Nokia 5.1, 3.1 and 2.1 hands-on review

29 May 2018
It's been less than two years since HMD Global was founded. Yet the Finland-based company already has an almost fairytale-like success story unfolding around it. Even though the company still refers to itself as a "start-up", it mace out of a funding round earlier this month, with a $100 million in fresh investments and an impressive valuation of a cool billion dollars.

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  • Ashmi

I can't download some of the apps bcoz it is not compatible with this device...this made me upset😐...and also bcoz of this device there are some insta features that is not available after having latest version app...i just wanted to fix this prblm with blue effect camera

  • Chetansingh

Nokia 5.1 i have purchased 6 month back now the mobile charging point is loose, not only mine my colleagues also moblie which i suggested them, they are also facing same problem.

  • Oke George

I bought my 2.1phone last work working well.

  • Thompson

Anonymous, 19 Jun 2019I bought my Nokia 2.1 mobile phone on the 9th of June 2019 ... moreYou phone had bend, it's must have been as a result of putting it inside your Hip Pocket. All you need to do is to change the casing

The Evolution Of A Mobile,, NOKIA is The First creator of GSM Phone 2nd to The motorola
I Like This Device ever since their handset began,,, i must have one, The Legendary Company Founded 12 May 1865 As paper mills, Nokianvirta river whic is nokia name Derived,,, By two engineer at finnish country,,A Reborn From long Deep Sleep cause of this compitative world,,,Well I think He Just Give way to the other company Phone makers Collecting those Informations they created,,, Now Its time to re Generates,,

  • Anonymous

I bought my Nokia 2.1 mobile phone on the 9th of June 2019 on my vacation in Rome.It was working okay and now the back cover is having difficulty to cover and the front glass is opening.
Can anyone tell me what's the problem with my phone?

  • Monde

I use Nokia 2, can you please help me i can't scroll down my notifications on my screen and that causes me to be unable to receive photos etc from other cellphones since i can't accept the request.

  • Ori

I use nokia 2.1 but this not support otg.. i was try ask to cs from my phone but the answer make me dissappoint...thank you...

  • Tinyiko

My phone doesn't show Cal want I must do

I use Nokia 2.1. Actually am disappointed that its has just 8gb rom, it would have better for it to be 16gb at least. But its okay. They should have put a flash for the front Camera. But I hive 65%. Am loving the dual speaker at the front. The battery is just awesome, last for like 2days and when browsing the network is so fast.

Thanks Nokia

  • Sidney victor

This phone is crap. I fuking love Nokia but I can't even hold this in my hand without It registering like I pressed something else I can't even watch a f****** YouTube video. I can't even pass my hand over it without it registering that i have touched everything. not to mention the slow reloading time and startup time I can't open an app without waiting for a minute. This is a new phone I have nothing on it why the f*** is it so slow

What is that 2D cover glass used in Nokia 2.1. is it old gorilla glass version

NokiaNext, 06 Jun 2018Security is never a gimmick, and most Android OEM's are not... moreI have an Xperia XA. There is no bloatware on it, only enhancements that make improve android compared to the stock version which is useless.

NokiaNext, 06 Jun 2018Security is never a gimmick, and most Android OEM's are not... moreYou are right security is never a gimmick. I didn't say it is.
Android security UPDATES are a gimmick.

  • Anonymous

Nokia 3 user, most reliable phone I've had, little bit of lag here and there but I have loaded it pretty heavy. Might pick up a 5.1 or 3.1 if they come to O2 definitely recommend Nokia

  • NokiaNext

Gapps are bloatware, 04 Jun 2018Android version updates are still important thought not nec... moreSecurity is never a gimmick, and most Android OEM's are nothing but liars. my own experiences in past few years: Lenovo P2 received one OS update & one security update, Motorolas had same problems, Samsung promised OS update in "few months time" took them almost a year + two security updates, my current phone is Sony XA1 Plus and it received Oreo two months ago but despite that latest security update is from almost 5 months old... only thing they update is the bloatware what cannot be uninstalled.

Nokia 6x seems interesting but for my use 5.1 could be enough as well.

stock, 04 Jun 2018being a developer of apps and games i prefer stock androidEach with his preferences pal. Kudos for honesty. ^^

joy, 30 May 2018love Nokia but not these lineup with crappy specs and ridic... moreYou are not a nokia fan and you never were. If you were, you would know that Nokia NEVER cared about specs of any kind be it processor, RAM or Megapixels. In fact, most Symbian phones never even had a GPU and when N8 was introduced with an extra powerful Broadcom GPU, it had a garbage CPU and low RAM. Other examples: Nokia E5 had measly 256 MB RAM yet it was a multi tasking champion, Nokia 808 had a 41 MP sensor but had a 5 MP picture as default.
But none of that matters. Nokia has always been about quality and software optimization.
Specs are over-rated, build quality is important, so is support.
Forget support, its more or less impossible to get your hands on one of those Chinese spec champions in many parts of the world even now, While Nokia phones are readily available on any major retailer in most countries, including small developing ones and not just big markets like India and China.

OogWay, 31 May 2018Well, I do agree that Nokia does a better jobs with updates... moreAndroid version updates are still important thought not necessary. But these monthly updates are just a gimmick, and users who 'require' them are just feeding their OCD

  • hi

i am typing on my nokia 8 sirroco