Moto G6, G6 Plus, and G6 Play hands-on review

19 April 2018
Motorola hasn't exactly enjoyed a smooth ride on the smartphone scene, over the past few years. Still, amid all the profit turmoil, ownership changes and shifting branding strategies, the legendary Moto G family of devices managed to survive. In fact, it did one better, managing to remain pretty consistent in its high-value features and affordable pricing strategy.

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  • Happily Confused

Recently purchased the Moto G6 play 5/19/2018 and love the specs and the device!!!! Major glitch alert the phone continues to shut down by itself in the middle of phone calls! I've researched for solutions but have yet to find any... Good luck

AnonD-756084, 01 May 2018In India Moto g6 plus Price is 25000 But Vivo V9 Price is 23000... moreComparing Moto to Vivo !

Bro I have a friend who Moto exchanged his phone 3 times in 2 years to satisfy him and he is a freaking bad user.

Moto support rocks

  • AnonD-756084

In India Moto g6 plus Price is 25000
But Vivo V9 Price is 23000.
Vivo V9 is almost same configuration with better Camera.

  • Don

The Scientist Pigeon, 23 Apr 2018These are phones to be used by just working class, instead of sh... moreWhen will it come to market?

  • BLS NE

Question for Moto: Why can't you make a 6" screen with 5000 mAh battery with SD 660, small bezels, respectable camera, water resistance is fine, and of course no notch and no glass on back, works for all US carriers, gets 2 android updates, and sells for around $350 - 400? And have a 5.2 inch version. That's ALL YOU NEED in the midrange. This shouldn't be so freaking hard.

These are phones to be used by just working class, instead of show off + working class.
So, it is out of favor.
If the question was, "Which one perform better for you, regarding your daily need and budget?" the answer would be as follow:

Snapdragon 425 or better to say Adreno series 3 are weaker than the basic Adreno 505 by delivering the 4 fps render for not so detailed 3D games.
Already tested on Moto E4 Plus (with 720 X1280)
(Maybe benchmarks show something different, but daily usage in real life is this.)

Downgraded SoC in term of LTE category in Need for Speed era.
A GPU which is unable to handle HD smoothly, is sitted for HD+.
Lower pixel density compare to previous generation.
No change in RAM and Interal.

Camera has huge improvement toward E4.
Battery is excellent.

E5 and E5 Plus are multimedia specific phone which worth 180$.

G6 used inappropriate SoC for FHD+ display, same as US version of G6 Play.
G6 Play in 32/3GB and SD430 combination is acceptable for 250$.
G6 Plus is both good and bad. For fans this is a good phone with the price tag, but
for general purpose, there are others which offer almost same price for better specifications; such as:

- Motorola - Moto G6 Plus = SD630 - 5.9" - 12+5/8MP - 4/64GB - 3200mAh = 375$
- Oppo - F7 = HP60 - 6.23" - 16/25MP - 6/128GB - 3400mAh = 405$
- Xiaomi - Redmi Note 5 Pro = SD636 - 5.99" - 12/20MP - 6/64GB - 4000mAh = 255$
- Nokia - 7 Plus = SD660 - 6" - 12/16MP - 4/64GB - 3800mAh = 390$
- Asus - Zenfone Max Pro M1 = SD636 - 5.99" - 13/8MP - 4/64GB - 5000mAh = 195$

  • AnonD-591567

Nitche: There are other reasons for this.
The success of motorola sales in Brazil is one of them, this brand competes with Samsung for the highest number of sales.
Because of this, the new world president of Lenovo's mobile division is an Brazilian (Sergio Buniac).

Moto G6 handsets will get one major OS update, the Android P.
No Android update guaranteed for Moto E5 lineup.
Motorola will release security updates every 60-90 days.

  • Nitche

For some reason they present these phones in Brazil. They go where they do not have competition from Nubia, Xiaomi, etc., with better quality-price. And where they know that there are fewer people with technical knowledge to choose what is best for them and where things are not usually imported by private individuals even though the rates for a medium range are very acceptable.

As usual, too generic, ugly back design, bad optimized in the front and size plus overprized not only due to the specifications, due to the lack of updates, but is norm of Lenovo.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2018For last 85 years, Motorola is here. And u r saying a already de... moreWasn't moto dead few years back till launch of g? Means when Google purchased it?

  • AnonD-84839

Price is attractive, quality is perfect compared to price, Specs are good

  • Force Majeure

Anonymous, 19 Apr 2018here in Europe motorola is dead as a mobile phone brand. Horribl... moreThat is partly due to their E lineup in Europe only using MediaTek SoC. Not really what people are looking for. The G5 without a compass and missing out on a few things.

  • AnonD-753545

It the Moto G6 Plus coming to the us. I really want the G6 Plus.

  • D

A mediocre overpriced collections. What surprise. A downgrade in the Q/price/Spec balance. Sadly even they lack of notification led to show you in red when their small battery is dying. A if there ins't enogh space in those bezels... not only for the led, for capacitive buttons too. If you are going to release an old design at least do it properly.

Don't you notice, that Motorola is following LG's footsteps with the G lineup?
Other than they're using the same letter, they're using the same build material and trend as the similar LG G counterpart for each iteration.

For example, LG phones until G4 were made of plastic, and so are Moto G phones until G4.
LG G5 went to metal, Moto G5 also went metal.
LG G6 went to glass with new 18:9 ratio small bezel screen, and now Moto G6 also went that route.

The only difference is that this is their mid range lineup.

The Moto G7 might have a notch as well.

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2018My G4 works fine. I will wait for G7.It's gonna have a notch probably.

  • AnonD-753486

No LED notification again......

  • Anonymous

My G4 works fine. I will wait for G7.

SohailSays, 20 Apr 2018Haha same! They released 5 phones and the only one that caught m... moreNah, more like

G6 Plus - SD660
G6 - SD636
G6 Play - SD625
But E5 and E5 Plus are right.

AnonD-234961, 19 Apr 2018I really don't understand the point of these new phones. Sluggis... moreHaha same! They released 5 phones and the only one that caught my eyes is G6 Plus and G6.
G6 Play, E5 and E5 Plus has good battery but hungry chipset.
They could have gone for at least 626 for G6.
625 for G6 Play and equip E5 and E5 Plus with 450. That could have been a better thing.