OnePlus 6 review

08 June 2018
If the letter T is OnePlus' way of branding an interim half-generation upgrade, why isn't this latest one named the 5TT? Yes, we're talking about the OnePlus 6, and a quick look at the specs will tell you what we are on about. Still let's not dwell on what hasn't changed and focus instead on what has.

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  • Tilak
  • Hkv
  • 15 Feb 2019

paaru, 18 Sep 2018I bought one plus 6. features are extermly great. battery i... moreHi,
Did you get your One Plus 6 from showroom? Are you finding it good? I am noticing that all the apps in this phone restart on their own. I am not able to fix the problem. Do you have the same problem? Please check this and respond. Open a music app, listen to a song and switch to some other app. Lock the phone and observe lock screen. You will find music app controls there. Now leave the phone idle and check after an hour or so. The music app did not show its controls on the lock. That means the app is no more active. You will have to reopen the app.


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    • Sdk
    • tTd
    • 07 Dec 2018

    On You tube, video is appearing that shows one plus 6 is getting beta 8 update, but when beta 7 was introduced its final version did not received till date.I am from India.Has anybody received final version of beta 7, One plus team pl.look into this problem

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      • Sdk
      • tTd
      • 04 Dec 2018

      There is no facility for selective deleting phone calls in one plus 6.You have to either delete phone calls individually or total /complete deletion of phone calls.

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        • Abhishek Toshniwal
        • U@r
        • 27 Nov 2018

        I have purchased the new cell phone Oneplus6t from Amazon on 1st of November 2018. I am getting lots of problem in this cell phone which is mentioned below
        1. Lots of Hang with the divise.
        2. Battery issue.
        3. Speaker issue.
        4. Hearing issue.

        I called to Amazon customer service regarding this issue I am not getting help from Amazon nor from Oneplus

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          • Anonymous
          • U{W
          • 26 Nov 2018

          Hi sir my name is murali so many problems are one plus6 mobile why u r change problem customer has very so sad in one plus 6 change the mobile in 6t

            • K
            • Karan chhabra
            • Dkv
            • 09 Nov 2018

            After Sept update , phone begin to hang while using n it's finger print scanner is not fast enough to take photo fastly. There is a time lag to take next pic through fingerprint scanner.

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              • Anonymous
              • Ke2
              • 01 Nov 2018

              Can you perform the tests again against a 6 running Android pie? This would help differentiate its performance from a 6T's.

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                • Jocker
                • U@a
                • 06 Oct 2018

                Amit, 19 Sep 2018My OnePlus 6 was dropped from 5ft height and screen gets sc... moreha ha ha ha haaa

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                  • Amit
                  • DkD
                  • 19 Sep 2018

                  My OnePlus 6 was dropped from 5ft height and screen gets scratch and screen is not responding properly. They advertised that OnePlus 6 is scratch proof but it was not. Not satisfied with OnePlus 6.

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                    • paaru
                    • D0d
                    • 18 Sep 2018

                    I bought one plus 6. features are extermly great. battery is draining like hell. they say its30 mins dash charge and no wire for 1 day.... hardly 5 hours my battery stays even if I keep my data off and screen is black i have set due to the battery problem. camera isn't that great.. felt like one plus 5 has better clarity than one plus 6. Anyways I returne the product back to Amazon itself. will directly go to the showroom and get it. but yea One plus 6 is awesome.

                      • S
                      • San
                      • Px}
                      • 13 Sep 2018

                      Fully Satisfied with the Camera and Processor. True Value for Money and a most recommendable Phone...

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                        • B
                        • D0g
                        • 31 Aug 2018

                        One plus 6 is bttr option to buy r p20 pro?

                          • R
                          • Reshma
                          • D0d
                          • 25 Aug 2018

                          Till date the phone camera was fine .. after updating my phone.. the camera is becom worst both front n back it's blur showing blur pics . Do something or els Ur market for sale will come down.. if v give bad reviews.. worst camera after update

                            • S
                            • Sudeep Sharma
                            • YQQ
                            • 22 Aug 2018

                            Excel is not getting open in one plus 6,

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                              • Advocate
                              • PxW
                              • 19 Aug 2018

                              Does new oneplus 6 64 gb come with prefix screen protector ?

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                                • Raman
                                • gMJ
                                • 17 Aug 2018

                                I using one plus6 last 3 moths...It's very good ph...Nd is camera is super....But 1+ company say is never hanging...But some time the phone is hanging..then ph is suddly off...
                                So pls fixt the problem...
                                But overall the phone is best phone...ever

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                                  • otin
                                  • UD{
                                  • 10 Aug 2018

                                  Anonymous, 05 Aug 2018kind of a weird question. do you want Android or iOS? if yo... moreyou don't know how to read the specs

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • tTd
                                    • 06 Aug 2018

                                    Red, 02 Aug 2018Samsung is providing VoLTE support out of the box and other... moreOne plus 6 support volte

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 2Au
                                      • 05 Aug 2018

                                      AnonD-756525, 29 Jul 2018Not impressed with camera. Set up on last year's Mate 10 pr... moreTry comparing video

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • 6tD
                                        • 05 Aug 2018

                                        dipu, 03 Aug 2018Should I buy OP6 or iphone 6s pluskind of a weird question. do you want Android or iOS? if you don't care about the OS or other differentiating features then... i guess you picked these two phones due to their pricing, size and design. the iPhone 6s should still be good for a bit, but keep in mind that the model is almost 3 years old now, so long-term mileage may vary at this point. consider the iPhone 7 Plus instead, if prices allow it. the OP6, on the other hand, features one of the best SoCs currently available to Androids. between the iPhone 6s Plus and the OP6, i'd recommend the latter just because the 6s is kinda old