OnePlus 6 review

08 June 2018
If the letter T is OnePlus' way of branding an interim half-generation upgrade, why isn't this latest one named the 5TT? Yes, we're talking about the OnePlus 6, and a quick look at the specs will tell you what we are on about. Still let's not dwell on what hasn't changed and focus instead on what has.

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  • E
  • Ernie
  • Jca
  • 28 Jun 2024

Late June 2024 and my rooted OnePlus 6 still performs better than newer devices... No reason to waste money by now

    • ?
    • Anonymous
    • 8XC
    • 21 May 2024

    Late may 24 and my op6 is still doing great. I keep trying to convince myself to upgrade, but don't find compelling enough reasons

      • R
      • Robert
      • Ib5
      • 28 Mar 2024

      2024 and my OnePlus 6 is still going strong, still see no reason to upgrade just yet ...

        • Y
        • Yoyo
        • nHF
        • 25 Oct 2023

        After 5 years, the OP6 still outperforms many of today's devices. Awesome piece of technology. I'll upgrade some day, eventually, but for now I don't see a deal breaker reason to do so.

          • O
          • OP.enjoyer
          • Ki0
          • 03 Dec 2022

          despites the small battery, the life is pretty damn long. it's already 4 year and the battery healthiness only degrades for about ~15% (by accubattery), and it's still maintain 99% performance throttle while newer phones starting to fall into 50-70% when hot.

          the only suck thing is the android 11 update broke too much, and even battery usage due to screen bug. the only salvation is using stable custom roms (like LOS)

            • D
            • Dave
            • SXw
            • 22 Nov 2022

            i am still using this phone without any issue

              • M
              • Mike
              • nux
              • 10 Oct 2022

              Have used this phone for 4 years +1 month without any issues apart for a bug here and there. About to replace it to keep getting system and security updates and avoiding sudden death. Original battery still manages a days worth us medium use, the originally included bumper case managed to protect the screen from cracking from the many falls to the floor. The rear glass panel is a completely cracked, yet it still holds together. I am having trouble finding an alternative replacement outside of the OnePlus range, since the combination of Oxygen, fast charging and alert slider got me. Starting with a half priced Nord 2T compared to OP6 to see what a mid-range phone can deliver these days.

                • M
                • Mineral
                • nH%
                • 10 Feb 2022

                Abhi, 13 Dec 2021I am using this phone for 3 years, no issues at all, one of... moreSame here! Using this phone for 3+ years and the only issue I had is my own mistake of upgrading to android 11. Random bugs and notification issues aside - phone is amazing.

                  • A
                  • Abhi
                  • kCX
                  • 13 Dec 2021

                  I am using this phone for 3 years, no issues at all, one of the finest android I ever used, no hiccups, no slowness, battery life is still remarkable. But suddenly AT&T has announced 3G sunset by Feb'2022 and it says OnePlus 6 is not supported although it shows LTE and 4G compatible, Any idea ?

                    • M
                    • Mr.Steve
                    • fCG
                    • 06 Dec 2021

                    Ivan, 28 May 2021Similar problems with battery, noted it drains quite faster... moreOneplus 6 batteries Got Slow after 2.5 years of usage. I suggest you to change batteries and it works like a charm once again.

                      • J
                      • Justusalphs
                      • X$K
                      • 06 Sep 2021

                      I have now used this phone for the past 3 years. Of all the phones I have used till now, this one has seldom become slow when the new version comes out. I have used several I-Phones and Androids. The one issue common among all of them are when the new generation comes out, invariably the previous version starts to slow down. May be it was just for me, but I have had other too complain about this. But not One Plus. The software is the biggest plus for this phone.
                      As regards other issues, I agree with all who have said below. The battery life is now an issue. I have been seriously contemplating of replacing the battery at the official service point. I dont mind spending some money for that as I am that much happy with the performance of the phone.

                        • ?
                        • Anonymous
                        • tRf
                        • 06 Jul 2021

                        I've used OP6 for almost 3 years now, and honestly I'm quite satisfied and would recommend to people. It is of course not perfect, has its issues sometimes but not too often. My biggest complaint is on the cameras. But I think if you just need solid and reliable performance, OP is good value. Anyway, I'm only changing my phone because I dropped it many times and the screen finally cracked. Moving to other brands tho, because camera quality is a deal breaker for me. Until then, OP!

                          • I
                          • Ivan
                          • gJ1
                          • 28 May 2021

                          Anonymous, 25 May 2021Been using my oneplus 6 now soon 3 years. Otherwise still g... moreSimilar problems with battery, noted it drains quite faster after going down 30% and once passing in the red (below 15), it will die soon.
                          Otherwise I like its productivity and durability. Ah, the the back protection with the raised angles is very useful saving both the back and the screen. Sadly it hides the fancy glass back cover... better hidden but intact than exposed but scratched.
                          Thinking already about the 9 model

                            • ?
                            • Anonymous
                            • nmP
                            • 25 May 2021

                            Been using my oneplus 6 now soon 3 years. Otherwise still good but the battery is just not good enough anymore, it was never good but now you have to charge it in the middle of the day if you have used the phone for an hour or so. It is also a tad too wide.
                            Shame that there are so few phones out with good battery, max 74 width but otherwise ok specs without screen all the way to the edge...

                              • G
                              • Gabor
                              • gK{
                              • 13 Oct 2020

                              Tilak, 15 Feb 20191st problem, camera. 2nd, battery. 3rd, app restart. There ... moreI have none of these problems. I have to charge my Oneplus 6 only every second day. I do not play games, and I do not use my phone for many hours. Low akku capacity is not a painful thing because the charge is very fast.

                                I pre-ordered OnePlus 6 and been using since then. Use Spigen Armored casing and been dropping the phone many times but everything is still good. The only complaint I have with the phone is that always not able to detect my GPS. However, recent Android 10 update fixed that so everything is good now. As I have been using it for around 1.5 years. the battery life start to drop but with dash charge, that is not even a concern for me. Camera is good but of course u cant compare it to Samsung, or iPhone. System wise is smooth and just as I like it, do not have any branding app lock in it. Love the phone

                                  • P
                                  • Param
                                  • 7jW
                                  • 28 Dec 2019

                                  I update my One Plus 6 before one week and after updation it is getting hang even taking lots of time to get unlock and if I talk abt its overall performance this was worth update and I think before updation its was very fast. After two updation screen recorder is also not installed by OnePlus.
                                  If anyone have any idea to eliminate this problem then plz suggest me.

                                    Kayes, 20 Jul 2019My One Plus 6 can't get connected to the computer.Your USB cable is not original, even do is red ..I bought the same dash charger with a red USB cable ..but unfortunately the cable is the problem...I tested with an original USB cable than I could connect to pc ...

                                      • D
                                      • Dinesh
                                      • YQ%
                                      • 13 Aug 2019

                                      Verey berry Bad bettry backup 7pro charge home main b bahut time lagata h

                                        • S
                                        • S singh
                                        • g3}
                                        • 12 Aug 2019

                                        Horrible experience with 6t .No qwerty keyboard .unable to login even.sheer wastage of money,time and peace.