Honor 10 review

1 June 2018
we find ourselves in the odd position of reviewing the Honor 10 - a device which is substantially cheaper than the Huawei P20, and yet, it's surprisingly identical to the flagship device in so many ways. Huawei and Honor may be described as two sides of the same coin. Honor, being a Huawei sub-brand, has the benefit of having full access to its parent company technology and R&D. But when it comes to marketing strategy, the two companies couldn't possibly be looking in more different directions than they are.

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  • Sayf
  • 6vW
  • 27 Oct 2022

I have got Huawei Honor 10i in 2018 and I have been using it. It's fantastic with high performance, high resolution display, high resolution still pictures and video recording having most of the capabilities (dicovered new techniques every new day after purchasing the device) it's cheap after all. I love the Honor 10i.

    Agree with the last few comments, bought this phone on launch May 2018 and still using it now. Battery rarely lasts the whole day, but a quick 15 min or so charge on the evening usually sees me through.

    I recently bought the Xiaomi Mi 11 on impulse (due to a great deal), yet I'm now returning it as -

    1) The screen is just that too big a step up from the Honor 10 (6.81 compared to 5.84") which does affect the ability to operate one-handed.
    2) The fact that my Honor 10 is still very much useable, albeit battery wearing and the odd crash, I just can't justify abandoning it until it fully gives up on me (or something wonderful grabs my attention - unfortunately the Mi 11 just didnt)
    3) The recent news of the Honor 50 series releasing next month equipped with GMS, and Snapdragon SoC, which I am rather excited about.

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      • Taofiq
      • awp
      • 17 May 2021

      too much Heating

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        • Qusay Sosan
        • gya
        • 28 Mar 2021

        Very good specs , elegant and moderate price
        Using it since 2018

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          • Anonymous
          • m5t
          • 27 Feb 2021

          Aamir Ali, 14 Dec 2020Using honor 10 since june 2018. Compact device and working ... moreWhat's the battery life like please

            Perfect my device

              Using honor 10 since june 2018. Compact device and working absolutely fine. Way to go.

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                • raja ka baja
                • 7ki
                • 11 Dec 2020

                Averose, 23 Jul 2020Still using this Honor 10 until now (2020)So what !!

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                  • Pls I need the honor
                  • r3a
                  • 29 Jul 2020

                  I need the honor 10 pouch. Am in Nigeria

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                    • Averose
                    • KZK
                    • 23 Jul 2020

                    Still using this Honor 10 until now (2020)

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                      • Jes
                      • DR3
                      • 16 Oct 2019

                      Always hang

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                        • Ovi
                        • nUL
                        • 27 Sep 2019

                        momin, 07 Sep 2019though at a lower price, i m using it for last 1 year, a dr... moreI have the same problem but didn't notice any discomfort, the speaker is all right

                          I am using honor 10 for atlest one year and in my opinion its the best phone in this range. Before this i was using iphone 7 crap. The battery life is superb and never had any lag problems. In this price range. I must say its a very good phone the Ai camera give very good results but still need improvements. Only one little problem is that its flash is single and should have dual flash inorder to get good pics at night.

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                            • momin
                            • 6p}
                            • 07 Sep 2019

                            though at a lower price, i m using it for last 1 year, a drawback of this phone is its speakers r not ear friendly
                            , cannot talk long time, ear becomes hot, discomfort to
                            tympanic membrane similar to lower priced China phone.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • XSc
                              • 20 Aug 2019

                              Davide0, 02 Aug 2019Today is it better Honor 10 (210€) or Samsung a50 (260€) ?the honor 10 look so wonderful and nice smartphone please let me know the price? $

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                                • Davide0
                                • dWQ
                                • 02 Aug 2019

                                Today is it better Honor 10 (210€) or Samsung a50 (260€) ?

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • SY3
                                  • 17 Jun 2019

                                  Anonymous, 11 Jun 2019I just ordered mine today. Hopefully it is still relevant.I bought one two months ago and it really is
                                  Fingerprint is fast, gives me nearly 55% on a 30 mins charg, camera is awesome, the performance is so good, the only problem is the battery, it could last me a day with nearly 6 hours sot but I'm a heavy user (I usually play pubg and stream all day)
                                  But apart from that its still fantastic in 2019

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • tZj
                                    • 11 Jun 2019

                                    Aqil, 05 Jun 2019Im just asking..is this device still good for 2019? I just ordered mine today. Hopefully it is still relevant.

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                                      • Aqil
                                      • IV$
                                      • 05 Jun 2019

                                      Im just asking..is this device still good for 2019?

                                        Anonymous, 21 Nov 2018nova 3 or honor 10 which one good??Nova 3