Nokia 5.1, 3.1 and 2.1 hands-on review

29 May 2018
It's been less than two years since HMD Global was founded. Yet the Finland-based company already has an almost fairytale-like success story unfolding around it. Even though the company still refers to itself as a "start-up", it mace out of a funding round earlier this month, with a $100 million in fresh investments and an impressive valuation of a cool billion dollars.

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  • hi

i am typing on my nokia 8 sirroco

  • stock

Kiyasuriin, 30 May 2018My uses for the device: Galaxy S9: Daily Driver IPhone X:... morebeing a developer of apps and games i prefer stock android

And what about good useful convenient QWERTY keyboard, like in Nokia E72 which i'm using till this day ??

  • JES

joy, 30 May 2018love Nokia but not these lineup with crappy specs and ridic... moreThey have survived just fine with this strategy, in fact HMD sold over 70 million Nokia-branded phones last year.

  • Anonymous

Still waiting for that rumored Qwerty phone Hmd... make it real! Hopefully w/ Android or even android Go pls?

marc, 01 Jun 2018what excites me is the fact that the 3.1 is the same size a... moreI was thinking exactly the same Marc.

  • AnonD-457355

Meh, three models, all plus phones. I wish somebody other than Sony would release a normal sized handset with decent specs.

Seriously, if they re-released the damn Lumia 920 with Android instead of WP it would instantly be one of the best phones on the market (specs are still better than most flagships today lol).

  • Lightning McQueen

Why would Nokia put stereo speaker on Nokia 2.1 and not Nokia 5.1??? It doesn't make sense and it's, you are giving nice features on budget phones and not giving to the higher end devices like the Nokia 8 sirocco or the Nokia 7+. On the opposite way, It's more like to the Acer predator and nitro laptop. Acer predator 300 has GTX 1060, great build quality, great audio quality and cool boost whereas the Acer nitro 5 is a direct copy of the predator 300 in terms of design, but with downgrade spec.

Anonymous, 31 May 2018And that is what sad in today's smartphone trend. People bu... moreI'm fine with that actually. As long as the device is working perfectly. Every big Android updates introduce bigger bugs to the table. I will rather stay on the more stable versions than having a buggy latest version.

  • marc

what excites me is the fact that the 3.1 is the same size as the s8. and I've been looking for a phone the same size or smaller size but can hold up numerous apps as a secondary workhorse phone. I would like to use this so I can just use my s8 for my personal sht

Looks like they still haven't learned much from the garbage performance of the 2. I was thinking about getting it after I had an LG phone that bootlooped, but damn that performance was too terrible even at 100 bucks.

  • King's

What's that,,,,fixed focus camera,,,??

  • Anonymous

OogWay, 31 May 2018Well, I do agree that Nokia does a better jobs with updates... moreAnd that is what sad in today's smartphone trend. People buy devices that will be obsolete from just after the first year of use. Samsung simply doesn't care as long as they take the money out of people's pocket. Only Nokia truly cares about its costumers.

  • Adam

all the nokia smartphones always treat people like a stupid , please try to compare others before launching and find out where the market trend , it really makes people feel disappointed .

  • Grand Neo User

Homersan, 30 May 2018Don't really understand all the bashing of these phones... ... moreYeah, Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo is truly horrible. I've been using this phone, and while it was fine in 2015 till 2016 or so it certainly isn't in 2018! Honestly, if you have this Samsung phone, just pick any phone with 2GB RAM and 16GB storage and it would be an upgrade already.

OogWay, 31 May 2018Well, I do agree that Nokia does a better jobs with updates... moreI'm one of the people before that doesn't care of updates, but having this feature is as important as today's generation is more risky on diving the online world.
I'm no Facebook or Instagram user since I only watch YouTube videos and read reviews. Facebook users don't care updating their phones because they're addicted on liking and uploading photos their and risking their datas more than Googles.

Geric.770, 30 May 2018Xiaomi is good, but Nokia is better when talking about secu... moreWell, I do agree that Nokia does a better jobs with updates. But realistically, do average consumers care about updates and security? If the look and feel of the phones can't capture their attentions, what's there to talk about updates and security if they don't even consider buying from Nokia? Take Samsung for example, do they update their phones on time? Nope but yet Samsung is the top Android maker! Nokia is just wasting resources on making all these 0.1 phones.

Anonymous, 30 May 2018Nokia had a great first year in the market. Maybe it's not ... moreNowadays, offering premium build quality and design is no longer a big deal, but features are. Xiaomi offers premium build quality phones too - like the A1 I'm using. Also it is running on Android One. What Nokia releases are just "another group of budgeted phones" to the masses. And none of them stand out sadly.

  • Qwerty2018

sadh, 30 May 2018Have you seen it in person? Damn, i saw a girl holding a p... more"And that phone is a beauty!"
U r confused, dude...
It's the girl that is beautiful, not the phone!

"Have you seen it in person?"
OFC, Nokia sold it officially in my country, and u know what?
People who came to the store are the ones curious enough to get a hands-on of the phone, and after satisfying their curiosity they get out of the store without even asking sales girl anything!

Well, certainly, there is time where people buy a cell phone for its looks, BUT in the era where ALL PHONE looks like a brick (especially the one with 18:9 display), only ignorant and fans are the one who still do it.

I myself, if had US$159 to spare, would go buy Realme 1 without thinking, because, for the asking money, Oppo sure give an excellent SoC, despite omitting the FPS like what Nokia did.
Or, I would get an Asus M1 pro, as it ticks all the ticks people mostly sought, like:
-) Metal body
-) FPS
-) SD636, the #2 most excellent SoC choice for its price (the #1 is Helio P60 in Realme 1)
-) FHD (1080p) screen
-) 3gb RAM for the cheapest option
-) 5000 mAh battery capacity, GIGANTIC enough for people who mainly used their phone for social messaging
-) PURE Vanilla Android OS for those who prefer plain-looking, less-usable OS

But then, the next thing fans will say is "Nokia give timely update, faster update, and 2 years software support" or "Nokia build is like a tank" crap, r8?

  • Raky

I guess it could be ok devices for a price, but I did not read nothing after I sow it is MTK powered.
After few Xiaomi's MTK devices, I know I won't be buying something similar ever again.