Nokia 5.1, 3.1 and 2.1 hands-on review

29 May 2018
It's been less than two years since HMD Global was founded. Yet the Finland-based company already has an almost fairytale-like success story unfolding around it. Even though the company still refers to itself as a "start-up", it mace out of a funding round earlier this month, with a $100 million in fresh investments and an impressive valuation of a cool billion dollars.

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there was an important typo in nokia 3.1 hands on, where it says is just a tad wider than 70mm, and in fact it is narrower, which is to me one of the biggest selling points of this device. give me splash resistance and i would buy it anyday...

  • Anonymous

Waiting for Merwyn sir to defend 28 mm architecture based mediatek CPU toting phones in 3,2,1... Helio p20 is from August 2016, and they're selling it now... Thinking premium screamers like him would buy it..

  • Anonymous

ArxMaverick, 29 May 2018How come the lowest of the bunch is the one with the stereo... moreLook at the RAM, the ROM, the cheap cameras, all cheap, then put stereo speakers and someone will think that is a WoW phone (amazing with stereo speakers) till they watch the phone lagging everywhere.

  • Nokia12

AdeeshaJayanath, 29 May 2018If it is like this :- Nokia 5.1 $199. Nokia 3.1 $149. No... morePrices are exactly what they were last year in euros , so you get the idea for your region

How come the lowest of the bunch is the one with the stereo speakers? I'm failing to understand this logic.

If it is like this :-
Nokia 5.1 $199.
Nokia 3.1 $149.
Nokia 2.1 $99.
it will be more attractive.

  • Cheer

Their X6 was a good step, but still only available in China... and who knows if they'll change it cutting specifications a lot or hiper-raising its price in the global version. Their 7 Plus is good too, although still overpriced but will be reasonable later in few months, i imagine. Seems that Nokia made a step back to release the same crap they did at the beginning with the highest price possible and watch who is as ignorant as to buy one of these phones.

  • Anonymous

The full specs come trop where?

I see some mistakes, mt6750 is LTE cat.6

Sad to see an old mt6750 with 28nm process, Nokia should better use the newer Helio P22 with 12nm.

Strangely, I discover this Helio P18...

  • HA559

They should'v gone with a sd 600 series Soc, that would've made it a great offering.

Little disappointed with what is on offer. Playing this safe may help them build the iconic Nokia step by step but consumers have a lot better choices for now. :(

  • X6

bla bla bla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where is x6???????

  • TB1

after I saw Helio chip... already skipped to choose new Nokia 5.1. and sadly where is the X6 ? emmmm

  • Anonymous

The lower the unit, the higher the battery? I think low end phones doesn't need higher battery