Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S review

06 May 2018
Halfway into the Mi Mix 2’s product cycle, Xiaomi releases the Mi Mix 2S, an incremental update to the Mix 2, or a successor and a half to the original Mi Mix. The Mix was the first smartphone to push Android’s limits by incorporating a display that was taller than 16:9, thus calling for Android to change its design rules and introducing OEMs with a new hardware dimension to play around with.

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  • Andrea
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  • 30 Jun 2018

AndroidFrust, 28 Jun 2018I just purchased this phone on Sunday having owned the vani... more1) I had a Mate 10 Pro before this Mi Mix 2S and I confirm battery life is quite the same. SOT of about 5.5h over 18h usage. Not bad at all, kinda the same results I had with my Mate 10 Pro and with my OnePlus 5T.

2) I find Mix Mix 2S camera to be way better than my former Mate 10 Pro. It delivers impressive results and it's going to be improved. Xiaomi annouced that they will make this camera at the same level as Mi8

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    • 6Mt
    • 30 Jun 2018

    AndroidFrust, 28 Jun 2018I just purchased this phone on Sunday having owned the vani... morethansk for good review. i have some qusetions.

    how about durability? i often dorp phoens. i will use it with case but concern about it...

    and what about 3.5 headphone jacks? dose it nice for hearing musics?

      I just purchased this phone on Sunday having owned the vanilla-Mate 10. Here are some observations (9.5 Global ROM - 64GB):
      1. Battery is surprisingly more or less the same Mate 10 - SOT of about 5.5 hours ( i use my phones without any tweaks and just out of the box). Battery of the charger at 11pm and charge again at 930pm. Normally ending the day at 15%. Average usage includes youtube, emails, spotify, bluetooth earbuds (iconX), line, whatsapp, surfing chrome, PUBG 1-2 rounds. The accompanying fast charger, not as quick as the Huawei supercharger and when plugging in the Huawei charger (not sure why) the mix stops charging. Wireless charging is a plus though.
      2. Camera is underwhelming - Surprising to me, after seeing the DXO results which states its on par with iPhone X, was a little disappointed. The software seems like its over processing even with and without AI camera. Audio on the video recording really is bad like its mono but what do you expect given the price. Some reviewers did however mention that the audio is better on the lower end Xiaomi phones which i find impossible to understand from a business perspective. Hence, the mate 10 camera is (imho) better here but not by much.
      3. That display: is just amazing despite being only FHD, think this is part of the colour calibration. Although one has to beware as my first unit had some irregularities such as the yellowing at the bottom. This is indeed a hardware defect as the Xiaomi sales people acknowledged. Tilting it from side to side will actually show some weird bars but they are faint. I cant get enough of that display compared to all the other displays with notches EWW.
      4. The design overall: Ceramic, glass, plastic, doesnt really matter much when you have a case on. IM the kind of guy who occasionally undresses and admire my device. It is a beautiful phone no doubt.

        Please add the photos to comparison tool! It's very good when you discuss how good or how bad camera is, but let the people judge themselfs via your great comparison tool!

        My main purpose of visiting this site is just to look on tables of Battery life, Camera comparison tool and audio quality table along with display quality.

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          • 18 Jun 2018

          LG Superfan, 06 May 2018Smartphone have lost the wow factor they had years ago now ... moreWhat other phone looks like this?

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            • 11 Jun 2018

            Hi GSMArena, when will we see an updated battery test?

              Anonymous, 22 May 2018Please don't buy Mi phone they are cheap but of no use ther... moreDon't spread your hates here. Xiaomi trying to reach the europe countries with its after sales service. In my country, xiaomi having many service centre in some big cities with stock spareparts.. Of course, xiaomi doesn't having service centre as much as samsung have..

                kamako, 25 May 2018Does it make sense to sell my Samsung s8 for buying the Mi ... moreYes, it recommended..

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                  • milans
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                  • 02 Jun 2018

                  This review is wrong about manual mode shutter speed, actually camera allows you to select up to 32s ... at least on latest Global Stable V9.5.18 ROM
                  Maybe when you reviewed it it was on different pre-release ROM...

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                    • 27 May 2018

                    Anonymous, 22 May 2018Please don't buy Mi phone they are cheap but of no use ther... morejust in your country maybe?

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                      • kamako
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                      • 25 May 2018

                      Does it make sense to sell my Samsung s8 for buying the Mi Mix 2s instead ?

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                        • 25 May 2018

                        Anonymous, 22 May 2018Please don't buy Mi phone they are cheap but of no use ther... moreThat's your experience I have been buying there phones since the early days with no problems.

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                          • 22 May 2018

                          Please don't buy Mi phone they are cheap but of no use there service centre nit give you response to your complaints.....I bought mi note 4 in November 2017....speaker are not working properly.....camera not work good.....simply crap phone....no service centre is handling the complaint properly.....

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                            • Akimizu
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                            • 21 May 2018

                            Anonymous, 07 May 2018that battery test result is scaryI swear with you there is some mistake in battery test. I owned many phone, which includes old flagship such as G2, M8, G4, S7e, Mi6... and imo battery life of Mix 2S is the same level with S7e of my wife. Easy to pass one power workday.

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                              • 17 May 2018

                              Geric.770, 07 May 2018Disappointed on the battery. It's a good phone, but Mix ser... moreSo you prefer a notch? LoL
                              This time around it’s a normal earpiece
                              And the battery life is shorter because of software optimisation issues, read carefully

                                Hi GSMArena reviewers, may I ask that if you test the battery life on web browsing, could you please separate the test for 4G and WiFi. That would be a great help why? I think majority of people browsing the web use their phones on 4G (unless you make a survey on this in your site) battery life on 4G and on WiFi is different. If i have a WiFi connection I will use my pc,mac or tablet simply because you can have a bigger screen unless while browsing unless you don't have of those.

                                Thanks in advance.

                                  I wonder if this is the only review without score.... or is gsmarena waiting for a final updated software without bugs, etc to give the score?

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                                    • 10 May 2018

                                    How long does it take to snap a portrait shot? Many phones out there fiddling with it for 2-3 seconds which is a bit too long - I have small children and they can't stay put for more then a moment...

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                                      • 10 May 2018

                                      Please review camera with updated stable ROM and add to comparison tool. Thanks.

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                                        • 09 May 2018

                                        This is best phone in my buggest ....Love u mix series ...l hope my best phone 2 s