr heatpipe. this is just a phone

chibi maruko chan, 30 Mar 2018meh. the previous compact looks better than this (except th... moreSony making the best improvements for XZ2 compact and it is very handy as it is fit in hand and very ergonomic, but the trolls still complaining, never appreciate while leaving negative comments. They repeat and flooding same story and doesn't get reported as spam.

  • chibi maruko chan

3D Memorys, 21 Mar 2018Because the trolls are from the competitors. meh. the previous compact looks better than this (except the bezel). the latest design looks $h1tty.
people want sony to use the previous design with bezel reduction.

  • Anonymous

Can not wait for thus Sony releases

  • Anonymous

TB1, 17 Mar 2018its time to buy this baby ! Great review GSMArena ! I agree. However, I just read a customer review of xz1on amazon, that sounded like Sony re